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  1. Actually, I think this is a very important topic. With all of the developer hype and lies being told by the a really excited user, I have wasted plenty of money on substandard or misrepresented products. God save us from the a really excited user! My list includes, but is not limited to (i.e. the one's that really have my blood boiling): Pro ATC: An overglowing initial review on this site caused me to purchase this non-functioning piece of manure. (I use the word "manure," because I am not able to use a more graphic and more accurate word beginning with "sh") Thirty plus pages of comments following this overglowing initial review says it all. Imangine Sims Atlanta and NMG's Johannesburg and Cape Town. A few months after purchasing the products, the developers release newer versions but do not offer an upgrade. What a ripoff! Wilco's CRJ. Overhyped by the community, but after it is released it turns out to be nonflyable. The default CRJ is much better. Taxi2Gate's St. Louis: Even after downloading the fixes, it remains my most unflyable airport. Framerates are still horrible as it crawls to a stop, and the ILS beacons still don't work. I end up doing visual approaches at about 2 FPS! The truth of the matter is that I am really ###### that many a really excited user have the attitude that we will not say anything bad about defective and substandard products. The end result is that developers get away with releasing substandard and unfinished products. The failure to call them out on this leads many unsuspecting consumers to waste money on them. We are not doing anyone any favors by letting this state of affairs to continue. Guys, the least we can do is be honest with our fellow simmers!
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