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  1. Shedding tears and remembering 9/11...

  2. Take it easy flier, don't eat all the cake, hehehehe...
  3. Whoops, it seems I'm gettin' senile, forget what I got in my hangar. The PA A380 I've got, has a VC and a cabin as well. And here's the VC:
  4. Nice review mate! I have this one, but frankly, it has a very serious AP problem. It goes crazy once u activate AP. However, I combined it with Overland a380' panel...works like a charm. Oh yeah, and I have the VC version, never knew there's a virtual cabin model, will check out.
  5. Good to c u here Scott!

  6. It's easy to make a small fortune in aviation. You just start off with a large fortune.

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