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  1. Hi. Thanks for ChasePlane. I looked on the P3D forums and Prepar3d doesn't require you to run as an administrator. Could you please add an option when installing to not run as administrator? Also, please allow a custom Documents/AppData location (so that Chaseplane doesn't add settings to the administrator's documents and appdata folders, and then that folder not be used when running it from within P3D as a non-admin user. I saw it mentioned that Chaseplane requires admin rights in order to work, but if Prepar3d can run as a normal user then I would suspect that it would be possible for CP to do this as well. I have Prepar3d v4 and Chaseplane but I never fly with them (instead using a different simulator). This is a major reason for that. It is a shame because ChasePlane is a very nice product other than this. Thanks very much.
  2. Thanks Dave. So you can request flight following whilst in flight using Pilot2ATC? That's good to know. I'm still on the trial license but it does seem very impressive. I was on a flight the other day, ATC assigned me a STAR. I messed it up and ATC gave me vectors to get me back on track again (several times). Nice.
  3. Jumping on this old thread as it is related and has some overlap. I want to fly a Baron 58 from London City airport (Category A) which will then change to VFR when clear of relevant airspace. What is the best way of doing this? I could, I think, file an IFR flight plan leaving EGLC in the right direction and then cancel IFR at the appropriate time. I could I think then fly un-ATC'd until approaching the airfield I was going to, where I could talk to Approach. My first question was, can I request flight following whilst in the air? (after cancelling IFR?) Secondly, can I use VFR flight following as a valid way of leaving EGLC rather than filing an IFR flight plan, instead going the whole way VFR with flight following? Thanks.
  4. Hi Dave. Bumping an old thread but I had a similar problem. I had no text shown in the grammar help. Seeing your response here I went and checked and because I'm not running as administrator, the file GrmrHelperData.xml had gone into the administrator's appdata rather than mine. Copying it over seemed to resolve the problem. (OT, I had another issue earlier where no response came from controllers over the radio; turned out that I had Ext Pwr and Avionics on but not the battery so it was ignoring me, so my fault on that one 😀). It is still my first say with P2A but it seems really good, thanks.
  5. Thanks very much for the reply Pete. I don't have the trial yet as I wanted to check a few things first. Previously I've had trial versions of very good products but half used them for a day or 2 and then because they didn't quite do what I expected and/or I hadn't done the correct configuration, I put them to 1 side of a week, then panic with a couple of days of license left. Good to know there's that option there.
  6. Hi. Is there an option to tell controllers to speak more slowly? Ideally I guess you could say that verbally but is there a speed choice either within the interface or perhaps by changing the Windows text-to-speech settings? I ask because although Pilot2ATC looks very good, the controllers seem to speak very quickly. I know that you can either read the text as it appears on screen, and/or click the button to get the 'copilot' to read back for you. Just wondered if it was possible to slow down the audio a bit for us noobs? Thanks. (Sorry, I did try searching the forums but couldn't find any relevant results)
  7. Also that running FSX was involving more and more workarounds. These aren't needed with FSX-SE it just installs. Dovetail updated FSX enough to get it to be easy to install and to run at a basic level. Then they worked on updating it to 64 bit and hopefully a few other updates. I haven't played Flight School as much as I'd have hoped, but that was due to the lessons and tests not being as good as I'd hoped (sorry DTG). Assuming that DTG continue allowing 3rd parties to make addons as they have with FSX and Train Simulator, and work with those 3rd parties, it should be well worth buying imo. Its likely that not every issue on everyone's wishlist will be covered on release date (or at all in some cases) and it probably won't be as optimised as it could be (nor is xplane).
  8. Looks good. Although I initially thought they'd got their priorities wrong with the UI (Dovetail similarly did this with Flightschool), I like the look of the new interface. I really like that it will be possible to chose a ramp start from the quick flight screen and that you're shown a map of the airport to select locations from. Its surprised me in the past how often the default FSX C172 is used for basic checkrides and online flight training, but on that basis I'm happy to see the XP 172 getting some attention. I also think that decent 3D cockpits are more than 'eye-candy' and hope that the improvements to the default aircraft encourage 3rd party developers to make further improvements. My graphics card has 3gb memory and I think I might need to upgrade soon. edit: Also, is XP11 likely to be released on Steam on launch day? And although supporting the developers is a good thing, is there any other benefit to buying it now over waiting for release? Thanks.
  9. I really like that the first tutorial doesn't include the autopilot. The first time I tried it I'd messed up TrackIR, Tried again tonight and TrackIR was working. I think my pedals must have been off-centre last time as well because this time it was easier to keep flying in roughly the right direction. Coming into land I was hopeless: decending too quickly, descending too slowly, back-and-forth, back-and-forth. Just realised, as it said in the manual not to do, I was chasing descent rate rather than focusing on pitch and power. I'll try it a few more times and then move onto the other tutorials. I've spent more time watching videos and trying to start the plane and I have flying so far
  10. (I said that the plane flies nice and straight when Jan hand-flies it but not when I do) Yes, I think that Jan's presentation in the videos is excellent. But he obviously also knows the real plane inside-out and has flown it once or twice before :smile:
  11. Its funny, watching Jan fly the First Flight tutorial it seemed to me that the plane was almost on rails, it just flew straight and in the direction he wanted. I wondered whether this was realistic. Then I tried it myself and it wasn't quite like that
  12. I thought there were a few too many 'wow's but yes, it was nice to see the video. Have you watched the videos by Jan on youtube? (user IXEG, they're from pre-release but it still looks great) The plane is lovely. It sounds great (engine, switches, pitch trim wheel, etc.) and looks great. I'm about to try the first tutorial flight.
  13. Its not beta imo. I can think of one premium FSX/P3D developer that I follow closely, and they get issues reported on release weekends. There's also a theory in computing that you shouldn't buy version 1.0.0 of a product. But the FSUIPC issue is unfortunate and sorry for suggesting earlier that someone just didn't know to fly the bird :wink: I've done lots of smiling since installation but am still at the 'study' stage....
  14. I'm no expert but it obviously can be flown without spiraling out of control going by Jan's videos on YouTube. Its possible that he's flying in a completely unrealistic manner to achieve that, or perhaps the 737 Classic just isn't the sort of plane you can jump into and fly smoothly with 5 minutes practice.
  15. @Don, I agree about the sounds. The most immersive aircraft I've flown in a simulator was A2A's Spitfire, for some reason the sounds made it feel really 'real' for me, particularly the 'thunk' that's heard when the flap switch is moved. Back on topic, I got the same feeling watching the IXEG 737 videos, the sounds are amazing (to my ears at least). -- Obviously I'd want IXEG to finish all the updates they've said they'll do and fix any bugs that are bound to emerge with any new product. But after that it would be fun to have an expansion pack for the 737. They've left the hooks in for failures so a module to model failures randomly or as part of a persistent model would be superb I think. Perhaps add multi-crew as well, adding the first officer that Jan was wishing for and some crew sounds from the main cabin. Mustn't get too far ahead though, still need to learn this one.
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