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  1. Nice selective quote there ..fanbois. The process should be automated, weekend or not it's no excuse. Do the Orbx forums shut down on the weekends...sometimes I wonder.
  2. User error? First time users should be able to find that info right away and not have to wait days. You have to ask why a person who buys an Orbx product from the single source can't receive a code that enables them to access a support forum? FSS can verify a OZx discount code by verifying the emails why can't Orbx do the same thing on their forums same email same order number=in. Just think how much easier things would be.
  3. It really doesn't matter if it's a user error. The user should at least have the means to seek out the information. Hundreds use their forums...after they get a validation link. Till that happens you can't get in to ask a question. lets also not pretend that every problem posted on the forum is becaise of user error. Quite often it's the user that finds the bug or the anomaly that the Orbx team missed. Actually I like Orbx products. it's their support or lack of support that leaves a lot to be desired. Nobody should have to wait for five days to have support from the POP. heck even Carenado will answer a general question within 48hrs. BTW if product or service complaints really bother you...don't read them.
  4. The Orbx fanbois will always tell you it's your fault. You really have to wonder why they have such difficulty answering an email at FSS or request to get on Orbx forums. , I swear FSS is a one man operation. Go back to Facebook and post a real good review . -_-
  5. That's par for the course for Orbx. Emailing FSS or trying to contact them on their imaginary chat line is a waste of time too.
  6. That's probably the answer, didn't realize FS9 didn't have moveable view points.
  7. In the AVISM review of this plane it claims "Another Carenado first includes the moving seats (done by clicking the seat) and the control lock. " . http://www.avsim.com/pages/0806/C182Q/C182Q.htm I give up... where do you "click" the seats?
  8. Thanks, I thought it was a contact points issue but someone else mentioned it would be an animations issue in the AC mdl, the contact points are equal on both sides.
  9. First off, has anyone noticed that there are 44 pages in this forum but you can only read the first 10 or so? Question, has anyone noticed that the right wheel on the C182Q doesn't spin under 15knts while taxiing?
  10. Typical fan bois answer. Should I start all my questions on their forums with PLEASE!
  11. Typical fan bois answer, either that or you work for Orbx. If you guys want to be so helpful why don't you go over there and answer all those un-answered questions in the payware and freeware forums?
  12. So why does it take a week just to get an answer? They are more than willing to answer the one lined questions pertaining to product or installation procedures, but if you have an issue that requires a bit of detective work.. you're on the ignore list. Their favorite answer.."please post your transaction number." even when it's already there! Then they ignore you for another week.
  13. Did they take the month of April off? Posted many threads in the support forums in the last week and not one answer. I know the Orbx fan bois will differ but Orbx "support" for the most part is el crapo. Getting to be as bad as FSS "support".
  14. One more reason to use Paypal when buying product from Orbx. Initiate a charge back and you will either get your money or at least their attention. BTW Vector is not a requirement tok be used with FTX products so they can't be the issue.
  15. Orbx "customer service" has gotten worse lately if it's even possible. Seems like everyone has been on vacation for the last two weeks as very few questions on the "support forum" get answered in a timely manner.
  16. It does not replace "all tree textures" and I do have it at 2048. The same generic trees are in full regions as FTX Global. HD trees only adds a few trees in areas like PNW it doesn't change the old ones. Around air strips and towns are the only places that you will see HD trees in PNW.. Do you need glasses ? Happy man.
  17. Not really, some areas will have next to zero new trees , PNW has new trees around cities airports and towns but you really have to look hard to find them elsewhere. I think this product gave everyone the idea it replaces the old trees and gave better performance with new ones...it doesn't replace anything it adds to it so how they can claim a performance increase is hogwash.
  18. It does not replace the old trees, it adds to them. Depending on where you are you will hardly see any difference. Flew around west PNW last night and had to look for the new trees. Overhyped product ...save your money.
  19. If I pulled this plane out of P3DV2 would it work in FSX?
  20. I paid for it when it first came out. It was an absolute nightmare. I couldn't figure out why I had to pay 60 bucks to be a beta tester. It was nothing but a crash test, I gave up after 2.2 as the AA is still garbage. Let me know if Nvidia ever makes an NI profile for it and I'll try it again. Till then NO THANKYOU!
  21. If I run traffic at 40% and have planes set to 100, I see no difference in performance, nothing is deleted ..no change in FPS. Should I lower the 100 number? Like the radar feature.
  22. I'm fairly certain FTX Central is no longer switching properly. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/91310-elevated-runway-stuart-island-2was/ I remember flying from one region to another twice in the past week and not having a region load.
  23. What driver are you guys running for MS Flight? Haven't upgraded mine in eons and just want to know if you have run any issues with drivers. Is newer the better? just started flight for the first time since last spring. .......Sure like not seeing autogen popup like FSX. Do you use and settings in NI or just let it run with the default profile?
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