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  1. which addon would be better a2a c172 or a2a c182
  2. do you have any other aircraft addon recommendations like civil planes i would love to get into vfr flying
  3. i have a 120 dollars worth of visa gift cards and was wondering what would be the best fsx addons to buy i already have the pmdg 737ngx, rex essential plus overdrive, pfpx, topcat, and fsdreamteam KDFW
  4. Awesome I think I'll do that thank you all I can't wait for the high fps
  5. while what about if a went with a i7 4790k and a gtx 970 i can afford that plus a motherborad
  6. My friend is trying to uninstall/reinstall fsx and ever time he tries to uninstall it he gets error 1628 we already tried all the fixes on the internet we could find
  7. which upgrade cpu or gpu which upgrade gpu or cpu for the most value for my money
  8. hello i was wonder which upgrade would benefit my fsx performance right now I'am running a CPU: i5 3570K GPU: GTX 650 ti boost 2gb should i upgrade to an i7 4th gen or a GTX 780
  9. i looking for a good U.S airline Virtual airline
  10. my pc specs CPU : i5 3570K (not overclocked) GPU : GTX 650 Ti Boost evga special edition RAM : 8gb
  11. i think i mostly what to upgrade the scenery right now i usually fly out of KDFW KLAX
  12. I only fly USA right now is it worth it to buy fs2crew I get a 30% discount on all fs2crew products
  13. I was thinking about fsdreamteam scenery Any good airplane add-ons
  14. what fsx addons i should buy i just got 60 bucks. I like to fly airliners already have pmdg 737 ngx but i haven't looked into scenery addons.
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