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  1. Blade element theory ... ha, if it's not String Theory, I'm going home ... Neither of these simulated platforms are perfect, they are after-all trying to converting 3D space into 2D space (monitor is X and Y, there is no Z, not even with VR) within the limits of today's hardware. I don't know how many pilots are mathematicians and/or computer scientists but ... Interesting read on XP11 physics from developers of XP11 aircraft: My personal experience with XP11 physics is sometimes it's very good, but sometimes it's just so far off as to be unusable ... specifically when there is significant weather. It's interesting that people do sell XP11 based on "physics" ... having a degree in computer science and mathematics and understanding what is needed to simulate a "true physics" model incorporating world environment on a object (aircraft) we simply don't have the computing power so huge compromises are made in flight simulators (all of them) - LR, LM, Microsoft developers all very well aware of the compromises. What I've done is tried to make the best of it on both platforms and to NOT compare to real world. Cheers, Rob.
  2. Rob Ainscough

    P3DV4 Hardware Config

    Some add-ons will install into the C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons without option ... you can manually move them to another driver/location, but it's tedious. I have a 1TB Samsung 970 for OS/Add-Ons (that are fixed location) and another 2TB Samsung 970 for flight sim/games/add-ons. I have a feeling that PR scenery is suddenly going to become much more popular 😉 ... so with that said, be sure to plan accordingly (PR takes much more disk space). Cheers, Rob.
  3. Rob Ainscough

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Check your brake button assignments in P3D ... remove any and all brake button assignments for each and every device, also make sure you don't have any conflicting brake axis assignments across each device (via the P3D UI not FSUIPC). Cheers, Rob.
  4. The ugly duckling ... now the fun starts, lets see how well I can avoid condensation with CPU under load. Keep in mind I also have about 47 USB devices to connect and they'll add stress to power loads even with powered hubs. Cheers, Rob.
  5. Rob Ainscough

    2080 Ti's dying!

    They admitted "some" are failing, but the failure rate is pretty close to the same as other GPU's they sell: 3.5% return rate with 50% of that 3.5% as "unwanted" and not failures. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Our house is solar, but with so much smoke in the air, we're not generating much power. After solving my PSU power cable issues, all it working well ... now it's time to install latest BIOS and Win10 1803 ... then let the overclocking start ... leak/power test and chiller test: Cheers, Rob.
  7. Hi Sam, Thanks for the response. I was thinking perhaps there was some additional jumper I needed to get the SATA power channels, but that wasn't the case. I did some more diagnostics and it looks like the issue was the white SATA cable I purchased online, it was only supplying 3.3v and I needed 5V ... I've gone back to my standard black cable and all is good ... not as clean wiring but it works. Cheers, Rob.
  8. I thought the standard pin 15 & 16 would work for powering up the SATA lines, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to work? Seems to only power peripheral line? My fan controllers use SATA power lines, but they aren't powering on ... any suggestions? Google search is coming up empty and I don't see any conversion cables of PSU SATA out to Peripheral? Cheers, Rob.
  9. UPDATE: Kitchen is still messy. Installed the EK 2080Ti water-blocks and back plates All lines are now connected CPU, RAM, M.2's installed Tomorrow I'll connect wiring and fill with coolant and check for leaks and run the pumps and chiller. If all is good, I connect power to the MB and then I'll tidy up the wiring. And finally start the OS install after I update the BIOS. OC testing will come after OS install. Cheers, Rob.
  10. Rob Ainscough

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    These clouds are totally fake and that 2D scenery is aweful, look at the low resolution: And these 2D popcorn clouds, not realistic at all: Fake! And look at those ink blots for cloud shadows, totally fake ... just makes me wanna shoot myself. Cheers, Rob.
  11. I haven't done hard tubing in a few years ... stopped going the hard route because I change components frequently and it was time consuming to undo and redo the hard line. But with that said, hard tubing does look MUCH better ... what I used to do: 1. Use appropriate tools designed for cutting and bending, Thermaltake have a nice kit. 2. Use craft wire (most Hobby stores will have this stuff, Hobby Lobby, etc.) to bend and get the route, angles, shape you desire from A to B 3. Allow for about 1/2"-3/4" extra tube on either end (trim to final fitment) It's definitely more work that soft tube and higher risk of leaks, but can be very rewarding once completed. Cheers, Rob.
  12. At first Intel was saying the shortage was a result of the growth (not decline) in Desktop computing which caught them by surprise. Now it seems more clear they want Notebook/laptop and Server segments and are will to give up the Desktop segment to AMD ... low yields from desktop CPUs is cutting into profit (probably the real reason drop priority of desktop CPUs). AMD are apparently pleased with this series of events and expect to gain 30% CPU market share. So putting on my forecasting hat and expect to see top tier desktop performance coming from AMD Ryzen 7 2800X? Lots of speculation about the 2800X, but nothing material and lots of fake pics/benchmarks. Should be interesting, lots lined up for AMD in 2019 ... perhaps we're going to see a shift in the king/queen of desktop CPUs? Cheers, Rob.
  13. Rob Ainscough

    2080 Ti's dying!

    The article seems to suggest the decline in cryptocurrency leaving too many Pascal cards in inventory, Bitcoin dropped 10%+ in a day (yesterday) at an already low and now even lower price at 5552 and seems to be on course for yet another collapse from it's initial collapse (less than a year ago it was 17549). As far as dead 2080Ti, a friend just reported to me one of his died also ... personally I think it's a heating problem, these cards on stock air coolers were running 93-100C on my PC that has a very good case for cooling. Like I said earlier, I've stopped using the cards until I get my EK waterblocks installed on them. Cheers, Rob.
  14. Rob Ainscough

    30Hz Options

    Yes, burn-in can be a problem with OLED ... if you do a lot of long haul flights and leave the monitor on, you might experience some burn-in. With the testing I did with my Sony OLED, I would always turn the TV off if I walked away from it and/or was just sitting in cockpit monitoring. I've moved my Sony OLED back to regular TV duties and currently use my Samsung which is nice, but definitely not as good as Sony OLED. However, I do plan to move back to Flight simulation with OLED ... the technology is moving fast. OLED TV's usually have a re-calibration process they automatically go thru every XXX hours (don't know the exact number of hours) and they also have static detection and will dim the TV automatically. However, with the case of flight simulation it's not "Static" ... there is always something happening so if you never moved your view over a period of several hours then burn-in is a real possibility. There is QLED (really LED LCD with quantum dot film), but that's a VERY different technology compared to OLED and OLED visual quality is still considerably better than QLED. But you are right to be concerned about burn-in, it requires vigilance to avoid when simming. Cheers, Rob.
  15. Rob Ainscough

    4K Gaming is Dumb?

    Can someone please make me 4X as dumb with 8K gaming ... I don't mind being stupid ... and who is "we"? Click bait ... and the universe of games is 3D shooters? Like someone posted on his channel, when you're twitching the view around so fast all the time it wouldn't matter if you played those types of games at 480p. As for me, I'll enjoy 8K and big monitors so I can spot those PAPI lights and/or runway with ease at my sub-human 30FPS 🙂 Cheers, Rob.