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  1. Rob, do you have your current system specs posted anywhere I can view?  Thanks

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    2. Noel


      What kind of clockspeed is your 5960X yielding?  At some point, probably within the year, I will be building a new system.  My current CPU is 3930K. I've maintained while single-core performance may not match certain quad-core processors there is some value for more cores especially when the user is not using a 2nd or 3rd PC to offload other applications running along side of P3D, and also for terrain texture loading.   

    3. Rob Ainscough

      Rob Ainscough

      4.6Ghz ... 6-8 cores seems to be a good performance point overall ... if you go 10 cores (6950X with 25MB L3 cache), turn two of the cores off as this will increase your L3 cache hit ratio.  Also, in the future 64bit address space allows for many more registers so L3 cache becomes more important in reducing round trips and using excessive CPU cycles.

      I'll be getting the Skylake X series (hopefully Quad channel memory) probably 8 or 10 core option, but it has a smaller L3 Cache 13MB (not really sure why) when they come out later this year (Q2 I think) ... I'll let you know how it works.

      Things are going to change in the future so probably good idea to hang tight on hardware ... but you WILL want a 1080Ti  or Titan X Pascal (any GPU with more than 8GB VRAM).

      Cheers, Rob.

    4. Noel


      Great, thanks for your insights which have technically supported where I thought I might go for my next build which is Skylake X & 1080Ti.  Fascinating on VRAM.  We chatted about this awhile back when I mentioned it was uncommon for me to see more than about 2.7Gb of VRAM in use during my typical flights on my GTX Titan.   You might have suggested reported memory use thru apps like GPUZ might not reflect how VRAM is being used.