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  1. Well, I thought that's what I'd read and tried without success. That worked. Guess I just hadn't pressed and held MENU long enough. Thank you!
  2. Good evening! I’m trying to create a panel state that is essentially cold and dark with external power already connected and available. With the battery and Standby Power off all CDUs are dark and so I’m unable to access the menu to save this state. With PMDG in FSX there was the option to load and save panel states from the Add-Ons drop-down menu but of course there is no provision to do so in P3D. I opened the panel state file and considered editing it but I’m concerned that I’d miss some detail and word not allowed up the panel state file and possibly crash the sim. Any idea how I can accomplish this otherwise?
  3. That is a story unlike any I have ever heard or expected to hear in a forum like this. I'm saddened by your loss and cannot imagine the pain you must have felt. Thank you for taking the time to share it and I hope that you are able to find peace.
  4. I'll get back to you tomorrow. I'm sitting reserve and will have some time to mess with this.
  5. Done as directed. Same result.
  6. Update: I installed it on my desktop running Prepar3D v. 4 and it runs normally. So, perhaps I should reattempt the FSX:SE installation?
  7. Good morning! I just purchased both the MU-2 and the Widgeon this a.m. and installed both to FSX:SE. Both installations seemed to go without problems as had the Lear 35 I purchased and installed previously. I tried the MU-2 and it loaded fine. The Widgeon, however, crashed the sim to the desktop every time I'd try to load it. I started with a native aircraft at a native airport to minimize the possibility of conflicts arising from add-ons then attempted to load the Widgeon. No dice. I stand ready to provide amplifying information and am grateful for any support!
  8. Looks amazing! Impressive "real-world" detail. I'm looking forward to a CVG - ICN flight in that dirty old gal!
  9. Yes please! I am very familiar with TeamViewer. And have the time as well. Would you like to speak first?
  10. I appreciate that, and your efforts to help me sort through this. Not even sure what Game Mode is but I've always run P3D in Windows 10 in its normal mode without difficulty.
  11. OK. I attempted that. All the installers flashed briefly on the screen, for a fraction of a second each. Retired it with no change. So I attempted first to repair SODE then remove and reinstall it. Still no change. P3D is showing as running in Process Explorer as is SODE but nothing shows.
  12. Thanks again. Done as suggested. Upon restarting, before I was able to enter my Windows PIN, Prepar3D apparently attempted to start as it informed me of the need for at least a 1024 x 768 resolution in a dialog box. I then entered my PIN and Windows completed its bootup. I opened Process Explorer and either P3D or SODE hadn't started but I attempted to run P3D and after its startup splash screen...nothing. It and SODE showed in Process Explorer but otherwise same as before.