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  1. On 12/8/2018 at 9:18 AM, fuchsia21 said:

    Why does my FSX crash when I turn on Preview DirectX 10? 

    I agree you should post in the CTD or DX10 Forum with more details.  If you have an add-on aircraft or scenery NOT compatible with DX10, that might create a crash but there are many other factors that need to be looked at.  If you post in the CTD Forum, try to give us a Event Viewer report about the crash or use the AppCrashView App.

  2. 7 hours ago, Almedin said:

    I have about 19-27 FPS in Cockpit in my PMDG 747 is that normal for my system?

    I would say it is normal.  Anything over 15 fps in FSX and with an add-on like the PMDG 747 is great.  I know everyone would like to have fps steady at 30 fps or higher but that is the exception with FSX.  I have FSX installed on my system (i7-7700K OC to 4.5GHz; GTX 1080TI) and have problems maintaining fps above 30.  For that reason I have only installed the PMDG 737 as I know the 777 and 747 are resource intensive and will not allow me to enjoy my flight experience.  I also have the P3Dv4.2 and use it for my more resource intensive add-ons.  For you system I would lock the FPS at 24 (believe me the flight will be smooth but graphics will not immediately render but this is NORMAL as FSX uses the CPU to run things rather than the GPU).  If you had an application that was programmed to let a sim render textures using the GPU and the CPU to do everything else, you would have an exceptional flight experience with textures rendering almost immediately.

  3. On 1/7/2018 at 12:59 PM, Dio said:

    Although i followed your instructions regarding FSX settings, especially with PMDG 744 my FPS are between 13-29. Do i miss something or is it normal for my hardware?

    Your system is NOT capable of running FSX with high settings.  If you used my suggestions (fsx.cfg and Nvidia Inspector), your fps will not be high and you may have to lock your FPS to gain smoothness.  You could probably lock your FPS around 25 and have good graphics and an enjoyable flight.  When FSX was first released in 2006, members were extremely happy if their fps exceeded 15 fps and most stayed in the 5-15 fps range but ONLY when they added add-ons.  With your system you can get over 300 fps with the default aircraft and scenery and fsx.cfg settings.  It starts getting bad when installing just one addon and worse when you install two or more.  If you can get a consistent 20 - 25 fps with many add-ons, you are doing well in configuring FSX!

  4. On 12/16/2017 at 5:18 PM, Dio said:

    Hi there, i don't know if it helps but i have noticed that in Windows 10 64 bit the amount of memory for 32bit apps is been reduced compared with Windows 7 (needed near 3.1 Gb of memory to crash "OOM error"). Now crashes around 2.5Gb 2.6Gb.



    Apologize for late response but Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10 provide up to 4GB's of Virtual Address Space for each application.  FSX and P3Dv3 and less, use more than normal because of all of the add-ons.  If your sim is crashing around 2.5 - 2.6GB's then you have a problem with an add-on, not VAS.  For instance, if you have a product not fully compatible with FSX or DX10, it will cause the sim to crash no matter how much VAS you have remaining.


  5. 4 minutes ago, trisho0 said:

    Is it OK to use [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 on FSX.cfg?

    What would be the advantage?  If you start up FSX and while it is loading, click on your Windows key + R, type in Resmon, and then look at the Resource Monitor and check the box next to FSX.exe (leave all others unchecked), then click on the CPU tab and look over to the right and you will see everyone of your 8 cores is running at 100%.  Can't get any better than that! 

    There have been many CTD's with this "tweak" in the fsx.cfg.  Back in the duo-core days and previous versions of Windows, this tweak might have helped as only one core was running.  Now they are all running.  Cool stuff!

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  6. On 7/19/2015 at 4:31 PM, Jammerjonn said:

    Is the FSX Steam version able to run in a multi core mode? I know the box version does not. Thanks

    No.  Some use the AffinityMask tweak to try to make this happen but we do not recommend that with the powerful computer systems of today.

    Best regards,


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  7. On 8/27/2017 at 0:38 AM, madfred said:


    We do not recommend anything lower than 20.

    If you have a very modern overclocked system (an Intel i7 or AMD comparable), we recommend setting this parameter to 0 (unlimited).

    So, if 20 is the lowest setting recommended, then why recommend a setting of "0" a few sentences further?

    Thanks for your comments.  When you first install FSX, the default is 24 or 25 fps.  Most have been successful at 30 fps so why we recommend that.  For unlimited FPS (100 FPS or higher), the parameter is 0 in the FSX.cfg.  I suppose I took for granted that everyone knew about FPS and the parameter settings in the FSX.cfg.  I have had my FPS as low as 20 but, at one time, when FSX was first released, it was very difficult to get FPS over 15 and many lived with FPS around 10 to 15.  So computer performance has increased considerably. 

    Texture_Bandwidth_Multi=40 is the default for most settings but many push this up to as high as 120 which which we do not recommend.  What I was saying, keep this setting at 40 but, if you raise it as many websites and supposedly "experts" recommend, do not raise it any higher than 120 as it will tax your system.  You may think at 120, it makes things look great but that is in one area.  Move to another area or a different commercial scenery add-on and your textures may be struggling.  It is something that one can play with to see how it looks on their system.

    What I like about your questions is the fact you took the time to see these "contradictions" and did not just scan over the information and that's good.  But they are not contradictions.  Just my miserable way of communicating.  I think, if you look around the Internet, you'll see similar comments as I have made in the guide.  You also have to understand the settings recommended in the AVSIM Guide are "Basic".  I just wanted something where new members or those who just took up the flight simulation hobby could set up their systems and get up and running much faster with the guide. 

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Best regards,


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