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  1. Jim Young

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    I feel your pain. It took me a year or longer to learn the Flight Management System (FMS) for the Level-D 767. You learn that and the rest is fairly easy. The QW787 and 757 have the same type of FMS. You program the FMS and you have most of the battle won. QW has tutorials and you should only be using the tutorials until you have it all figured out. There are many videos on the Internet too from the community that teach you how to program the FMS and setup the rest of the aircraft for takeoff and landing. The manuals are usually worthless (at least for me) as they are filled with so much information they become boring. The QW Manual for the 787 is over 400 pages long. But it is good to check out things that might be confusing like, starting it up, lowering the flaps, turning on the lights, turning on the air-conditioner, etc. The meat of learning is in the tutorials and the videos of others going through the process of setting an aircraft up, taking off, and then landing. I own the QW 787 and think it is their best effort and it will only get better! I personally would not recommend another aircraft (heavy) until you learn the 757 though. But I do like the PMDG 777 a lot! The engine sounds, the feeling of being in something really big, the performance, are the things I like.
  2. Jim Young

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    Of course! Just like every add-on aircraft I have purchased. This is what flight simulation is all about. To learn and learn from past mistakes. You just don't jump in an aircraft like I do and not read the manual (still have not read the manual). Fortunately, only the virtual passengers suffer (and my ego as I crashed on landing). Today, like in other aircraft, I took special care my descent stayed with in the parameters, monitored the FMC Legs, and took necessary action when it started to deviate. I personally think there's more damage done with all of these reports of an issue here, an issue there, and everyone beta testing things. But beta testing is part of the learning process too. Just think it is taken to extremes sometimes. It is important to report these "issues" though but wish it could be at the respective developer's forums. I think other aircraft have many of the same issues especially the one about starting the descent issue. This is a tough hobby for FS developers! There is never an end to issues because what works well for people like me, does not work well for others. IMHO, Captain Sim has provided many members of the flight simulation community a lot of entertainment and enjoyment over the years. Are they perfect? Are 'you' perfect? I apologize for ranting on a soapbox... Uh no! A troublemaker? (Just joking!)
  3. Jim Young

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    I'm not as particular as you guys so glad they released it as it could be years before all the issues are fixed to everyone's satisfaction. For me, one of my favorite aircraft. I just completed a flight from KLAX to KSFO and had a perfect landing on 28L. In the past I have come in short of the runway and crashed but today it was perfect.
  4. This is the first time I have heard of a crash from LAX to SEA. So, if you fly out of Portland to SEA, there is no problem? I cannot see how a flight from LAX to SEA would create the issue and a flight from Portland to SEA would not. If you didn't have a 64 bit app, I would suspect an out of VAS error but that's impossible with 64-bit apps. I have all of the products you have installed and have had no issues. What AI program do you have installed? Since you did not get a crash report or anything in the Event Viewer, an AppHang usually is caused by a call by the application for an object on the ground or in the air and the sim cannot find it or it is incompatible. Do you have Autosave turned on via the FSUIPC? You can also run Process Monitor (see page 18, AVSIM CTD Guide). I would pause the flight just before you think the crash will occur (at FL 220?), open up Process Monitor and set it up to show only the P3DV4 process. Then, when you see the icon spinning, you can go the the Process Monitor and look at what was loading by starting about a minute or two before the crash. If it is SeattleX, then you know it is probably at fault. Still, photographic scenery from around the world loads even if you are landing at KSEA and there could be an issue there too.
  5. Jim Young

    Hi all!

    Is this it? You need to be logged into the AVSIM Library to see. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=klas&CatID=root&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=4
  6. Soliciting of money from our members is prohibited per the AVSIM Terms of Service in the forums. So any discussions would have to be made via PM's.
  7. Jim Young

    FSFX Packages 747 issue

    Thanks David. Making correction.
  8. Jim Young

    FSFX Packages 747 issue

    You should post your question in the OldProp support forums (formerly FSFX Packages) hosted here at AVSIM in the 747 Immersion Support Forum.
  9. Jim Young

    Sky Simulations MD-11 For FSX and P3D

    I made the change to the article as it appears Sky Simulation news story is wrong and indicated it was for FS9 and FSX. But on Simmarket where it is on sale it indicates it is available for FSX and P3D.
  10. Jim Young

    How calculate fuel for Feelthere Phenom 100?

    I agree Steve but, in flight simulation, nothing is real and everything is simulated. So, whether using simulated figures or real ones really makes little difference IMHO.
  11. Jim Young

    How calculate fuel for Feelthere Phenom 100?

    The forum has now been locked and moved to Other Forums. Members can still read the topics and posts but cannot respond or add new posts/topics.
  12. Jim Young

    How calculate fuel for Feelthere Phenom 100?

    Missed that. I thought I had closed the forum as members would be better off posting in the applicable simulator forum. It is not used as much as it use to be back in the "olden" days. Thanks for the correction.
  13. I suspect this is an addon you found on the Internet or in the AVSIM Library? Like - https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=mission&CatID=fsxmsn&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=3 (must be signed into the Library to view the search results). FSX is an old program and some of the developers who created these add-ons are no longer interested in flight simulation, are no longer with us, have changed e-mail addresses many times since posting the add-on, etc. I do not know how to help you other than to make sure the mission you installed is located in the Mission folder for FSX.
  14. Jim Young

    How calculate fuel for Feelthere Phenom 100?

    We don't have a Feelthere support forum yet so I will try to answer. Whenever I have questions like how to calculate fuel consumption, etc., I do like you did and Google the question and look for responses from sites that have the real aircraft. You did well by conducting a Google search. There are a lot more fuel consumption requirements to consider that just the amount of fuel, cargo weights, passenger weights, etc. You also have to consider the weather, the direction of the winds, temperatures, etc., as that can eat up fuel too. Generally, for short distance flights (1000 nm or less), I always make sure the tanks are at 50%. If going long distance and, especially going over large bodies of water, I will fill the tanks to the max. Never know what you are going to run into when you are in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific. As a suggestion, AVSIM hosts the Phenom 100 forums for the Carenado version and you might get some valuable information there too. I'm sure there are similar questions. A Phenom 100 is a Phenom 100 no matter the FS developer. AVSIM has an excellent review of the aircraft by RayMar too that should give you more valuable information - https://www.avsim.com/home/reviews/aircraft/phenom-100-r1377/. Enjoy! Best regards, Jim
  15. Jim Young

    Hi all!

    AVSIM offers a lot for those interested in Flight Simulation. If you have any questions, ask them here or in any of the many forums available to the community. I'm glad you at least found this forum for our new members. A good place to get your feet wet! We have about every flight simulator covered. What's your favorite? Welcome to AVSIM! Best regards, Jim