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  1. No. If you are only using fair weather (or even moderate weather), there should be no problems. I use FSX's real weather feature which is good enough for me. My suggestion was just a suggestion. I did not know what you had installed or how you were running your flights. It certainly is strange you are getting them and I am not. This "saved flight" feature you are using (I assume the default), have you tried setting up a new flight plan and using that?
  2. Have you read the AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide w/settings for your config and the Nvidia Inspector?
  3. The fact you can fly in other parts of the world is telling and indicating there is an issue with the scenery or the weather or a utility. It tells us it is not FSX or the aircraft is causing the issue. With my current system (see signature for specs), I got several unexplained crashes whenever loading the CS757 at any airport in the world IF the weather was bad. I could also load the QW787 too and it would crash. A PMDG aircraft too. It wasn't the aircraft or the location that was the problem but the weather. The weather had to be bad though. It was while using P3DV4 and ActiveSky for P3DV4. I attributed it to ActiveSky and sent them a trouble ticket. By the time the responded in less than an hour, I remember the CMeteoXml.dll which is always loaded at startup. It is reported this is the weather gauge for Carenado. You do not have to have a Carenado aircraft loaded for this module to load. I disabled it in the dll.xml, ran my scenario again and no more crashes. So I assume this module cannot handle heavy weather. It can with moderate or lite weather but not heavy weather. It will eventually crash your sim or freeze it and provide no other clues. So, if you have this module in your FSX directory and/or the dll.xml, please disable it and see if this fixes the problem. Thanks for your Holiday wishes. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to you too. It a fun time of the year to celebrate!
  4. I did fly the route in the PMDG 737 - 179 miles. No issues whatsoever. Used real weather as I did not activate my Active Sky software. Landing on Runway 6 was a little scary as I had a tail wind and it tried to push me down the runway faster. After landing, it was unbelievable watching all the snow blow across the runway and during taxi. Used default scenery with normal autogen. FPS were well over 60 most of the flight and near 100 at landing. I think you have something that is not compatible with FSX and/or the saved flight is corrupted in some way. Update: Just looked at the California Classic Propliners website - http://www.calclassic.com/ and they say you might need to replace the props if you are using FSX SP2 or later.
  5. If I find time, I will try the flight from PABR to PASC. I do not save flights though so it would be hard to duplicate as there is a possibility an issue with your saved flights.
  6. Jim Young

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    I was getting the "blurries" with MSE and turned off HT and the scenery is now crisp and clear. Have a feeling it is related to my i7 8086K CPU with all cores overclocked to 5.0GHz. If I can find a way to get rid of the blurries (even though my setting are not all maxed out), then I will turn it off. I really do not think HT is required for modern CPU's. At least that is some of the reading I have seen on the Internet. It is old tech.
  7. Jim Young

    My P3D hanged.

    Stay away from the shades. Use P3D's built in shading. Active Sky Cloud Art does not look good with HDR off but, if you turn it on during a flight, it looks amazing. Think they developed it with HDR only. I don't really care for HDR sometimes as the clouds look too white or unrealistic sometimes.
  8. Jim Young

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    KBUR - Bob Hope Airport. Aerosoft has it in US Cities - Los Angeles but needs updating. If I can't get that, an update to my CS757 for P3DV4.
  9. Oh.... Never liked the Doctor. Only Vulcan's. I hope my age was not divulged in the making of that post.
  10. Where is it in your scenery.cfg? At the top or, did you put the airport bgl into the Addon Scenery folder?
  11. I know that is probably what happened (and it actually did happen) but, I'm like Dr. Spock and it just did not sound logical to me. And, if not logical, then it could not happen.
  12. I know the FSUIPC utility autosave feature caused this for many. Turning it off fixed it for them (not a default feature so you had to turn it on if you have the fsuipc utility). I have a feeling that something in the saved flight is the issue.
  13. So you had an AppCrash. Those are hard to diagnose as they give no clue to what module might have caused the crash. The AVSIM CTD Guide provides guidance for investigating your crash and the solution is there (i.e., there is a problem with an entry in the fsx.cfg, the dll.xml or scenery.cfg). Page 33 provides some suggestions I found on the Internet that fixed the problem for others. How can FSX crash 3 times in one session. I thought, once the app crashes, you have to start it up again.
  14. Jim Young

    My P3D hanged.

    Uninstall P3D Client; Install P3D Client 4.4; Uninstall Content; Install Content 4.4; Uninstall Scenery; Install Scenery 4.4. It should not affect any of Orbx/FTX products if you have moved them to the Lorby-Si Addon Manger. I would back up your Scenery.cfg just in case. Also, Orbx places several elevation files in Scenery/World/Scenery. I doubt they will be overwritten but you might want to backup. Do like I always do. I just click on the P3DV4 folder and move it to a temporary directory in case I need any of the files afterwards. But the scenery.cfg is in the c:/ directory and I would back that up. No other files will be touched and you should be able to start up P3DV4 and have no issues. The installs were made so you don't have to reinstall all of your addons everytime there is an update.
  15. Jim Young

    My P3D hanged.

    You certainly have a computer system that can handle about anything (except missing a waypoint or other reason why you lost ATC).