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  1. As far as I know ... maybe the .bgl format within FSX / P3D is the one that has changed least (not at all) in these thirty years of FlightSim. So I don't think this can affect. A terrain mesh file created with the .exe SDK v5 resample is also perfectly readable by FSX. We can do a test write me in PM. Or download, and install, from Avsim ETM12m Crimea - Enhanced Terrain Mesh 12m for Crimea Peninsula. These bgl files are generated with the resample.exe of the Prepar3D v5 SDK SDK https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dscen&DLID=217735
  2. @AviatorMoser, Thanks so much. Vuze I downloaded the Torrent for Africa in 2h 30 min. Now I'm downloading Asia to 800Kb / s (+/- 4h)
  3. I finished downloading the Central America and South America. I wanted to make a comparison between the data source SRTM Terrain Mesh with Arc 3 sec (90 meters) LOD 9 (76 meters) and SRTM 1 arc sec (30 meters) in LOD 10 (38 meters) and LOD 11 (19 meters), these are the photos. I wonder why the whole project was not done in LOD 11? http://wikisend.com/download/818736/MiG_017.jpg http://wikisend.com/download/638038/MiG_018.jpg http://wikisend.com/download/476574/MiG_019.jpg
  4. Extract from the Inside FS Global 2010.pdf 5. DATA COVERAGE IN FS GLOBAL 2010 Here are the facts: • Global coverage generally according to SRTM availability between 54° southern latitude and 60° northern latitude in approx. 76 m resolution (LOD9). Corrected SRTM data using local meshes, manual data acquisition and contributions from Jonathan de Ferranti. • Coverage of the European Alps in a resolution of 19 m (LOD11), adjacent areas in 38 m resolution (LOD10). • LOD12 (FS-Mesh- and sourcedata in 9m resolution!) for Hawaii (complete) and the southwest of the US, south of 38°N and west of 108°W (ca. Mesa Verde -> Point Reyes) • High Quality Coverage of Northamerica (and p.Canada!): nationwide LOD11 (19m). • Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia in LOD 9 (76m; standard SRTM resolution) • additional high resolution areas in Europe in LOD11 (19m): High Tatra, Scottland, Hardangervidda (Norway) • o Russia / Sibiria in LOD9. • o Antarctica in LOD8 • Using the new “quad mesh” technology introduced with FSX, intermediate meshes for far-distance views are included with each BGL starting with LOD4. For that reason, we need two versions o FS Global 2010 to ensure it is compatible with FS2004 / FS9. Another essential factor is that the data source. When he was released FS Global 2010 was not available this: https://lta.cr.usgs.gov/SRTM1Arc SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global elevation data offer worldwide coverage of void filled data at a resolution of 1 arc-second (30 meters) and provide open distribution of this high-resolution global data set. Some tiles may still contain voids. The SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global (30 meters) data set will be released in phases starting September 24, 2014. 1 arc-second (approximately 30 meters). 3 arc-second (approximately 90 meters). used into previous terrain mesh With data source NASA SRTM 1 arc sec is possible resample untl LOD11 From FSX SDK QMID level LOD Block size (degrees) One Pixel (degrees) Meters/pixel 11 09 0.17578125 0.000683974 76.00 13 11 0.043945313 0.000170993 19.00
  5. Hello eveyone, I also want to thanks you for your contribution to the community. Now I'm downloading the South America I have solved a problem with this Mesh. The data source NASA SRTM 1 arc sec (30m resolution) Global version 3 developed with FSX SDK to a LOD 11 (19 meters) are the best we can get for FSX / P3D. However, I want the same report to all of you my project that will perhaps have escaped your attention in the past days. :rolleyes: As already pointed out before, there are serious problems with quotas of the airports, water bodies and shorelines. All things solved even if the long a tedious process because for all I know I have to do it one by one. Flight Simulator X - Scenery Sicily VFR - Terrain Mesh SRTM 1 Arc/Sec version 3 Flight Simulator X - Scenery Morocco VFR - Terrain Mesh SRTM 1 Arc/Sec version 3 - Volume 01 Flight Simulator X - Scenery Morocco VFR - Terrain Mesh SRTM 1 Arc/Sec version 3 - Volume 02 Flight Simulator X - Scenery Western Sahara VFR - Terrain Mesh SRTM 1 Arc/Sec version 3 Cheers Giovanni
  6. Hello Kevin, See my updated files BNXWorld 0.bgl and BNXWorld1.bgl with your comfortable. You can take them in my last version of AvSim or I can send you my xml file (tell me how). Regarding your spreadsheet I'm grateful for sending. I have a point to make the BNX purified default data (as I think even your own) have been purified only data relating to Italy so when I install your updated BNX should also update my original BNX removing not only data default Italian but also those for the United Kingdom. If this is not done we would have an overlap. I hope to have made a good idea of what I mean. Cheers Gio
  7. In theory and in practice this is possible. I can give you my World0 and world1. I have published my work on AVSIM I keep updated ... everything manually (no parser) I do not have the right skills to do it. Another consideration, if one day turns up another project for another country ... we do it all again. Then there is to say another variable: the reliability in the insertion of new data. Cheers Giovanni
  8. This is my project. Category Name Author Size DLs Added Flight Simulator X - Miscellaneous Files BNX Italy Boundary Airspace - AIRAC 05 MAR 2015 Giovanni Miduri 5679k 684 06-Mar-2015 You consider that even P3D has the same database !!!!! The problem is how to make compatible the various updates if you do not completely change the basic structure of World1.bgl?
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