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  1. If I run traffic at 40% and have planes set to 100, I see no difference in performance, nothing is deleted ..no change in FPS. Should I lower the 100 number? Like the radar feature.
  2. Nice to see, good work guys. Glad I spent the 5 bucks on FSX.SE I have an empty HD awaiting to be filled with Flight.
  3. Will this plane be useable in P3D V2.0..I see it's on sale..
  4. I just bumped my internal limiter from 30 to 40 to give it another shot. Works great is some places..doesn't do a thing in others. I still drop to the teens in places like LAX. Back to 30 it goes. Bring on P3D v2.0....lol
  5. When that jet gets off the ground we should make an inaugural group flight from Anchorage to Honolulu. B)
  6. The caribou will be trying to mate with that on the runway.
  7. oh yeah baby :yahoo: Have you submitted to the Library or you still doing the finishing touches?
  8. Sorry, just delete all the posts. i'm not getting anywhere anyways.
  9. Now I'm getting this.. Flight is not running, the planes are not installed and not in the hanger.
  10. No not the builder...I have no plans to even go there.
  11. I found the app but when I open a paint file it won't go into the add on.
  12. so what am I supposed to check as the default?
  13. It's not giving me the "default" option. What program is it supposed to open with?
  14. For some reason I can no longer add any paint jobs. When I try to open a repaint file my PC trys to open it with note pad and never opens the add on manager. I never changed anything on my PC and it worked before..any ideas?
  15. Can one of you talented artists paint a C46 in the Buffalo Airways logo? I'm sure it would be a popular item in the library :wink2: and perhaps a Maule and a Cub to go with it :lol:
  16. Agreed, how about providing a screenshot with the file?
  17. The library is being populated nicely. Would it be possible to have a rating system put on the liverys? Most of them are awesome.....but I just downloaded one then quickly deleted it :wacko: :blink: Very nice..suits the RV's shape.
  18. Too bad the Library is down today..like most of AVISM.
  19. Has anyone made a new livery for the Maule? Red would be nice :wink: The Cub has now got a closet bigger than Armeldo Marcos.
  20. Does anyone know if two people are flying the same repainted livery are they visible to each other in multiplayer or is it showing the delta?
  21. lets get together and fly a flock of Goblins.
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