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  1. Also, there is no engine 1 or engine 2 reverse thrust option. Only toggle reverse thrust option and that you have to assign to a button and then move the thrust levers on the Logitech throttles forward to engage reverse thrust instead of holding them down past the indentation at the bottom of their axis. Xplane has the option to hold engine 1, 2 , etc at full reverse by pulling the thrust levers past the indentation as far as they'll go. There is no engine specific reverse thrust assignment.
  2. So far despite the unfinished beta we all payed for, the sim is actually pretty good even with it's issues. I'm enjoying it. The flight dynamics seem realistic in the GA aircraft and the scenery is amazing. However on the external views... There is no option to transit down or up. I found the settings to rotate around the the plane left/right/up/down with the hat switch but there is no assignment to rotate the view up or down to center the plane in the middle of the screen. The planes seem too much at the bottom of the screen and I cant transit view down to center the plane externally like I can in the cockpit. There is also no transit in or out toward or away from the plane externally other than zoom. I'm hoping MS adds these view settings. I also noticed that the taxiway lights at night are purple instead of blue. Otherwise I'm loving the new sim!
  3. Its awesome in xplane11. I run webFMC pro on 2 iPad pros, one on either side of the throttle. Its very convenient to touch type the entries and browse through the FMC during flight. I know most dont have a home cockpit but its useful for anyone really.
  4. Air manager would be great too. Hopefully they are one of the 3rd party software devs Asobo / MS are working with. Im most interested in being able to move the FMS/FMC to a tablet.
  5. Now that we know the extent of the NAV data and functionality of the NAV and GPS/map equipment in FS2020, it would be great to be able to move the gps, map (with NAV and COM frequencies and SID/STAR listings) and the entire FMC/FMS to external devices like iPad and tablets for touch screen use. I have a home cockpit that hybrids the VC with iPad's and tablets for easy touch screen use so I dont have to move the cockpit view around to change freqs, look up NAV info or input data to the FMC/FMS. That can all be done through Garmin pilot and the use of web FMC pro on ipads in xplane11. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to have this feature. Makes touch screen entries on an ipad much easier than using the mouse or moving the cockpit view.
  6. Well if there were any questions about undulating / sloping runways..... Answered! I'm blown away.
  7. Since the MFS devs have stated they read these forums, I just wanted to make a post regarding multi screen/tv/monitor functionality. I remember hearing there wont be multi- monitor setup available initially, however it would be great to at least be able to stretch MFS2020 in window mode across 3 screens (or in my case, three 55inch tvs) upon release. I currently use xp11 and run it off 1 video card (rtx2070) across 3 tvs in window mode. Xp11 has the option to setup 3 independent views but that slows performance and takes forever to setup and align correctly with the offsets. Stretching it across 3 tvs works much better and keeps my fps smooth. I'm hoping MFS2020 allows this same feature. P3d stretched across 3 tvs is unusable. The performance is horrible. Only xp11 seems to have gotten this correct, and I'm hoping mfs2020 can replicate the good fps and proportional images across 3 screens in window mode stretched across 3 screens. I run a home cockpit using xp11s excellent virtual cockpits. MFS2020 VCs look just as good (or better) and I would love to use my 3 tv setup to surround myself with them as well, but the excellent performance has to be there like it is with xp11. MFS 2020 looks incredible.
  8. Even though there wont be multi-screen support right away, they should still make the program able to stretch across 3 screens in window mode like xplane lets you do. I honestly don't like the independent screen config in x plane and much prefer the stretched forward view in window mode, its the way I run my home cockpit. If MFS2020 cant do that, I and many others wont want to switch because I refuse to run my home cockpit on 1 tv. P3D lets you do this also but runs like poop when stretched across 3 screens. Xplane11 runs perfectly smooth stretched across 3 screens and looks great too. Microsoft should strive to get good performance like xplane 11. Walked away from p3d immediately when 3 screen stretched window mode performance was so atrocious, probably 2-5 fps. Xplane gives me 25-40fps on high settings (not highest) in window stretch mode across 3 tvs.
  9. Realistic flight models and accurate internal cockpit/external aircraft models, Boeing 737 / 787 in addition to the airbus a320 shown in the trailer, and sloped runways are a huge feature needed also. And because I run a home cockpit, the ability to load the FMS/FMC on a kindle or iPad mini for touchscreen use. (Currently running xplane 11 and using WebFMCpro to get the FMC on the iPad mini/kindle) https://youtu.be/hLKTfYjM23c
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