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  1. Rob Ainscough

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    I don't know either especially when I suggested try XP11 for best "out of box" experience. Is it because I mentioned P3D as another alternative? I presented my experience with both and I don't see any inaccuracy, maybe some opinion here and there on both sides. Anyway, the OP seems to be not interested as they haven't responded or added any content ... or the thread was bait from the get go. I think it would foolish to expect such a thread to not compare product strengths and weaknesses as that is core to the OP's original question. I'll agree with Tony in some aspects it's "opinion" in others it's not ... maybe some users do like the brown haze 24/7 from XP11 or maybe some users do like the rather simple (circa 2000) Autogen buildings in P3D? Their choice, but they are worth pointing out. Honestly, I've come to the point where I'll just stop posting/visiting as who needs? Not me, I have other priorities in life ... it seems unless the only words to come out of someone's mouth regarding XP11 are "XP11 is the best thing ever and everyone should buy it because it's perfect", then it turns into a "on the defensive" reality show ... the reality is there are about 230,000 semi-active flight simmers globally across all platforms including multi-platform simmers (no I'm not going to tell you how I know or qualify it). That's simply NOT enough to check all the boxes nor enough to engage massive development teams. We're all living with compromises driven by small market of users and small development teams. The products are not perfect, can require some work, need to be improved ... and that is happening very slowly but it's NOT happening with FSX/FSX-SE. P3D has had to suffer years of operating under limitations of "if it doesn't work in FSX it's not going to be done" for "P3D supported" products. May you all enjoy your platform(s) of choice no matter what they be or how you like to use them ... flight has always been and should always be something that makes you feel good and that can only come from within. Cheers, Rob.
  2. Rob Ainscough

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    Here ya go Tony: Yep, default airports aren’t great in either product. Still don’t know how saying “out of box” is better in XP is being negative ... but this is much the exact problem I see in many (not all) of the XP “exclusive” user base per the other thread on this with PMDG. Its exhausting dealing with fanatics that refuse to acknowledge problems in their single platform of choice. Issues exist in both platforms and I’ve acknowledged those issues in P3D and XP11 and AF2 and FSW and run into those issues daily ... look at some of the responses in this thread, “fix problem with a Lua Script” ... so there is a problem. It’s like pulling teeth to get a platform fanatic admit there is a problem. When I get input of problems from end users with P3D I report them to LM. Why, because it makes for a better platform ... and change has come, with PBR support, hi res PR and LC terrain and much more. Sadly when one reports weakness in XP they immediately get attacked just like we see in this thread ... attacked without any accuracy at all. Problems get fixed when you admit there’s a problem rather than attacking users as not “valid” users. XP11 needs proper seasonal support. Because someone only wants to fly summer has no bearing at all on those that want proper season support. It’s an XP weakness, getting that weakness address is a positive not a negative ... making excuses about hard drive space so therefore seasons aren’t going to be done ... come on, book of 1001 excuses. Poll any flight simmer from any platform and ask them if they want seasons ... you know the answer as do I. Orbx thread was clearly voted in favor of seasons. And that’s were the XP user base fails their platform of choice ... admission of issues that need to be addressed. And I’m NOT talking crazy expectations like max everything out and my FPS is low. I admit P3Ds limitations and pass them on the developers. That’s been a very positive process that has resulted in positive change. Cheers, Rob
  3. Rob Ainscough

