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  1. Overall, the 2080 super is certainly a step up from the 2080, probably about 10% faster.

    But it's a good idea to wait if you can. I'm waiting and hoping to stretch to the 2080 Ti if the 3000 series brings their prices down a bit.

    I've currently got a 2070, which is actually an excellent card, but I really want to future proof and get the most out of VR if I can, so at least I can also sell that and get a bit back. 

  2. I have FSX & Prepared 4.5, but I haven't used them for a year or two. I just got too disillusioned with all the careful installing of addons, aircraft, scenery, etc, and trying to get them all cooperating together.

    I was not really intending to bother with MSFS2020, as I don't like logging into Microsoft account, syncing my devices, & all the intrusion that seems to go with it. It's not just Microsoft, I feel the same about Facebook and Google - they're all too invasive by far.

    But after seeing so many of the MSFS2020 trailers and screenshots & reading of it's progress, I can't really let it pass. It really does look like an astounding step up. So I begrudgingly signed into Microsoft account, and pre-ordered the Premium Deluxe. 

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  3. That's fair enough, and understood, thanks for the replies, I shall stop worrying and get back to the flying.

    Mind you, some good came of it - I decided to remove the cpu fan and reseat it with some new thermal paste and it does seem to have lowered it's temps by 5+ degrees.

    Thanks again

  4. Prepar3d 4.5 is running ok on my system, most settings are high or even max, and I get around 30fps at even busy airports. If I lower any details, frame rate goes up accordingly.

    But still, I can't help wondering, why both my CPU and my GPU only use around 30% of their maximum.

    I have an Asus Z87K motherboard, i7-4770K cpu, EVGA RTX2070 XC gpu, and 24GB 2133speed ram. 

    Could it be that the ram is too slow or the cpu throttling back due to temperature - (it does often go into the 80s)?

    I don't want to spend hours agonizing over it as it runs ok, but just wondered if anyone can suggest any other reason. 


  5. vololiberista, it is not confusing for you since you already knew the above information - since I did not know, then there certainly was confusion :)

    - media talking about a second runway when there is clearly already one there = confusion for me.


    Many thanks to you, and indeed all of you for the useful information,



  6. Would someone please explain why I keep seeing all this talk about building a second runway at Gatwick - there is no mention of the already present second runway. Is it never used or unused for some other reason? In any case it seems strange that it is never mentioned.






  7. I'm not sure if it is the same problem. For me, MCE works fine from the gate, and usually up to takeoff. Then suddenly the Comm switch stops working and everything freezes including FSX. When I close MCE, FSX then continues working where it left off.

    Anyway, I seem to have fixed it, don't know if this will help you.

    1)I disabled hyperthreading in my bios. So my i7-4770k is now running with 4 cores instead of 8 virtual cores.

    2) I downloaded a small utility called Bill2's process manager. Using this, I set MCE at slightly higher priority than everything else. Since then I have done two flights now without a freeze, so it's early days but one or both of those things seem to have helped, but time will tell.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion Jethro, but then surely that would happen every single time, and would not allow me to run at all, whereas I can fly normally for several minutes at a time? As stated, I have also had the whole lot running perfectly in the past when I have somehow found the 'magical' installation order. But it definitely is worth doing what you say thanks, I will add them to the excluded list to eliminate this as a possibility.

  9. Does anyone else suffer this? I have also had the problem with previous versions & on my old pc, and it would be good to get to the cause of it.

    All starts well, & voice recognition is excellent. I get clearance, pushback, and co-pilot Travis is responding to pretty much 99.9%+ commands. Then, during taxi to the active, or during takeoff, I lose use of my PTT button, it just ceases to work. Then everything freezes, FSX included. But if I close the MCE program, FSX then immediately un-freezes and I can continue the flight. I can then restart MCE, and it works for a while longer before doing the same thing again.


    It has happened before (old pc - different mobo, AMD 960 3ghz quad, 8gb 800mhz ram, HD7950) and I uninstalled MCE plus a few other progs (FSCaptain, UT2, maybe others), then installed in a different order. Eventually I get an install that works very well with zero problem.


    I now have a new system, (i7 4770k, 8gb 2133mhz ram, HD7950) and the same problem.


    It feels like a seizure due to memory or software conflict but I would just like to find out what the best order of installation is as I know it all works perfectly once I hit the right combination.


    Definitely in use when I hit this problem: MCE, UT2, JustFlight A318, FSGlobalX, FSDT KLAS, GSX.

    Also installed but not always being used at the time: FSCaptain, iFly737NG, DBS GPS.


    I'm quite prepared to go through the trial and error process again, but just wondered if FS++ or anyone else might have any shortcut solution? :)





  10. Hi,

    I currently use RC4 and MCE for my voice recognition with ATC, and MCE for my co-pilot.


    I am about to purchase iFly 737NG, and I also like the look of FS2Crew, but every demo video I have seen does not show any voice interaction between the pilot and ATC.


    Can anyone please confirm that I am able to continue using MCE & RC4 for the voice recognition & talking to ATC;

    whilst using FS2Crew for the Co-Pilot & crew, checklists etc ?


    Many thanks



  11. well, so far I've only had chance to try it very briefly (download version), but I am impressed with the basic operation of it, i.e. the voice recognition and the format of the sentences seems to be 'comfortable' and immersive somehow; but not so impressed with the voices (quantity or quality), and it also seems to slow my system down a bit as well, so more testing is needed here.

    I would really like to find some voices that are just a bit better, l don't expect miracles but even RC4 sounds a bit better, and MCE is far superior.


    It would also be good to be able to try a demo of ProATC x to compare, but I don't think there is a demo for that.

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