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  1. Shedding tears and remembering 9/11...

  2. Thank you! Maltby said they work on FSX in some degree. Glad to hear they're performing well in FSX too.
  3. I once argued with them on their forum, they didn't like it. I was complaining about the faulty autopilot. It goes crazy once activated, ALT hold seems to be totally inoperable, can you use the autopilot? I've merged Overland's panel with PA A380, I'm happy with it that way...
  4. I made a review of these models over to FSN but I removed it...I'm working on a new more in-depth one. Truly the best freewares for FS2004 out there (if u ask me).
  5. I'm a DC-8er too, hehe. Great shot of the ole smoker!
  6. Awww, that's it, super shot of a grandiose Lady! Is it payware? I'm flying David Maltby' one.
  7. Upping pix is one of the best ways of sharing your flight sim adventures with your fellow aviators, and you're good at that, keep on postin'!
  8. Take it easy flier, don't eat all the cake, hehehehe...
  9. A swimming pool would be nice!
  10. I'm using a different panel (CamSim 787' one) and I see this too, I know it's because I've changed the panel, very likely u did the same. I remember POSKY 744' nose landing gear used to...wring if you changed the panel.
  11. Whoops, it seems I'm gettin' senile, forget what I got in my hangar. The PA A380 I've got, has a VC and a cabin as well. And here's the VC:
  12. I'm using CamSim 787' panel. Works very well!
  13. Looks like such a friendly guy! So sad...RIP
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