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  1. How do you this is? can you please be a little more explicit on how to do this? Thank you. Kind regards, Yori Smulders
  2. When Rsrandazzo said the update would be between Christmas and New year, did he mean Chinese New Year?
  3. How about updates to the 777? When are they planned to be released? Thank you! Kind Regards, Yori Smulders
  4. Hi Kyle, Thank you for your super fast reply! Is there any high level timeline known for this update? like within 6 months or within 1 year?
  5. Hi all, PMDG has updated their 777 friction model some time ago, but in my opinion it is still not up to par with the 747V3 or competitor products. Examples are: Light weight (after landing) taxi on idle- or low engine power, nearly impossible. stopping distance with the autobrake upon landing, is this realistic? Compared to the 747 it feels as if the 777 stops within a heartbeat, while the 747 takes it's distance. starting taxi requires quite high N1 before aicraft starts moving. Does anyone get this too? Is this something that PMDG will update in the future? or will there be a more general update to bring it up to par with the 747V3? Let me know! Yori Smulders
  6. Hello, With the introduction of the new 747-400 and (hopefully) soon the 747-8 there has been an introduction to a new and, if you ask me, improved friction model. I remember reading somewhere that PMDG might roll this update back to the 777. Does anyone know whether this will still be done? And when might that be? Hoping for some more realistic landings in the future! Thank you! Yori Smulders
  7. The cabin lights also do not dim on the 777, have not tested the 747 yet
  8. Yes here too, Autobrake stays in RTO setting after takeoff.
  9. Hello, Are the service vehicles also updated? Like with the 747. Thank you! Yori Smulders
  10. Hello all, The instructions to install the 747 in P3D V4 were very short and clear, however there is no mention of the original installation instructions that were provided in the manuals with the previous version. What happened to for instance the UIautomationcore.dll? is that still needed? what about the other settings? thanks for your help! Yori Smulders
  11. Hello all, Should my 747 be illuminated by ground lights of the airport in V4? the lights of the 747 do illuminate the ground and buildings but not the other way around. thank you!
  12. I did exactly as stated above but the operations center does not update at the end... thus the product does not work, what can I do?
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