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    You know I don't? What issues are there with the Camera system? Agree you'll need to get a product like ChasePlane to leverage the most out of P3D's camera support but like I said. But that's the same for XP and using x-Camera so not sure the "issue" here? Much better and smoother performance in XP11? Depends on how you configure XP11, try adding some AI traffic from WOT3 or 150mi draw distance for clouds and increase their density. Increase the AA settings and building density with some add-ons. Bang for graphic buck you'll get much better performance out of P3D but both require intelligent adjustments to get "smooth" output. Yes, NAV database in P3D is old and does require an AddOn to get it up to date with latest Navigraph cycles. Again, back to my point about P3D requires more AddOns. Disagree, whether a simulator comes with a G1000 or a GNS530 doesn't define the simulator, again there are AddOns for those that want that functionality. Where's XP11's multi-GPU support? Without it I can't run higher levels of SSAA at 4K res like I can in P3D. Nothing huh, fire up a PMDG 747 at Toronto (with all options enabled) with Orbx FTX NA OpenLC and Vector and HiFi weather and tell me if you even get to see the airport before it OOMs. There is nothing inaccurate about my comments for both P3D and XP11. So does that extend to your comments on my P3D videos where you interject meaningless comments about XP11 is better in a video that's NOT about XP11? But you haven't actually identified any of my information as being inaccurate and you've suggested solutions to a problem that wasn't the solution. So you say I don't use XP because and I don't post XP videos but then you continue on to discuss my XP videos? Cinema Verte mode didn't solve the problem, it was xCamera axis calibration that required max increase to Null zone per eMail's with Mark Ellis ... it can still be a problem time to time, but for the most part the issue is resolved. And this is relevant to the OP's question how? Thank you, glad you at-least admitted their is a problem that requires a manual fix. Yes I'm aware of the "session" fix, like you admit, it's a fix not out of the box. And I never said you can't run XP11 again to get another 30 minutes so again not really sure what was inaccurate about my statement. I am interested in this "fix", I was never able to successfully improve shadow quality on scenery AG ... link? Wasn't aware, but thank you for that information but not sure how my statement was "uncorrect information"? Perhaps you felt you need to expand on that, fair enough. Cheers, Rob.
  4. Rob Ainscough

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    Understood, but cost was never mentioned and I would NOT consider FSX/FSX-SE aa part of the "big choice" as it's rapidly losing market share and has ZERO ongoing development. Is that what they need to know? I didn't see any mention of flight physics? If they were interested in flight physics as a deciding factor, then I would mention that a tail dragger is XP11 was close to impossible to taxi and takeoff in even 4 Kts winds ... I haven't tested my ASDG Piper Super Cub in XP11.3x recently to see if Laminar fixed this problem (problems that cause aircraft developer to introduce invisible canard and/or skids to try and make the aircraft behave with believable accuracy in XP11), reports are it's better but still some issues. Because flight physics haven't changed that much in P3D does that mean it's a bad thing? There have been endless debates regarding flight physics on both sides and the conclusions are always the same one is no more accurate than the other. No I didn't, re-read, there are actually many additional visual items I left out like Cloud Shadows, Tessellation, and more that is P3D exclusive. I covered a wide spectrum of features of the two main flight simulators P3D and XP11 not just "visuals". I find that hard to believe and contrary to my experience. Anyone coming from FSX will already be conditioned with a multitude of AddOns and well aware of the "out of box" experience so I doubt an existing FSX user would be surprised. FSX users will have a high likelihood or free upgrades of addOns to P3D version and/or a small cost to upgrade a FSX license to P3D (with some exceptions of certain vendors). But, the OP posted "Microsoft or Xplane" ... which in itself is a little odd given the information contained here at AVSIM ... but no mention the OP has experience with FSX. Heck this could just be a "seed" thread for all I know (I've seen that before many times), but I'll take the OP at face value and provide as much information regarding the two "main" platforms as possible in a very quick synopsis. Both simulators provide eye candy (as they should, it sells), P3D provides more eye candy than XP11 per those features I listed that simply aren't being rendered in XP11. I provide as much info (missed a few things) as I could that may or may not be relevant to the OP. And I was pretty clear "out of the box" XP11 does a better job ... but that doesn't mean it is the better choice for the OP, only he/she can decide what is important to them. But providing the OP with an option that says "try the 1959 Porsche 356B" (aka FSX) and then try the 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera (aka XP11) ... rather than tell the OP to try the 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera (XP11) vs. the 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (P3D V4.4). Cheers, Rob.
  5. Rob Ainscough

