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  1. you are wrong, you are just lucky, FSX is all about LUCK nothing else more than 70% of simmers plays the game between 25 and 30 FPS, and 30% of lucky simmers like you who can have more FPS. And what is your FPS in the NGX cockpit in a mega scenery airport ? Because i can also get around 50-70 FPS when looking outside with unlimited FPS with a GA plane over mountains... and, poolsize=0 is also about luck, i have gtx 660 and it does not work for me (and it used to work before...), my game is full of flickering (with DX9) so i have to use DX10
  2. Wow this so dangerous, if the guy who is standing front of the plane moves a few meters to left or right, he's going to be aspirated by the engine
  3. You should ask help to Umberto(fsdreamteam) he succeeded to make his airports dx10 compatible. I don't know if competitors help each other but maybe he'll explain you a litte bit.
  4. If you can't get rid of artifacts even with high 2x water and pre rendered frames=1, try to switch Directx10 by following this guide: https://dl.dropbox.c.../DX10 Notes.pdf The only problem is that some addon airports will not totally work. You'll get some more FPS and get rid of artifacts. But Directx10 is not the best solution, for example 15 fps in Directx9 is more smooth than 15 fps in DX10, and antialiasing is better in DX9. I use Directx10 because DX9 does not work, i have artifacts everywhere with it.
  5. Yes it's different, NickN's guide is outdated. Word Not Allowed's guide is the best for high end systems.
  6. Did you try Word Not Allowed's guide ? http://#####...hardware-guide/ If not, you should try it.
  7. We are in DX10 forums settings are different (i have gtx 660)
  8. hi i use these settings: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bp0r8nftpr3n9lb/GuiejqcbCf#f:4xSGSS%2B4xS%2BFXAA.jpg And clouds, even with 1024 resolution and DXT5 optimized are killing my gpu and FPS. I can go 30 to 24-25 fps with broken clouds and 20-22 with overcast + some broken layers. And when i am passing IN the clouds i go below 20. But when i am at high altitude they don't affect my fps too much. (except if there are 2 layers of overcast ...) Do you know how to desactivate clouds antialiasing and keep it for other objects ?
  9. it happens on DX9 ? didnt know that maybe its because steve shader fix ?
  10. When i switch on my landing lights while crusing they are appaearing/disappearing, no problem with contrails. But when i switch it off, contrails have the same problem .. 2 of 4 contrails are appearing/disappearing. Looks like the game need absolutely 1 effect which appears/disappears on the screen
  11. I have 8gb 1600mhz ram + the screen of my settings was not taked in KJFK, in KJFK, just after i started the flight i have 800, not 1.2.
  12. I turned down to the siberia setting and roads. I have 30fps in the same view now, 60 FPS in the view with less autogen. But i had again a CTD with autogen at "extremely" so i set it down too. (at 'too many') Now i have between 30 and 60 FPS over new york. The grass texture between these autogens looks ugly and unrealistic ... i think photoscenery is necessary in all x plane cities ... i am gonna try to OC my gpu tomorrow because my max temps are too low
  13. Clouds aren't a problem since i installed new drivers. Over the ocean, i can get 47 fps even with 100% clouds, 45% i have 60-70 The only problem is autogen ! I'll try your advices and reduce somee stuff ... but people say that they have constant 60 fps everywhere with 64 bit everything maxed so i don't understand ...
  14. i5 3570k 4.5ghz and gtx 660 ssd and 1to hdd, 500w 80+ bronze pwr supply
  15. it changes nothing, still bad frames in cities and autogen flickers at far... autogen are really rendered ugly and overkill my gpu i don't understand why the most weird things always happens to me ...
  16. hi first sorry for the english i am quiet new on x plane, i got it few weeks ago but i don't play it because of performance issues, see my last topic here : http://forum.avsim.n...new-on-x-plane/ as you see i am saying that i get very low frames with clouds, but something weird (but good) happened when i tried again the game this week, clouds were not causing any performance issues now, i had 140 fps on ocean 60-80 fps on continents. The only thing different compared before is that i am using new nvidia drivers (313,96) but my issues are not completely resolved: scenery objects and autogens are overkilling my gpu (=gtx660) i don't know why, my gpu max temps are only 54 on x plane, in other games it can go up to 61-65. (it goes up 61 even with fsx clouds) For example in KJFK new york, when i start the flight, i have between 30-40 fps when looking to the direction with the less autogen. When i look to manhattan direction i have less than 20 FPS ! and ... when i take off the plane i always get a ... CTD ! yes i am not lying a CTD on 64 bit ! It only happens in KJFK here some pics: When game is not running: At KJFK: MY settings: I also have flickering/shimmering with autogens
  17. looks like you know very well about pirated pmdg products ...
  18. hi which brings you more PLEASURE ? flying in real life or in virtual life thanks
  19. I think it's possible, but i don't know how. There is a link between bgl files and textures, i said you to remove BGL because if you remove textures instead of bgl ( i tried) all texture you remove will be replaced by black squares. So maybe we should reinstall the removed BGLs, and replace the textures by a texture who works in DX10 Or make an other BGL file, i have no idea how to do. I am sure that a person with a little knowledge of scenery building can do that.
  20. Read my first message, go to your addonscenery/flytampadubai/scenery erase all XXXXlights or XXXXpapy BGL files.
  21. well i tried and still get big red squares at flytampa dubai, does it works for you ? i don't understand why night nextures and papy aren't working, the textures are DDS format right ? why DX10 can't display it ?
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