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  1. I have to say I'm very unimpressed by most of the weather addons for XP. SMP 3.0 is nice for screenshots but frankly I don't like flying with it. FSGRW is a good weather engine but it has no turbulence, and that's a serious lack.


    This is a matter of taste of course, but for me the best cloud/weather solution for XP by far is the NOAA weather plugin combined with Murmur's cloud tweaks and downsampled cloud textures. This combination has the advantage of the default cloud "mechanics" (visible distant clouds), excellent performance (better than SMP 3) and thanks to NOAA there are winds aloft as well as turbulence effects. The downside is that weather transitions are not perfectly smooth, but that's a small price to pay, especially since all these addons are freeware! :smile:



    fsgrw has acknowledged the turbulence issue. They said its there but currently xp does not have a way for them to inject it. They say they are trying to contact LR about it.

  2. hi,


    i was wondering with the options jet routes enabled if we can see the traffic of ultimate traffic 2 over the oceans ?



    I guessing that that wont be possible. That because no one knows why UT2 can't visually show AI over large bodies of water even though it is simulating it there as it reappears on the other side. According to the UT2 forums, the developer has gone missing so no fixes on the horizon...

  3. Hello!

    Maybe, this question shouldnt be here but, i can see that here: we mind with ai traffic!.

    Thats why i was asking to myself: am i the only one who is worried about the lights of ai aircraft?. Suddenly, in the great prepar3d v2.4, i can only see the strobe and nav lights of ai traffic in 10 km (more or less). More than 10 km : they dissappear. I have seen that traffic night lights drawing is not like this in fsx, of course.

    I asked to myself again: why all those simmers that are worried to see the farthest cloud, mountain or runway, are not thinking or wishing to see the sky full of planes flying at night as in fsx?...i went to those forums and the ignore me. (not all, but almost)...

    so, i enter here. We love the aitraffic, we need them flying and we need to see them: crossing the horizon, landing with intense lights, taking of...shining. More than 5 nm away!

    is there anyone of you that can suggest me?. Sorry, i dont write very good, but i hope im sending my feelings about the diferrence between flying at night or sunset with or without planes shining.


    thanks again. and wow! version 1.4 is near!

    This is one of the main reasons why I wont into xplane. It ai systems are no where near detailed and extensive as fsx.

  4. Roland,

    Amazed with all great progress from the previous "differently named" program. Re-learning a few things and seeing the additional codes, but I guess I am still the only one interested in military style IFR to overhead (360 patterns) arrivals? Looking at maybe adding autogen "curved ILS technique" approaches from an AIC controlled STAR, probably the closest I can get?


    As a non-PMDG user, still spending time making my own SID/STAR files for AIC, of course as suggested using ADE to get coordinates.

    you don't use any pay ware aircraft that requires airac data?

  5. Ok, I run AIController on FSX:SE in good condition, but I discover a issue. Not sure if the problem has by AIC or FSX. Sometime, some aircraft on final landing on a airport, touch the runway and disappear,appears teleported on a parking with the aircraft parked on them. Not sure what happens.

    If no landing clearance is given from fsx and AIC lands the plane, it will be deleted by AIC. This is because fsx provides no taxi service without landing clearance. If the plane respawned in a parking space, I would think you have UT2 running? The next version of AIC will provide its own taxi service because fsx won't.

  6. Roland, here is an idea...

    Since you are now having the ai controlled right to the gate, could it be possible to create an "airport" text file that aicontroller reads for specific airports. It would detail runway usage for landings. maybe in the future, if you are able to control takeoffs, this file could then reflect take off runways. With this, airports with special landing rules/ noise abatement at certain times of the day (Heathrow) could be realized.  Also it would be nice if this file contained ground parking instructions. If you list in the file what gates/parking spots are Domestic, ai that are flying domestic would only park in those spots etc. This would also work for those large gates that can be arranged to have two smaller planes parked in them if a larger aircraft is not present at that gate.

    What are your thoughts?

  7. So just an update on the LOWI issue, in the new version the aircraft do end up landing, but they get vectored way off course first. To land on runway 08, they fly over the airport and upto around 30 nm away from it before turning back again and coming in for the visual approach. Strange!


    And also in a separate issue, I noticed while taxiing for take off at EDDM, the aircraft coming into land were doing some really weird things. They would be descending normally, then all of a sudden start rising up like in slew mode or something for a few hundred feet, then start descending again, then up again, then down to land. Could be a setting in my .ini file? Has anybody else had this issue? 

    If you have autogen approach selected, then it means that recording was bad and should be remade



    Yes, it will be aware of all aircraft position data (including occupied gates and parking areas) and whether any AI or user aircraft is getting too close to AI controlled by AIController. The general plan is that if an AIController controlled "AI" comes into conflict with an AI controlled by some other program (e.g., AI pointed nose-to-nose on the same taxiway is a good example provided by Jim) or user aircraft, the AIController "AI" will be deleted to avoid problems and maintain compatibility.
    Can't it just reroute "your" ai around such conflicts when able? Is it too much to suggest a user file for particular airports that have special or specific taxiway usages? ex. KMIA, Lufthansa's A380 can only taxi via certain taxiways. can we have a file that we can edit to specify parameters like that?


    Your progress sounds exciting, cant wait for release!

  9. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't close the pop up after it shows up. It shows up when I start the preflight checklist. Fo is doing nothing with it and it's not possible to close it again.

    Something similar happened to me on my second flight. I was on the Approach checklists and I stated my altimeter as per checklist, but the the FO went on to Decent checklist items and stopped. I repeatedly restarted the checklists and it still did the same thing. When I opted to skip the approach checks, I could not get the window to close for the duration of the flight. I thought that strange.

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