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  1. Certainly dos! Most helpfull post I have read since starting to fly, which was just before Christmas 2011. Own a copy of FS 98 but never had a decent enough PC to run it. I always enjoyed flying with it though, but gave up after crashes etc. Few years have past and Im back into it with a decent enough PC to run FSX. I got right back into it, and and was excited in what was coming....MS Flight. After playing with FSX a bit and being blown away! I was sadly dissappointed with what they did with MS Flight by turning it into a game. Its not what I am after! I enjoy the simulation experience. Love flipping switches to get my PMDG 737NGX to start up, pushback, jetways, taxiing etc etc. Even the FMC that bugs out on me on occasion. One paticular instance comes to mind. Takeoff from NZWN to NZCH via OKAPO BOLOD ALBAD.. the FMC cant keep me on the path. But thats unimportant as NZDN to NZCH works fine. May be due the ORBX SI scenery. I don't know and dont really care. Still awsome. One question I would like to ask "Tabs" Any thing to add for a GTX 590 user? As far as the 8xSQ setup is concerned? I think FSX may be only using one of my GPU's processors and memory. I have to say Im still a noob. Enjoying FSX, PMDG 737, and ORBX SI. And I'm getting nasty hangs when swapping from "Locked Spot to Virt Cockpit" see pic. Can last for 10 to 20 seconds. http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x234/Giverail/FSX-Pics/ScreenPop.jpg Any help , clues or suggestions would be appreciated!
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