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  1. Started with Milviz 310 it was ok and I prefer the upgraded avionics. the Flight dynamics were good..possibly better than the Alabeo 310R which I transitioned to. Every time I go back to the Milviz the dash and gauges just look too cartoonish like flysimaway stuff. Recently downloaded the new improved Milviz 310 Redux. I have the Nvidia 1050TI with 19XX by 1024 display and the Alabeo cockpit looks way better. After one flight and having to go to the 2D panel to set the EGT/oil monitor 'step' and 'lean' It's back to the hangar..Alabeo has its flaws but much more immersive and I don't expect Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo to jump out from behind the Altimer ..
  2. Snatched up the Steam SALE version of Active Sky Next. Where has this program been all my life?? I love it. Tried it today after watching a few youtube vids last night on how to properly install and use it. I'm very impressed. -It downloads and updates real world WX thats been missing from FSX for some time now. -in my case , on my marginal computer by todays standards and flying the new AlaNado 421C with the F1 GTN 750 I suffered very little (if any) FPS reduction . I windowed it on a second monitor with multiple layers of data on the moving map. Departed KSMO over add on scenery LA City to Grand Canyon.. Admittedly it was a good day to fly with mostly clear WX. I checked FSX/ASN wx against real world reporting stations enroute including winds aloft. & it was all correct.. So far so good. Best $14.99 FSX add-on ever.
  3. I have nearly all the "Carebeo" pistons and enjoy them all. Especially with tweaks offered here on these forums. My next and if done right favorite plane is bound to be the non-geared Cessna 414. Alabeo/Carenado are you listening? Give us a Cessna 414...
  4. would like to change the background color or just darken it in the Alabeo 310 and the Carenado 340. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks.. however I'm getting a warning on that site "redskyadventures" I read on other forums people that did risk it said the forms were blurry and not lined up on the pages.... Thanks for the response though.
  6. In trying to find some basic T/O, climb out, cruise and descent, approach settings. Even an old dream fleet or Flight1 manual for 'general' references. Like others ...I agree Leaning is a b*tch. Additional fuel flow gauges would be helpful. [Control X doesn't auto adjust mixtures...which I don't normally use] I DID come across this RW owners comment in a 421 pilot forum. ......."with 500 hours in both B and C models. I never had a problem with them. BABY the engines. factor 40 GPH even 50 GPH for conservatism" "Start pulling back power at 25 miles to 23 MP, then 20 miles out to 20-21MP, 15 miles at 18 MP and so forth. I believe you should be landing over the numbers with about 17 MP. I also had ballast in the nose as well." "Oh be careful with ice. The leading edge on the elevator is too thin for the boot. They are prone to tail stalls."
  7. I finished first flight with V1.1 C421. I love the cockpit layout. (added the Flight1 GTN750) Taxis great..very stable and well behaved not squirrelly. Cant find the Strobe the 800B AP caused me much grief but it was non familiarity / operator error. AP climbs and descends to preset Altitudes (unlike the 400 Nav-O-Matic in the 310R) handflyings good RNAV Approach works great , intercepts glideslope and GS lights up I had some trouble getting her slowed down full flaps and MP 15. ( the 310 likes to be flown all the way down to touchdown so, maybe this ones similar? Very impressed. Good job Alabeo! Now I just need to go read thru the manuals that AndiKunzi provided and improve my piloting.
  8. Flying it now with integrated gtn750/ KACT - KBNA Wonderful taxi manners. very predictictable yaw on TO ( just a smidge of right rudder keeps her on the centerline.) FL230 HDG 64 with 80 kts tailwind from 240 136 kts/282 KT GS, 14gph per , MP27, RPM 1700 EGT 29 F mixture 26%, 70% throttles... AP light NOT working overhead cabin lights coupled to gauges ( hope they fix this) some minor mislabling doesnt bother me.. will implement AndiKunzi mod after flight.. Overall Not perfect but smooth. Similar to the Cheyenne II except it's a CESSNA..
  9. thanks Bert. I just downloaded it. How do you get the gtn750 IN to the panel) I have it configured in the Flight1 configurator. but its in the drop down stack.I thought this aircraft had it "integrated" like the 310 or Duke....? perplexed. nevermind... good old Total Commander peek at the directory ...found the obscure F1GTH750C421C file.....
