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  1. Hi Scott: I kept staring at that 45% off and finally took the leap. And the scenery is really very nice as you said. Also the winter landscape blends in just fine with the surroundings. I especially liked the brush shown white alongside the taxiways and runway. Looks like plowed snow :) I may just pick up another airport or two from them during this sale. Thanks again Rick
  2. Hi Scott: I'm seriously looking at KJAC at this terrific price. Do you happen to know how well it fits into UTX and GEX in FSX? I don't own the regional Orbx sceneries. But if it fits in as well as KBHB, then I would be very pleased with it.The price make it very tempting and I go into JAC frequently. Thanks Rick
  3. Ok. Thanks. I get it.
  4. Yes thanks Al. I read the docs for the radar installation, including the download from the Flightsimware page on radar integration. What confused me was this pic which seems to show the Reality WX500 radar fully integrated. Please see html down at the bottom where the video for "Autopilot Tutorial" is shown. Thanks Al
  5. Thank you sir.
  6. Is there a summary posted where the content of V3 is listed? For the Lear 35. Thank you Rick
  7. Hi All: Could someone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong on this. I thought I followed the directions ok but what I get is the radar available as a pop up window but not integrated into the panel. Flysimware has a pic on their web page showing my radar integrated into the panel. Could someone please suggest how I can accomplish the integration. For the Lear 35 please. Thank you Rick
  8. Check out the income tax and property taxes in Maine. Rent before you buy.
  9. Hi all: Anyone have information on where this stands? I went looking today and couldn't find anything. Is this a dead issue? Thanks Rick
  10. Thanks Scott and Vu Pham. I took the leap and bought KBHB. It installed with FX Central but it did not update Scenery.cfg so I did that manually. It looks great and yes there is a slight difference in the textures at the boundaries, and a couple of artifacts. But the airport is so nice and good frames !! The scenery includes the entire Mt. Desert Island. Really nice. Thanks again Rick
  11. Hello all: I would like to purchase the beautiful Bar Harbor scenery. I run FSX, UTX, GEX, and FTX freeware airports. Can someone please tell me whether the KBHB will be compatible with my setup? Thank you Rick
  12. Thank you for your service.
  13. I was talked into a "smart phone" by the guy at the Verizon store. I decommissioned my beautiful little flip phone in favor of this huge, ungainly smartphone which is nothing like a telephone. This contract runs out in 6 months and then I will decommission the "smart phone", and re initiate my flip phone. Newer, sexier, more expensive is not necessarily better. Smartphone battery lasts maybe a day while the flip phone lasted days. I run FSX and love it. No knock on P3D or XP. I'm just comfortable. This illustrates what a great, all inclusive passion that is flight simulation. There are guys and gals like me who just like to fly. Some enjoy tweaking and working the software issues. Some love scenery. Some love aircraft. Some love painting. Some love creating screenies. The breadth and depth is awesome.
  14. I've been in this game since 1997. At this point my FSX is just set up and running so well that I'm just satisfied. I concentrate on flying and looking for interesting sceneries but I'm really complete out of the tweaking game. I do offer comments and help if I feel I can help.
  15. What is the clean maneuvering speed of a DC-8 configured as shown? Sorry, but I'm leaning toward a very clever fake.