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  1. hello,


    This a TV show about a 15 year old boy being addicted to Flight Simulator.


    Here he refuses to say welcome to his sister (who he didn't see since 3 weeks) because he is landing:



    then his grandpa comes and his also angry about it.


    and here you can see his flight teacher forbidding him to play flight simulator, because he thinks he is to much concentrated in the instruments and not outside:



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  2. Hello


    I saved a flight in the middle of pacific ocean (VHHH KSFO), i loaded it today and the vnav was no more working (impossible to reactivate it (all vnav data was gone)) and i have OOM when i click on some buttons


    now i have to make the whole flight again


    am i the only to have this issue ?

  3. Hi

    I started to use ENB series today, and i noticed that when i go to menus, change weather, time etc all that stuff i get a CTD, and also when i do alt+enter


    I am making fsx videos so i am always changing stuff in the menu, changing window size etc ... and it's quiet annoying because all of this are causing CTD with ENB series.


    Do you know how can i fix that ? sorry for my english

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