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  1. Thank you for your answer, I reduced it to 35% now everything appears and disappears correctly, according to the schedule! it is very pleasing and encourages to exploits!
  2. Hi, I need help, I tried many options before writing, do not say that everything is written in the manual, this is not so, I read it many times! The question is this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <meta> <info name="author" value="ParkPosGenerator" /> <info name="version" value="11.0" /> <info name="date" value="Sat Aug 24" /> </meta> <parameters> <parameter name="ICAO" value="RKSI" /> <parameter name="IATA" value="ICN" /> <parameter name="latitude" value="37.462500" /> <parameter name="longitude" value="126.439167" /> <parameter name="airport_name" value="Incheon Intl" /> <parameter name="supplier" value="P3D " /> <parameter name="parking_percentage" value="100" /> <parameter name="last_update" value="Feb 10, 2020" /> <parameter name="num_parkpos" value="210" /> <parameter name="num_real_live_parkpos" value="132" /> <parameter name="num_real_live_options" value="511" /> <parameter name="num_defined_hours" value="1082" /> <parameter name="altitude" value="23" /> </parameters> <parkpositions> I independently set the schedule for Seoul airport according to the 24-hour schedule. <parkpos id="g109" latitude="37.457134" longitude="126.448593" heading="324.1" radius="36.0" cargo="false"> <aircraft> <option airlines="APG" types="A320" real="true" hours="21" /> <option airlines="ASV" types="A321" real="true" hours="22,23" /> <option airlines="CEB" types="A20N" real="true" hours="12" /> <option airlines="CSN" types="A20N" real="true" hours="2,3" /> <option airlines="CSN" types="A21N" real="true" hours="6" /> <option airlines="CSN" types="A321" real="true" hours="10" /> <option airlines="PIC" types="A320" real="true" hours="7" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> According to this example, the parking should be free and empty from 12 to 21 UTC, but this does not happen, the parking is always occupied by the last prepared aircraft in the interval from 12 to 21). How to solve this issue, what should I pay attention to, what am I programming wrong? THANKS FOR ANSWERS
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