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  1. nobody knows ? there is a screen if you didn't understand my question: I want my route BBOGG to BENN instead of the vector, how can i do this ?
  2. v2.2.2, i don't get this issue in default airports this is not for default airports but for ADDON SCENERY, for example flytampa dubai where i used to get big red squares instead of PAPY lights so i just erased papy bgl
  3. well my system does not work with DX9, its unstable and full of flickering. so i have no choice, i switch DX10, and i am good with my system is enough to run DX9 normally (gtx 660, i5 3570k 4.5ghz) but i think i have a software issue ... it used to work a few months ago ... I tried to fix several times then i discovered DX10
  4. i've find a solution: go to the scenery folder of your addon scenery, find XXXlight or XXXpapy bgl's, and just erase them the only problem is that there will be no PAPY in your airport.
  5. it's with the ngx FMC, but i think its the same with all other fmc ...
  6. They should do San Diego in my opinion, with all city autogens like flytampa did for dubai or hong kong. There is no san diego scenery for FSX and its a very nice place to land with the ngx
  7. hi for example i have this: STAR -> Vector Direct -> A I want my route continue to A after the STAR and not a vector .... If i put the A where "Vector" is, all my star is erased and i have a direct route to A. so how can i change this with keeping the star ? thanks
  8. Hi, i have a little problem, sometimes my landing lights are flashing, and it also happens with jet smokes but i noticed a weird think when i was cruising: if i switch on landing lights, they are flashing, but not the jet smokes. if i switch it off, jet smokes are flashing this also happens in some sceneries runways lights, like aerosoft eddm.
  9. hi some of my autogens (factory, nuclear power plants etc...) are flickering, it looks like there is double texture on it and both trying to load for example it happens at the nuclear power plant near of Paris CDG, it's very annoying. is there a way to fix this ? thanks
  10. not necessarily payware, they are good freeware texture to, like HDE
  11. FSX with REX + weather engine is 1000x times better than x plane in my opinion, X plane can't render big beautiful white cumulus's like in FSX
  12. Yeah its weird, plus i have down to 20-30 fps in big cities with extreme autogen my clouds are about 40%
  13. Hi i am new on x-plane and i'd like to know if they are some good freeware addons (don't have money for payware, spent all my money on fsx ) my opinion about the game: the default sceneries are quiet poor, i have between 40 and 60 FPS but i go below 30 with clouds even 20, they are really killing my gpu (gtx 660) plus they don't look nice, there is no cumulus in the game ??? Water looks nice except at the horizon, it has exactly the same colour as the sky and it's soo weiird (i use the 64 bit version) it has potential, more than FSX but some things need to change i think.
  14. I have tried the demo a few times ago and my game was full of stuttering. The demo is in 32 bit or 64 bit ? i have i5 3570k 4.5ghz and gtx 660
  15. read that pdf : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/52676345/DX10_Fix/Notes/DX10%20Notes.pdf apply fsx cfg AA tweaks and switch AA ON in FSX. try settings here : https://www.dropbox....n9lb/GuiejqcbCf I'am using 3rd picture's configuration and its OK.
  16. I was exaggerating when i said it's because of you, people are blaming DX10 without testing it, and this is not encouraging developpers to make their addons dx10 compatible. Whatever, DX10 is the futur if you want or not, one day you will switch DX10, you will say thanks to people who fixed it and who are still fixing it. Better framerates because of AA ? maybe but i don't think so, Phil Taylor said that DX10 in FSX SP2 gives 20% more FPS. And in DX9, i don't see any big framerate improvement even with disabling all AA.
  17. DX9 needs also to be tweaked. It does not work with all products, this is not an issue, this is normal, because textures are not converted to DX10.
  18. DX10 doesn't have any issues at all, it works faaaar better than DX9, you can fly with 30 FPS over very dense sceneries, the thing that you can't do with DX9. It needs some tweaks to work well, just like DX9 The only bad thing in DX10 is some products not working with it, like Aerosoft. And this is because of YOU, people like you who don't want to accept the reality, the futur, it's because of developpers who simply don't want to convert their textures to DX10 compatible.
  19. I tested this, only think i've liked was the physics, it was very fun to fly. What i didn't like: -it is not well optimized, i should get smooth fps with poor graphics like that but i have massive stuttering in 3D clouds. (i have I5 3570K and gtx 660) -aliasing -very poor terrain mesh, triangular mountains. -visibility, i can't even see the ground at high altitude. It has potential but i don't see why i should play FlightGear instead of FSX, the game is even not smooth ... I'll try it again in newer versions
  20. 40-50 without clouds max temp 60 with massive clouds i have msi gtx 660. I should overclock it one day ... last time i tried it made me lose 15 FPS in fsx.
  21. But FSX's IFR atc doesn't work with FMC, and for know the runway by VFR atc, you have to be very close to the airport, too late for select a STAR. Me, i look at the winds and guess the runway while cruising, and select my star.
  22. Tested the trial version. Works perfectly with DX10, constant 30 FPS and smoothness even with maximum autogen density !
  23. Hi, I looked at FSX DX10 compatible addons thread and there are not so many.. Which addons do you use ?
  24. Hi, Is there any other airport working with DX 10 now ? I need european airports :( Does the aerosoft VFR sceneries work ? thanks
  25. http://epod.typepad....9b39f970b-750wi Instead of THIS ? Is it possible to replace these ugly fog layers in FSX ? thanks
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