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  1. Hello Nico, please add TBM - Taban Airlines https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airlines/hh-tbm Thank you Paolo
  2. OK I'm working for this All FAIB and FSPXAI that are all for Prepar3Dv4 http://secure.simmarket.com/fspxai.mhtml
  3. May I have a mail to send you the report becose when I post a report some item as chenged as pirates but in the original is not this. Thank you
  4. This is curious because my traffic is made up of: - Pay FSPX; - FAIB; - S K Y AI program with some converted models - MyTraffic Professional 6 for some models only I do not understand why those referred to as "pirates" are some models of pirated AI program. I will try to eliminate duplicates Thank you. Paolo
  5. This is the log file Sat Feb 3 08:24:24 2018 (utc) version 9.21 PSXseeconTraffic (64 bit) for any user aircraft in Prepar3D v4 08:24:24 Start reading and processing parameters from PSXseeconTraffic.cfg ********* Parameters ********** VMRGENERATOR= LATERAL_RANGE=50 LIMITED_VERTICAL_RANGE=0 AUTO_MODE=0 HELICOPTERS=0 LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=0 ALWAYS_ON_TOP=0 COLLISION_DET_AIR=0 COLLISION_DET_GND=1 VERSION_CHECK=1 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Sat Feb 3 FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER=flightplans FLOOR_ALTITUDE_ACTIVE=0 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=0 ONLY_INJECT_WHEN_USER_AIRBORNE=0 LOG_MATCHING=1 LOG_PARKING=1 LOG_TAKEOFF=0 LOG_LANDING=0 ********************************* There are 4212 airports in the internal database 08:24:24 Start reading and processing AI_liveries.txt ... ********* AI_liveries.txt summary ********* 5044 liveries read from file AI_liveries.txt 14888 Registration codes for a livery no generic Boeing liveries generic Airbus liveries for 4 types: A342 A345 A346 A388 no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries generic Private liveries for 7 types: BE20 C208 C25A H25B LJ35 LJ60 SU80 627 unique airlines 92 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type A306, num liveries: 27 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A318, num liveries: 9 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type BE20, num liveries: 14 No default livery found for aircraft category Helicopter **************************************** 08:24:24 Initializing PSX server at port 10747 08:24:24 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 08:24:24 Waiting for RealTraffic to connect ... 08:24:24 Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 connected 08:24:25 RealTraffic connected 08:24:26 User aircraft title: Boeing 737-700NGX Maridiana Airlin 08:24:26 User aircraft model: B737, category: M 08:24:27 User aircraft position: latitude, longitude 43.803844,11.200967 08:24:27 User aircraft at 43.803844,11.200967, close to or at airport LIRQ, dist 0.4 Nm PERCENTAGE_PARKED=75 NUM_PARK_POSITIONS=19 08:24:27 75 % parked set for LIRQ 08:24:27 LIRQ has 18 parking positions 08:24:27 11 aircraft to be parked AIRPORT_ALTITUDE_FEET=0 08:24:27 Connecting QNH Reader to UDP port 49004 ... 08:24:27 QNH Reader connected 08:24:27 Connecting Traffic Reader to UDP port 49003 ... 08:24:27 Traffic Reader connected Parked static ac at g102: AFR1_ A320 M === FAIB-A320-200WL - Air France Parked static ac at g104: AZA2_ A320 M === FAIB-A320-200CFM - Alitalia 'Old Color' Parked static ac at g106: SWR3_ A320 M === pirated AI program-SWISS AIRBUS A320-200 Parked static ac at g107: ISS4_ B737 M === pirated AI program-Meridiana Boeing 737-700 Parked static ac at p204: CCM5_ AT72 M =s= similar type AT75, pirated AI program-ATR72-500 - Air Corsica Parked static ac at p205: CCM6_ AT72 M =s= similar type AT75, pirated AI program-ATR72-500 - Air Corsica Parked static ac at p209: AFR7_ CRJ9 M =s= similar type E145, MTP-ERJ145 - Air France Regional Parked static ac at p301: PVT8_ LJ40 M =s= similar type C25A, this pirated AI program initials not allowed-Citation 1 Parked static ac at p302: PVT9_ C172 L =s= similar type C208, this pirated AI program initials not allowed-St Barth Commuter Britten-Norman BN-2 Parked static ac at p305: PVT10_ C172 L =s= similar type C208, this pirated AI program initials not allowed-HTAI BN-2 SVG AIR 08:24:29 QNH: 997 {"ICAO": "LIRQ","QNH": 997, "METAR": "LIRQ 030750Z 36014G25KT 280V030 9999 -RA BKN030 OVC070 05/01 Q0997 RERA", "NAME": "Peretola Airport", "IATA": "FLR","DISTNM": 0.7} Parked static ac at p306: PVT11_ C172 L =s= similar type C208, this pirated AI program initials not allowed-HTAI BN-2 SVG AIR EIN40G A320 M EI-DVL DUB->FCO === r FAIB-A320-200CFM - Aer Lingus ROT415D B733 M YR-BGB OTP->MAD === pirated AI program-TAROM Boeing 737-300 RYR8CR B738 M EI-DCH PSA->CRL === r pirated AI program-Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Winglets 'Bydgoszcz' AZA9QM A321 M EI-IXV LIN->FCO === r pirated AI program-Alitalia Airbus A321-100 'Jeep Renegade logojet' RYR4658 B738 M EI-FTG BGY->BRI === r pirated AI program-Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Winglets 'U nevr Beat D Irish!' DLH8ML E195 M I-ADJK FRA->FLR === r SKAYAI-ERJ-195 - Air Dolomiti RYR4322 B738 M EI-FRO KRK->BLQ === r pirated AI program-Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Winglets 'U nevr Beat D Irish!' 08:25:08 Sim was interrupted... 08:25:32 User closed PSXseeconTraffic, wait till all processes have stopped ... ******************** live traffic livery matching summary ***************************************** 13 liveries needed, 100% were completely matched of which 85% were matched upon registration code *************************************************************************************************** 08:25:32 QNH Reader has stopped 08:25:33 Traffic Reader has stopped 08:25:34 Flight Simulator disconnected Sat Feb 3 08:25:35 2018
  6. Hello Niko, Thank you for answare. I'm talking about Airport file as LIEE.txt in the Parked directory. For example r16;39.252198;9.058978;7.1;BAW,EZY,GWI,KLM,DLH,LGL,NOS,MSA,RYR,SAS,VOE,VLG;A321,B38M,B739,B752,CRJ9,CRJX,E190,E195 The indication in the PSXseecontraffic.log is only it has lost the connection with Prepar3d. The problem I encountered mainly with the 737 PMDG. If the line s too long P3Dv4 freeze and I need to close the simulator Paolo
  7. Hello, Use PSXseeconTraffic a long time and I never had problems. I began to modify the files of the various airports in the Parcked Directory, inserting the code of the airlines and the types of airplanes. I noticed that if the line contains a many codes (the line is long) the simulator crashes and I must close everything. My question is very simple: is there a maximum number of code for each lines (Airlines and aiplanes) as in the same way in the entry atc_id of aircraft.cfg (I remember is 50)? Thank you Paolo
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