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    Airline pilot, typed in Airbus 320, Boeing 747-400, 757, 767, DC-10, MD-11, numerous business jets. A -400/-8 F/O for three years, upgraded to Captain in the 767 in March 2017.

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  1. FLHXRider

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Agreed! To all those who expressed their "disappointment," remember that PMDG is under no obligation to satisfy anyone else's expectations. I participate in a VA but I'm looking forward to trying out this new feature, as well as the new airframes that are forthcoming.
  2. FLHXRider

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Correct. We discontinued that service a short time ago.
  3. Hugely impressive and it brings the time you're investing in this model's development into focus. Can't wait to fly her!
  4. FLHXRider

    Lost in Space!

    I wonder which version of FSUIPC they're up to by then!
  5. So I've just started watching "Lost in Space" on Netflix. Very entertaining and an interesting reboot.
  6. Thanks! Took an online chat and an update to some USB drivers and Oculus' drivers to get it sorted out.
  7. FLHXRider

    744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    As long as Atlas didn't drop the globe you're good...
  8. Thanks for the advice! Now if I can just get the hand controllers to be sensed consistently...
  9. FLHXRider

    Identifying NAVAIDs not working...?

    Lo and behold, the ID worked perfectly for both the localizer and DME. So it must have something to do with the default aircraft I tried it with. Good to know...
  10. FLHXRider

    Identifying NAVAIDs not working...?

    Feel free to look at either of the panel pictures I linked. It seemed pretty straightforward. By either pulling the IDENT knob or pressing the NAV1 or NAV2 switch on the audio the same thing is accomplished. There don't appear to be any switches or knobs to select a speaker on as you'd find in an aircraft so equipped. I will position the -400 on the runway and see if I get a different result and advise.
  11. FLHXRider

    Identifying NAVAIDs not working...?

    Yes. I know it is hard to see on the first image. Next time I won't resize it. But they were set to IBUL (110.9) in NAV1 and DHP (113.9) on NAV2.
  12. FLHXRider

    Identifying NAVAIDs not working...?

    Everything is set properly in the 'Sounds' submenu. I hear all other associated sounds (engine, wind, warnings, etc.) I chose a different aircraft (the Maule) and airport/runway (KJAX runway 8). I have the localizer tuned in NAV1 and CRG VOR tuned in NAV2. CDIs are centered and IDENT buttons pulled. Still no identifier... https://imgur.com/a/yVwTMub
  13. FLHXRider

    Identifying NAVAIDs not working...?

    Gents, the aircraft depicted is the Mooney Bravo which is included with P3Dv4. The picture doesn't show particularly well even when zoomed in that the IDENT knob is pulled but on the audio panel at the top of the radio stack the "NAV1" and "NAV2" buttons are illuminated green. Pressing them in this installation accomplishes the same thing. The knob cannot be rotated; it's in or out. That's the only adjustment. I attempted it in different aircraft as well with the same result. This is the LatinVFR KMIA scenery and not the stock. I wonder if that is a factor. Both DHP and the localizer are working and giving proper sensing.
  14. So since upgrading from the right seat of the 747 to the left seat of the 767 I have got into the habit of listening to the Morse code identifier for whatever NAVAID is relevant on any approach, especially as it is company policy. When I tune a localizer or VOR within Prepar3D, however, though I am receiving whatever I have tuned I am not able to hear the identifier. Having just set up the new system and having had non-functioning ILS problems in both FSX:SE on my laptop and P3Dv4 on my soon-to-be-retired older gaming desktop I wanted to ensure that they were functioning in the new installation. I positioned a default aircraft on the runway centerline (of KMIA runway 9), tuned both the localizer in NAV1 and an adjacent VOR (DHP) in NAV2, centered CDIs to ensure proper sensing and selected the audio on. Nothing. No Morse code identifiers for either NAVAID. Following is a screenshot showing this. https://imgur.com/a/aga0bcm Any idea what I may be missing?
  15. FLHXRider

    FSDT O'Hare Previews