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  1. Rob Ainscough

    New build for P3D

    I'm not sure what you mean by lower speed? When running P3D your CPU will be running at Max Turbo Frequency ... for the 7700K that is 4.5Ghz, for the 8700K that is 4.7Ghz. If it's not running at those frequency then you'll need to check your BIOS/EFI to make sure it's setup for that or check your TBM 2.0 software (make sure you have latest version). Cheers, Rob.
  2. Rob Ainscough

    Performance issues?

    I had a 6900K that I used for testing P3D Vx.x ... unfortunately after Meltdown and Spectre vulnerability OS and EFI/BIOS updates that system didn't perform very well so I moved to a 8700K for my test platform. However, you're using KJFK as a test spot which is typically a difficult location the get high FPS. I use ENVTEX and ENVSHADE (performance mode) ... with ENVTEX I have most settings very low and I don't use ASCA textures, use ENVTEX and I think it looks great. The only higher quality textures I use are cirrus (2048), all other clouds are lower 512 DXT and they look more realistic to me. The higher quality clouds tend to have a "drawing" outline look with unrealistic transparency. I'll share my ENVTEX settings tonight when I'm home. FYI you have 3 competing clouds products there (ASCA, REX, ENVTEX) so not sure how you are managing them? I'll test the area/add-on/settings you're using to see where I'm at FPS wise, a 8700K will help but don't expect FPS miracles in that location KJFK. Finally, since you're using DL, suggest you drop 8xMSAA down to 4xMSAA. Cheers, Rob.
  3. Rob Ainscough

    New build for P3D

    I'm going to assume you have installed the latest BIOS/EFI and Audio drivers from here: Disable nVidia Audio (you'll need to do this anyway if you run FSL A320). Not sure what you mean by CPU sound? Isn't providing solutions part of the learning process? Per your SATA ports, you should be able to get 5 of them functional pending on which port you use for your M.2 ... per manual So if you're using M.2_1 that will free up SATA ports 2-6 giving you just enough for your DVD. However, given that DVD's are so slow anyway, it might be better that you go with USB 3.x DVD rather than consume a precious SATA port for it. Cheers, Rob.
  4. Rob Ainscough

    CP and Multiplayer

    Yes, P3D built in Multiplayer. CP does reconnect after the Multiplayer session is generated but can't seem to understand/recognize any aircraft as currently selected. I'll get the logs/report file to you ... English, French, Canadian French, Chinese, German, Russian ... heck even Esperanto doesn't matter these days, we've got Babel Fish ( 😉 Cheers, Rob.
  5. Rob Ainscough

    Gimbal not a saved setting?

    Hi Keven, Can you define "save" for me? If I change the Gimbal slider to ON for a given aircraft. Exit CP. Start CP with same aircraft, the Gimbal slider will be OFF. Perhaps we have a different definition of "save"? Not sure what is undesirable about having the Gimbal state saved/loaded? Seems to be a great feature that I'm always having to remember to re-enable every time I start CP. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Rob Ainscough

    New build for P3D

    8086K warranty will cover 5Ghz ... if you don't like to mess with your CPU then the $75 extra for the 8086K might be worth it ... all flight simulators make more demands of one core than all the other cores as thread synchronization must happen and that can only happen on the main core that instantiated the threads. So having the "primary" usage core running at higher frequency will help and is likely to reduce thread contention (locking resources or redundancy). With that said, you can get a 8700K to operate at the same frequency as an 8086K via EFI/BIOS settings assuming same cooling solution, so if you don't mine working your BIOS/EFI then you can save yourself $75 with a 8700K. I would NOT remove the IHS (aka delid), the long term risk to rewards just isn't worth it even if done by someone else using "special tools" ... 100-300Mhz extra just isn't going to provide any noticeable FPS difference and the CPU can be damaged during the process even if it appears fully functional. But a 8086K or 8700K is a relatively inexpensive CPU, so if you want to remove the IHS and take the risk, then I'd suggest you keep the CPU "naked" and get a special mounting kit for direct contact of CPU with a water block. What are your issues Jim? Cheers, Rob.
  7. Looks like Gimbal option (P3D) doesn't save, I have to re-enable it every CP session. If this is "by design" could I request an option to save the setting? Cheers, Rob.
  8. Rob Ainscough

    CP and Multiplayer

    P3D V4.2 CP will disconnect when a Multiplayer session is started and then it reconnects but is not functional. Thoughts? Cheers, Rob.
  9. Rob Ainscough

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    Yes, LC = landclass, PR = Photoreal Cheers, Rob
  10. Rob Ainscough

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP only applies to LC, PR is still capped ... hopefully that changes in the future but as I understand it there are some tricky complexities and issues around maintaining compatibility with existing content (the ball and chain). Cheers, Rob.
  11. Rob Ainscough

    P3D V4 - Can't get rid of microstuttering

    I thought you were on XP11 a long time ago? Anyway, good luck ... all the platforms I've used have required that I put some effort into removing stutters, even AF2 ... the more I add to any platform the more it stutters, fortunately I've been able to reduce the stutters via compromising settings or add-ons ... doesn't matter which platform I fly, the stutter mitigation process is present in all of them, just takes a little effort and compromise. I'm interested in what HiFi can do in XP11 ... but SkyMaxx Pro and xEnviro have a healthy head start and I'm not sure exactly how HiFi can improve on the limitation of the weather system in XP11 even with unconventional access to the core (if HiFi are using a similar approach). Cheers, Rob.
  12. Hi Alex, Update on this issue, the Zoom level also appears to have some impact on whether not the AI aircraft positions update regardless of the option selection "Do not use box mode for following the aircraft..." Quick video that demonstrates the issue with Zoom: Cheers, Rob.
  13. Rob Ainscough

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    So how does one get FS9/FSX users to move to a more mature platform like XP11 or P3D V4.x? I was somewhat surprised by some of the sales numbers for FSX platform (still around 50%) ... I can only imagine how much developers are holding back (in terms of memory consuming quality and features) just to still be compliant with FSX memory limitations. Cheers, Rob.
  14. Rob Ainscough

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    Add my vote for more African content ... talked to Ed at Orbx about this at FSExpo ... it's a very FPS friendly area. Cheers, Rob.
  15. Rob Ainscough

    Simconnect P3Dv4 Issue

    Sounds like your PC got assigned a different IP by your router/modem and you have the old IP defined in a your SimConnect file(s). In my doc linked you'll find a lengthy section on how to diagnose SimConnect issues (applies to FSX and P3D). Cheers, Rob.