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  1. iPad mini......Simply the best!
  2. I Would think PMDG would be the better one.....
  3. Yea same here I will wait and see...
  4. Is MegaScenery Earth 2.0 hard on FPS? Is it compatible other sceneries like Airports? Thanks! Also is this true? Its what they say on their page. "Flying With Such Realism Doesn't Mean A Performance Hit Either... Framerates With MegaSceneryEarth Are Actually Faster Than Default Scenery."
  5. Do you think there will be some improvement over the base package?? Has anyone tired it yet? http://www.captainsim.com/products/x777/300/expansion.html
  6. What do you mean am I pulling your leg?? I will try 4.6GHz today and let you know. Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks Paul! But would you know why my FSX crashes when I OC to 4.8GHz? Because at 4.8GHz for some reason theres such a huge performance increase from 4.7GHz...... Thanks!
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