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    You're making me cringe Alan when you make comments like that ... anyway, not getting into the long long long list of difference from DX11 to 64bit to, to PBR, to ... P3D has 60 day money back guarantee and can cost $60-$200 pending version purchase. XP11 has a free demo that will last 30 minutes and you get two areas to fly around. As far as Commercial aircraft XP11 have some great choices from Flight Factor A320 and IXEG 737, but these are not on the same level of complexity and feature set as PMDG 747, 777, 737 and/or FSLabs A319/A320. Out of the box experience is better in XP11. AddOn experience is better with P3D and there are many more P3D add-ons but XP11 is now getting more AddOn attention also. Both support VR. Both support PBR. Water (3D waves) are better in P3D, the waves are far more diverse and respond to wind speed and direction with nice white caps and even shoreline waves. Reflections, P3D supports more reflection types and more detailed "dynamic" reflections on the aircraft and/or any reflective surface that is setup to support Dynamic Reflections ... at it's highest setting DR includes sky/cloud reflections on reflective surfaces and even other aircraft and vehicles including terrain, trees, etc. (windows, metal, etc.). XP11 has reflections also but they are more restrictive which helps them perform better even if some loss in detail. Visuals, the default Autogen and terrain in P3D is very dated and bland. XP11 has a horrible brown haze 24/7 (it can be removed with some work and/or addOns). Shadow quality in XP11 is bad, just turn it off. P3D terrain is known to "shift" (especially in mountain regions) during flight, how much it shifts will depend on graphics settings and add-ons used. Weather, still not there in XP11, P3D weather depiction is much better with more accurate winds aloft data. Flight models, both have good and bad ones and has been debated endlessly which is better, P3D does allow any aircraft vendor to do their OWN flight model and/or even partially do their own Seasons, no "native" support in XP11 (as mentioned) but there are some hacks available but still not really viable IMHO. P3D has native support for seasons. Night lighting ... this used to be heavily in favor of XP11, but with the addition of Dynamic Lights in P3D and some updates from various add-on vendors they're very similar now, however, P3D Dynamic Lights do require that you have a strong GPU in order to use them. XP11 and P3D have OrthoXP which is a great way to get "free" photoreal content into your sim, it does take some work but OrthoXP makes the process easier. Particle effects, XP11.3x add this feature recently, P3D has had a similar system for a long time but it can be a little quirky to work. Shader support, XP11 officially says "don't mess with their shaders" but there are products that do. P3D supports shader changes with several shader products from PTA, TOGO Projects ENVSHADE, TomatoShade, others. So whatever your shader desire to reach whatever "visuals" you like/want can be achieved with either XP11 or P3D. Textures, both XP11 and P3D have support for texture replacements and they can make a dramatic difference (especially sky textures). AI aircraft, work much better in P3D and you can a lot more of them without a huge drop in performance. No need to generate taxi pathways at airports like one has to do with many of the XP11 airports. P3D is single install and go, no reliance on other products/downloads to work correctly. P3D has an Avatar mode, where you can jump out of an aircraft/vehicle and walk around the area and even supports object external triggers (i.e. opening doors etc.) and you can jump into a different aircraft/vehicle in networked multiplayer session. P3D now supports high resolution Photoreal with 512x512 and 1024x1024 terrain textures, this was a big weakness in P3D prior to V4.4. Aircraft lights, horrible in XP11 (big giant size blobs when you look at them head on same with Nav lights) and there seems to be no "solution"? P3D takes some work to get stutter free performance especially if one is running a 60Hz monitor. ATC "as is" is better in P3D. There are add-on for both that will improve the ATC experience, but P3D still has the ATC edge. Since you didn't mention a "budget", I'll assume it's not relevant to you without more information to go on. But please don't waste your time with FSX/FSX-SE, those products are NOT similar in capabilities to P3D. XP11 and/or P3D V4.4 are really the best options available. In summary, "out of the box" (no additional content/add-ons) will be better with XP11. However, if you have some cash to spend, then carefully selected addOns for P3D V4.4 will be very rewarding also. This is probably going to start a long debate of X vs. Y, but both platforms are worth the investment, unfortunately to see the best out of P3D does require more AddOn purchases. And both platforms will require the use of a "blind eye" (aka compromises and ignoring obvious issues). Cheers, Rob.
  6. Rob Ainscough

    Complete Newbie looking for advice

    There are some pretty significant limitations to it's usage, I would NOT recommend this XP11 seasons hack to any users new to flight simulation. Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D V4.4 and/or Laminar Research Xplane 11. Do NOT waste your money on a dead end product like FSX/FSX-SE that has no future development work (aka no updates of any kind). FSX/FSX-SE would NOT represent the best that flight simulation has to offer. Cheers, Rob.
  7. Rob Ainscough

    Aircraft self cast shadow quality

    I made a video some time ago on how to improve shadow quality beyond UI values. You'll want to experiment with these values in your Prepar3d.cfg: OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=8192 (default is 2048 I think) TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 (default is 512 I think) WARNING: your FPS WILL drop and VRAM usage will increase. Cheers, Rob.
  8. Rob Ainscough

    55" Oled Monitor!

    It's not just "True Black" is the lack of light bleed especially with bright colors and whites from bright lights will actually make me squint. If one runs a product like AI Lights Reborn along with a nice dark shader product say ENVSHADE or PTA etc. one's night flights will look very realistic especially around a busy airport with lots of AI. I definitely would NOT consider it a waste of money. I'd be surprised if all panels aren't OLED within the next 2-3 years. Cheers, Rob.
  9. Rob Ainscough

    55" Oled Monitor!