  10. Am really excited about this C421. I fly the Alabeo 310R old Carenado 340II and the 441 Conquest. Besides the panel layout appearing to be the best with the old steam gauges and ability to integrate GTN750.. My question is can someone that has the 310R or Conquest tell me how the graphics (interior, gauges specifically) compare? I'm hoping the 421 has crisper , more readable gauges. [the 340II is old so not a fair comparison] Appreciate all the interest and good info on this A/C most of us piston twin fans have been longing for.
  11. They don't have the C421 listed to buy..either Carenado or Alabeo
  12. Share the relocate line please. (jumped the gun...sorry I now see you addressed this
  13. Not a 310R but informative.
  14. After fooling about with small Carebeo Jets - Premier , Phenom etc. and wrestling with FMS and Proline 21 I've taken a break from that frustration. I climbed back into the 310R. I revisited proper start from cold and dark. (can't check for over 300 rpm drop when at 1700 run up as when you cut the magnetos in the Alabeo it kills the engine) and... been flying the 310 with VOR DME NDB and "trying " to leave the GTN750 minimized and only for radios and NAV freq's Going back to VOR approaches , procedure turns and old school pilotage. It's a lot more work than following a magenta line. Fun work. I'm finding as I get older, like most hobbies and passions, we tend to "buy" into gadgetry for ease of use. For my other passions getting a trigger job done on a new acquired firearm or buying the newest high-tech drum heads for my drums to get that "perfect" sound..Flightsimming is the same and sometimes It's good to strip things down to just perfecting the basic skills. Learn how to become proficient with simple , basic tools offers new appreciation.
  15. Thanks Bert, I may have tried them already. I know I added a gun 750 popup window but the a/p in the Premier didn't recognize it. I considered the Carenado Proline a challenge with high hopes it was very close to the real thing. but.... I'm guessing your Premier mods are in unofficial Carenado Premier forum threads?
  16. " unable to get the NAV button on the autopilot to sync with the GTN on this aircraft so the only option if flying using the GTN was to follow the course using the HDG button or abandoning the GTN altogether and using the Carenado FMC for what its worth." same here with the premier 1A for me. It forced me to watch the Carenado Proline 21/FMS tutorials and I still struggle with it. The Premier is a nice well laid out bird and IMHO better than the Phenoms But geez louise ..setting a flight plan-getting it entered and acknowledged by FSX and in my case co-entering it in sky vector before a flight takes forever..I figure I'll get it sooner or later as learning to fly and engine management in the great Royal Turbine Duke V2 Real Air was a hell of a process too. but now I can fly it ..
  17. Yes. I follow the 310 threads and have seen many of your posts. Honestly dragged out the Milviz today after reading some of your earlier posts praising it. (I flew this one til the ABEO came out) I love the radio arrangement in C-OLIN you can easily scan whats needed with the hat switch and zoom. But, I've got my Alabeo 310 modded with Bert, Bernt, and my own trial & error mods to my liking. There's also that irritating clunking noise every minute or so with the MVZ. I'll check and see if I have the latest FDE. Thanks for the heads up.
  18. I think the REX Wx Radar must be heavy and dragging a huge satellite dish behind my Milviz 310 [ grins ]. Left kabq for kpwg this AM FL105 with 3knot tailwind can’t get more than 160 kias / yes gear is up, yes flaps up, yes properly leaned. Is it me or is the alabeo 310 faster? And why?
  19. With the exception of the Real Air Duke(s) and occasionally the Milviz 310R, my hangar is full of Alabeo/Carenado aircraft. Eye candy is a tolerable trade off for a few mislabeled switches and less than absolute real aircraft flight dynamics. Alenado 310R with milvix sounds and a few Bert Pieke and self tweaks gets the most hours. The Flyawaysim and flight1 planes stay on the ramp. It's great to have choices. "One man's treasure........"
  20. Been struggling with cockpit improvement on the 340. If you don't like the AP you can create a popup window and put the stock FSX beech baron radio popup in there. I run it and GTN750 on second monitor ( along with windowed avidyne) Still seeing 60 FPS and everything works. I ditched the garmin 530 one and moved the garmin 530 2 up in its place. Then I put the C340 autopilot where the garmin 530 2 was. It's of course oversized but at least if you want to use the stock C340 AP its higher on the panel.
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