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  1. ab778

    Off topic

    thanks for the good responses as the problem is that in Colombia is a government not to call corrupt thief eh Tabs and I talked to said that only receives credit card or paypal and they do not see no way out of this crisis I face with the T7 if true is easy "easy" for those who have accounts in banks in the world lol and I mean it's easier in the sense of thinking that is more fasil payment in Central and South America which do not reach the original and only go pirates
  2. ab778

    Off topic

    good to all team members and PMDG forum. is that words express in this topic they take the time or give hurtful words and responses. I will put down a few points placing my review the first is PMDG again congratulate the work done with the t7, have said it is extremely realistic 1. i believe that many people want to get the aircraft ORIGINAL AND LEGAL and not piracy. but some people want to pirate the payment (some have the money but heck we can not afford that irony) the fu ** do not support piracy. 2 PMDG should consider ease of payment for people who do not live in the us so avoiding losses of customers and their products 3 that if staff while seeking a Colombian who is awarded the original T7 private speak for me (PM) Thanks for your attention nice week ab778
  3. Angle of Attack http://www.flyaoamedia.com/777/pmdg-777-in-dubai-loads-of-screenshots/
  4. IS PERFECT!!!!! :''') Kepti http://forum.avsim.net/topic/417199-night-shift-over-the-asia-pmdg-777-omdb-wsss/
  5. ab778

    2D Cockpit.?

    No 2D Cockpit!!!!!!
  6. ab778


    would be nice to have that option in the cockpit as the exterior model
  7. ab778


    ok people thanks for your aswers hehe
  8. ab778


    T7 is the desert as you go using spond dirty textures or just a rumor you soon have a happy day
  9. hello people i have a question because in the panel on the 777F the VOR L and R below says INOP because that option not is that perhaps the 777F is less complete than the 777 passeger or this option is not necessary forum.avisim.net/uploads/monthly_08_2013/post-256137-0-48111100-1376714657.jpg
  10. where I get the fmc for tablet please tell me
  11. Ok no problem sorry for this stupid question lol
  12. please a shot Lan CARGO PLEASE
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