    I don’t know about LG, but Sony don’t run it often. I’ve done it manually once ... I heard a rumor Sony run it every 1000 hrs, but I can’t find any documentation to support that. Cheers, Rob
  10. Rob Ainscough

    55" Oled Monitor!

    Nope, technology limitation based on the nature of organic materials ... sorry no conspiracy here. just like cigarettes are good at reducing the life span of certain or organic life forms ... slowly and painfully 🙂
  11. Rob Ainscough

    55" Oled Monitor!

    2019 we'll start to see more 8K, 2020 they'll be more mainstream, 2021 they'll be much more affordable ... based on how 4K adoption proceeded I'd imagine 8K will follow along the same lines ... connection and cable specs are now ratified. I used my OLED for a little while on my SimPit mostly just to test it out, I'm back to my LED Samsung now for regular flight duties and the OLED is back in the TV room or is it living room or is it family room ... aaag, it's in room (sorry not good with room names since we seem to never use rooms in the traditional way) where my wife watches her TV shows. I do want another OLED, but burn in is always a worry for me, mostly when I'm programming GoFlight modules for a specific aircraft I might be "static" for a few hours. Cheers, Rob.
  12. Rob Ainscough

    55" Oled Monitor!

    My Sony OLED provides a big warning regarding how often the process should be run and that was once a year. Since O in OLED is for organic they have a life expectancy. The more often you run the process you reduce it's life span which is what I would expect for anything organic based. Per Sony article ... the Red Warning. LG make the panels but the electronics/computer driving the panel is Sony's design X1 Extreme processor and LG use the A9 processor ... not suggesting one or better or lesser than the other, just passing along Sony's warning. Cheers, Rob. EDIT: I did get some "burn-in" but it was actually due to sunlight shining in thru one of our windows and directly on the TV ... we could clearly see the shadowed image and matched it up to our window ... ran the display refresh process (about 1 hour) and all back to normal ... now we "cover" the TV during the day when not in use.
  13. Rob Ainscough

    55" Oled Monitor!

    That's a valid worry if you aren't moving your view point at all or leaving it stationary for hours. Also, OLED displays are very sensitive to direct sunlight. Most OLED TV's have a "calibration" and/or "panel refresh" process that you can run manually to remove any "burn-in" that may have happened ... BUT, it reduces the life expectancy of the panel and is usually only recommend to be performed once a year. So if you have long flight with not much happening, it would be best to turn the TV off and when you come back to the flight turn TV on again. For most other games it's a non-issue since there is always some motion. OLED image quality in a flight simulator has to be seen to be appreciated ... even more so if you like night flying. They really are that good with color and black and no light bleed. They also don't suffer from pixel refresh rates and can operate on upwards of the equivalent of 500hz refresh (not that any source can go that high and we have no connection specs or cabling that can operate 4K at 500Hz). And don't forget LG's OLED 8K 88" "coming soon". Cheers, Rob.
  14. Rob Ainscough

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    Drones can provide some very useful features for Military, Police, Fire & Rescue ... from locating people stranded and finding the best route to rescue or to enter a building that is on fire and looking for people that might need to be rescued, or scanning a suspicious package (aka bomb) without putting someone else in danger. There are many other practical uses for drones including providing imagery at a fraction of the cost for scenery developers to use in a flight simulator. Oddly drones do have more restriction than guns and I see no reason why "unqualified" private citizens should have guns either (and gun users have caused far more deaths than drone users) ... maybe drone users need to start an DRA 😉 There are valid reasons for both guns/drones, it's the qualification process and poor choices on how to regulate which is often controlled by special interest which is really another word for "sales" (aka money). I got more of a qualification/challenge process when "applying" to own a pet from our local Pet adoption center, than walking into a gun store in Florida where I just need to fork over the cash cause I clearly look over 18 ... in fact I could have bought every gun in the store and there is no law to prevent, same with drones and now that some DIYer's have modified "personal use" drones with weapons can't wait for that abuse to ramp up and the trouble it's going to cause. It's a world where common sense and consistency doesn't seem to apply ... we accept that humans are flawed but don't seem to put in place the necessary "effective" restrictions to minimize the impact of our flaws. Cheers, Rob.
  15. No offense to Gary since I love his work, but the latest offerings from Aerosoft Heathrow performs better than Gary's version on my setup. Cheers, Rob.