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  1. Hi guys, I've been wanting to build an A320 home cockpit for some time now, but I'm on a very strict budget. Is it possible to build an A320 cockpit similar to a Jetmax system? This is pretty much what I would need: PFD ND ECAM Mini-overhead (http://www.fscockpit.eu/shopfsc/index.php?lange=2) EFIS + Master Caution+Master Warning Panel (Capt. Side) FCU and whatever else is on the captain's side of the MIP. How would I be able to do this? I'm not very crafty or tech-savvy when it comes to hardware. It doesn't have to be an EXACT replica, meaning I don't need the exact thrust levers or joystick (I'm using my Saitek throttles and my Logitech joystick) or any extras, like a pull out table. I just want it to be looking + working almost identically to a full size A320 sim. Thanks!
  2. hayhay7789

    How do I build a 737 Home Cockpit?

    Thanks everybody :lol: Settling on a JetMax 737-SK. In my price range and is exactly what I need. Maybe I'll buy the throttle quadrant later, for now I'll just buy some 737 levers for the Saitek quadrant from this cool guy. --> (http://flightsimpm.webs.com/apps/webstore/) I cannot believe how much replies I have gotten over a period of only two days. Amazing! Thank you all!
  3. hayhay7789

    How do I build a 737 Home Cockpit?

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for all your help! I have a pretty good idea where I can buy my products now I have two questions, however. 1. I am considering buying the MIP 2.0 Bundle from Flightdeck Solutions but the pictures do not show an MCP (mode control panel). Would buying a Cpflight 737MCP work with the Flightdeck panel? (would it fit properly, etc) 2. Does it all hook up by USB? If not, how does it hook up to my computer? If so, will all the USB devices affect my FSX FPS? Remember, I am running on a laptop. A very nice laptop, but not the best for FSX. I can't go out and buy a new laptop. My laptop is for college. Thanks again :lol: You have just made my goal a little bit easier. Hayhay7789
  4. Hey everyone. I just got a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System and so far it is great. Now I have this message stuck in my subconscious: Build a 737 Home Cockpit. Just do it. Okay, sounds simple enough. Not. :( I have looked EVERYWHERE I can think of to find ways to build this that will make sense to me (YouTube, Google, Yahoo) and I just can't find any websites that give me a simple way to build the 737-800's cockpit in my basement. This is how I want to build my cockpit: I want to buy it piece by piece but I do not want to have to buy EVERY SINGLE SWITCH ONE AT A TIME. That may have been a bit confusing. Basically, I want to buy the complete front panel, then some more displays, then the complete throttle quadrant, then the complete overhead panel, then the complete pedestal. But even if I find a place to buy all those things, I may have another problem. My computer. My computer is a Mid-2010 13-inch MacBook. 2.4 GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD. I play FSX on BootCamp. It runs all my add-ons (GEX, REX, UTX, PMDG 737) with decent FPS. However, I am a bit worried about connecting everything to my computer. On my computer, I have one Ethernet port, one Mini DisplayPort (display connections), two USB ports, and one headphone jack. To sum it up: 1. Where can I buy complete, plug-and-play parts of the cockpit? (e.g. buy the complete front panel, the complete throttle quadrant, the complete overhead panel etc.) 2. How would I connect everything to my computer? USB hubs may help, but what about displays? Would I be able to keep a steady frame rate? Giving me a little bit of a tutorial would be extremely helpful :lol: Sorry if that was all a little confusing. Thanks everyone! -hayhay7789 B)
  5. hayhay7789

    FsPassengers X with the PMDG 737NGX?

    Do you know any alternatives? I really like carrying passengers around
  6. Hey Flight simmers. Seeing as I've almost solved my OOM issue with the PMDG 737NGX this thought came to mind. I bought FsPassengersX a while ago and I tried to use it with the PMDG. After about a couple seconds: Fatal error. I followed the guide shown at http://www.fspassengers.com/forum/read.php?f=2&i=30169&t=30169 but I couldn't get ahold of Brian York so the guide was only partly helpful. I need ways on how to get FsPassengersX working with the PMDG and preferably with the Mini Display active. Thanks, and have fun simming!