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  1. Have a similar question. Does the F33A-V35 have crossfeed fuel drain or does one have to change tanks during flight every hour to maintain symmetry??
  2. no crossed fuel in Arrow/V35 is this normal? bothe these planes (and maybe the F33 make you select left tank or right tank. Crossed seems like a relatively easy fix for this . Is this like the real planes? was crossfeed an option or standard in more recent models..I normally fly twins and only used my f33/arrow and v34 for short flights and never noticed..
  3. even after the Bernt Stolle patch No Strobe, Beacon or Nav Lights on V35 (same for Carenado Arrow) FSX Steam Carenado..
  4. Had same problem used this fix still no nav strobe or beacon?? same strobe and Nav lights on my Carenado Arrow don't work same problem with my Carenado Baron
  5. This thread addresses my issue thank you AVSIM community
  6. thanks ...And then can I go back to over stress and crash detection??? I like to make it as real as possible
  7. Is there another Carenado/Alabeo AP that can be used as a popup replacement for the 400B NavoMatic? Getting the 400B to handshake with the Flight1 GTN750 is quite a task.. Otherwise a great aircraft. I prefer it over the Milviz 310
  8. Thanks, Pat. I moved the the realism sliders to "non detect" in FSX and that seems to have fixed it. If I have any more trouble I'll go back into the .CFG file . Thats the first place I look and then got warned away by the statement The .CFG file integrates with another model file or something and shouldn't be tampered with....
  9. Thanks for replies. I now have a RA Duke B 60 V2 but new problem is missing left gear
  10. I was hoping thats all it was. I shot several pics and put on my FSXSTEAM there is NO left gear or strut only the door panel (and it opens) Please tell me more..
  11. I was very fortunate to obtain and install the RA Duke B60 V2. this is truly a remarkable aircraft. but after two long flights both times the left landing gear would not come down and lock.. The jury is still out as I have set for FSX & configured the aircraft to be damageable by pilot error. ----in the Duke config file its set to allow for flap damage if deployed too fast. (possibly this affects the gear too????) Since its a new A/C and I haven't flown in a while it could be pilot error but has anyone had this issue??? You can bet after two belly landings after long flights I will triple check airspeed KIAS before deploying gears AND flaps above 174Kts kias
  12. great aircraft the panel is way more enjoyable & typical "carenado" than the Milviz. My only complaint is that cartoonish looking panel background on the milvix.. BUT..... The using Alabeo's 400B autopilot in conjunction with a GTN750 is very weird and clunky. I'm hoping we can simply use another AP from another Carenado to replace???? Your thoughts
  13. Refusing to give up on flying the turbine AND realizing I have DukeT Ver 1.2 NOT V2 I started fresh flight today KSLN - KSTL with the Duke Turb V1.2 manual in hand I was cruising right along real WX, gauges in the green, at 7500'condioners on low idle, props under 2000 rpm, throttle approx 76%, oil doors, fuel vents open. all systems green. Doing 260 KTs GS, HG's safely around 95-6% 3 monitors -three windows open plus the GTN750 pop up.. I started fiddling' around with the GTN750 (still learning the ins and outs. Thing sure is fun!) and FSX implodes crashes and reboots back to active RW KSLN. I had set the engine failures to never In an effort for realism I always fly Real WX and with airframe and crash overstressable and crashable respectively so........I suspect I oversped the aircraft even though I read that the V2 Duke can cruise at 300 KTs TAS.... Your thoughts welcome. meantime I'm finishing the flight in the Duke B60 at 5500
  14. waiting to hear from them...........
  15. they left a support page for existing customers
  16. Laid off FSX last two years. In my absence, Real Air releases upgrades to Version 2 and now sadly they are closing shop. I have emails in to Robert & Sean's (REALAIR) Cust support pages.
  17. thanks again Greg. btw I just found out I been flying the Realair Duke Turbine VER 1.2 NOT VER 2 I've written for support as the site won't let me upgrade.
  18. better representation.. all was cool right before the right motor crapped out..https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/764897132630307678/D6BEDBEDA8FB31ED04B62D63E7A7BE12A2B23D76/ notice the props are a little hot but the ng is thresholding near 100% Love this plane but it sure sucked the wind out of another great flight..
  19. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940075577 was doing great made it from KCOS to over Salina Kansas 96% Throttle slow Idle and 76% prop everything in green and the right engine blew.. ( didn't check oil temps right before ) tried to set it down KSLN and then FSX crashed.. 10 out 11 flights unsuccessful with this da*med Turbine
  20. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198392452616/screenshots
  21. thanks, Greg Departed KCOS ascended to FL195 then up to FL235 (VFR so undisturbed by pesky Comtrollers) found and fully opened oil doors so far so good. I'm learning. but what are the conditioners for? i'm running them on slow idle. ( saw youtube video where FSMANIA uses them for Taxi..) I have FSX set to show IAS - the analog airspeed reads 178 Indicated / but the digital popup reads 258 True. further, the GTN 750 reads 243 KT GS Pictures coming Thanks for the tips
  22. thanks, espensh about 75% throttle , 75% prop AP set for 1600 fps ascent to FL 195 From KBUR to KCOS. Fuel vents open, fuel pumps on, conditioners at low idle, watching gauges very closely of course flaps and LG's up What do I grab ? first when SHTF??????? didn't know there were oil doors ...will open next time
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