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  1. personnally i am waiting for this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1584821767/civitas-plan-develop-and-manage-the-city-of-your-d
  2. 80 euros for this crap i just can't believe this, it costs more than the ngx and some people gonna buy this, its really sad. http://www.flytampa.org/vhhx.html You can get this for 26 euros and it's 100000X times better
  3. i don't know if it was updated or not but it was released with this rudder. looks like it is still not fixed in 2010: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3006622/Abacus_787.html
  4. X plane 10 most realistic flight simulator ????? you're joking right ? x plane 10: cities with ugly shimmering autogens, with no ground textures no good atc no good weather horrific wheel and brake sounds on ground X plane 10 smooth ? not at all, go to paris or new york you'll have around 20-25 fps, 15 fps if HDR ON, or maxed traffic. of course if you watch the sky you'll get 100 fps
  5. you call this hard work ? they don't even know what is a rudder. everybody here can make what they did with less than 1 month of training in 3d modellng.
  6. a pure beauty and it costs only 30 dollars! i'll never buy a pmdg again
  7. http://www.a350xwb.com/#x-tra/360-cockpit-view/
  8. i am in the same situation as you i5 3570K 4.5 gtx 660, set road to siberian and desactivate HDR you'll go up to around 24-25 fps maybe ...
  9. i call this micro innovation, it's almost the same why all planes are looking the same ?? why aren't they trying to make different things like the concorde
  10. x plane is not the king of smoothest even in 64 bits, i know all people here have GTX680 and GTX690 so they aren't aware, but with my GTX660 i can drop to 24-25 fps in high density areas withouth HDR and if i max everything i even get CTD at KJFK.
  11. hi which is the best ? cls or wilco ? i know they are both not very good at all but i have no choice
  12. you're right there is no unnecessary stuff but there is still lack of some necessarry stuff like the VNAV, and they have to fix that horrible descent ...
  13. Hi, i have 2x SGSS, anisotropic filtering, negative lod bias set to clamp, but i still have flickering in almost all bridges, and some part of sceneries, like lamps at KSFO do you know how can i fix that ? i have 306,97 nvidia drivers. thanks
  14. Ok i just figured out how it works in FSC9 if W is more than 10000: 5430N 10000W = 54N00 in FSC9 and FMC if W is less than 10000: 5930N 9000W = 5990N 6200N 8000W = 6280N etc ...
  15. Thanks it works but FSC9 doesnt show things like "5930N9000W" they are just direct routes between VLN ALSAK KENKI BALIX , but no coordinates. Which route do i have to put in PMDG 747 FMC, the flightaware route ? your route ?
  16. hi i have a problem with flightaware routes, for example i want to do this flight: http://fr.flightawar...0510Z/KSFO/EDDM SFO SAC J32 FMG KU72M PIH BIL VLN 5430N 10000W 5930N 9000W 6200N 8000W ALSAK KENKI 6500N 6000W 6500N 5000W 6500N 4000W 6400N 3000W 6200N 2000W BALIX UP59 NINEX UP59 NEXUS UM90 LONAM UL7 PAM UP62 TEBRO UL603 TESGA UZ729 BOMBI T104 BURAM When i copy this route in FSC9 it shows me this weird route: What's wrong ? It makes me that for every route on flightaware
  17. What is your motherboard arrow ? Directx 10 works with my gtx 660.
  18. Why not put a WX radar just for eye candy Tabs ? I don't care if it's accurate or not. (like majority of peoople i suppose)
  19. Yes you need the latest alpha version to get it: http://www.fs-record....php?f=14&t=776 If you want to use the option which makes the video smooth it will take a lot of time, so you should use it for short videos. (3 min of flight took me about 20 minutes to render)
  20. fsrecorder has a video rendering option which records video, so no need fraps or other stuff. plus, with the fsrecorder video rendering option you can make very SMOOTH videos, i mean if in your FSX you play at 5 FPS, the rendered video will be 25 FPS (or + if you want) but it will take a LOT of time for render.
  21. mgh how the hell are you getting 50 FPS in FSX with integrated INTEL graphics ? and 122 FPS with a GT520 ? I just can't believe this !!!!
  22. The "1.1" that you see in GPU-Z is a variable, you'll notice that if you open a game or a render test it will go up to 3.0 By setting Gen3 you are fixing it at 3.0, so more electric consumption
  23. hi I bought a new rig 4 months ago and i got massive problems in FSX and other games ( x plane ...), i got spikes and low FPS with DX9 so i was obligate to play with DX10. Yesterday i just realised that all of that was because i placed my gpu in a PCIE 16 2.0 slot whereas i have also 3.0 slot i just moved my gpu (gtx 660) to the 3.0 slot and... 30 FPS at paris CDG with NGX instead of 10 ! NO SPIKES, smooth and i am using 1/2 vsync which is limiting my FPS maybe i can get more !! well, i know people are not stupid as me but who knows, check your PCIE slot if you are experiencing weird problems with your new rig ! you should absolutely use the 3.0 if you have ivy bridge because ivy bridge proc use 3.0 to, you will be GPU limited.
  24. Yes leave me, no need to hear obvious stuff. If you want to help say me something never mentioned on Word Not Allowed guide and other well known guides.
  25. I'am not stupid i know all tweaks and i have experience I was using locked FPS (AT 30), water at high 2X, pre rendered frames at 1 i tried hundreds of stuff, it just doesn't working, my sim is full of flickering with DX9 and poolsize=0 this happens since i upgraded my W7 home edition to ultimate and nvidia driver 306 to 310 i reinstalled W7 ultimate 3 times, and tried to come back to 306 with different methods and still flickering. last thing i can do is to come back to W7 home edition but i don't have time and i am good with directx 10. (my specs: i5 3570K 4,5 ghz + gtx 660)
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