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  1. More underwater pings heard in hunt for plane: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/A/AS_MALAYSIA_PLANE?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2014-04-08-23-49-23 Prayers for all the families and huge thanks to the searchers, doing their best.
  2. I agree, I do not believe there is any "ops" taking place and as said earlier look how long it took to find Bin Laden. Let us just pray that efforts by any and all involved will provide some clue and perhaps evidence as to what may have happened so that the families can start getting some closure.
  3. I retired a little over 9 years ago. I did have some specific plans and am still implementing some of them. I did travel around the world on a general purpose cargo ship as a paid passenger. 4 1/2 months and 27 ports which meant I finally got to Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwain, China, South Korea and Japan). I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who has the desire, time and money to do it. I then travelled throughout the US visiting family and friends, and have been to 49 of the 50 (Alaska hopefully this year). I worked a number of seasonal jobs and now am working full time again at the San Antonio airport. So I really was retired for about 3 years but had to get back to work to keep my sanity. Before I retired I moved to Texas (no state income tax) and decent weather, so my living location change was made while I still had money!! I do collect a pension and social security. Luckily when I retired I still have health coverage as a retiree as well as Medicare. Visit family and friends as much as possible and when not flying FSX I do a little golf (live on a course). Good luck with the retirement...........VeryBumpy
  4. Facts about the various communications features. What It Means That the Plane Apparently Kept Flying: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/03/todays-malaysia-airlines-370-news-what-it-means-that-the-plane-apparently-kept-flying/284414/
  5. Really appreciate all the feedback. Interesting reading EVEN if I am still confused on the subject as much as ever. I will continue to experiment and keep in mind all of the valuable feedback from everyone. THANKS....
  6. Thanks for the info so far. Just to clarify I was referring to the FSX built in limiter, not any associated directly with the video card. I am an ATI user and not even sure if there is an equivalent setting to the nVidia's. Is there a general belief that setting the FSX limit to 30 will reduce the amount of stutters?
  7. Looking for technical reasons why choose FPS 30 vs. FPS Unlimited. It seems to me that if you set 30 then it will limit data going to either the CPU and/or GPU? Unlimited would not do the check for a limit and perhaps send more data (faster) to the CPU/GPU? What other factors need to be considered in choosing one over the other? ALL comments, ideas, suggestions or advice appreciated.
  8. Wow, I too just purchased Rarotonga, I was hoping that Manila wasn't far behind. As said earlier if it is a family issue, best of luck, and hope we see them back. Their quality is really top shelf.
  9. From the album: KSATRoadWarrior

    Off the coast over the Gulf of Mexico
  10. From the album: KSATRoadWarrior

    Flying the AF Flag at Barksdale
  11. From the album: KSATRoadWarrior

    On way to Barksdale (KBAD) from Kelly (KSKF)
  12. From the album: KSATRoadWarrior

    Paradise in the South Pacific!

    © From Pacific Island simulations.

  13. Randolph AFB - KRND

  14. KA 350 favorite....

  15. US (home country - 49 of 50 states), Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxemborg, Switzerland, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Cook Islands, Columbia, Mexico, Panama
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