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  1. LOL I was Wondering how much longer you could keep it Secret ;-) Great Job !!!! Especially after seeing how much Adjusting you had to do to line everything up.
  2. Thanks to Everyone that has Contributed to this Thread, Those of us that Just Don't Get Painting this Wonderful Bird Really Appreciate it !!!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas !!!
  3. Nice to see you Richard, Hope your other projects are going well !!!!!!!
  4. Still Hoping for the Eaglesoft Citation X v2 and the Flight one Citation Mustang. Please !!
  5. Looking at the top real close you can tell it's Light Gray, and when it's Parked next to the White your used to seeing you can tell but parked next to darker colors it looks Pearl White ! Guess I'm going to have to get a whole bunch of Wax for Mine (N737MB) I Love the Shine !!!!!!!
  6. I agree, i Think we should got one of the Admins to Pin this Thread. (hint hint)
  7. And i bet you Have Zero Complaints about How Many Re-paints you Upload :rolleyes: What's that old Saying "Aim High" Yea Thats it !! Great Job !
  8. Thanks Steve I Will be Checking the Library !
  9. Make Sure to Release the Brown Tail First (I gotta Lot of Packages to Deliver you Know) Keep Up the Great Work !!!!
  10. Thanks Steve !! i have been looking for 900 to Fly, I sure hope the Boss Doesn't catch me flying the Compititions Livery
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