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  1. Hi it seems that with the fixes DX10 runs well now so which is the best for FSX, DX9 or DX10 ? is it worth to try DX10 ?
  2. it's not easy to OC an Ivy bridge even with nice cooling. I have the 3570k and the max for me is 4.4 with 76° temperature when 100% loaded. I am at 4.2 like him because i don't feel comfortable with 76°. (at 4.2 my max temp is 65-66°) (my cooler is hyper 212evo) If you want to go 4.5+ you need water cooling and de-lidding, i think.
  3. Usepools=1 Rejectthreshold=98304 i set water to mid 2x with this, massive stutters gone, my game is quiet smooth and i think i'll reduce some micro stutters by defragmenting my hdd even at schipol i have 25fps in the ngx cockpit i used to have 15 with poolsize=0 and water high 2x. i am going to make some ngx flights this week but this is not done because poolsize=0 worked well before, (with my W7 home edition,) I am sure there is something wrong in my computer ! i am going to reinstall home edition and continu investigating on this next week because i am crazy
  4. My specs : i5 3570k 3,4ghz-3,8ghz (it was overclock to 4.2 but underclocked for reinstall OS), gtx 660 msi twin frozr, 2*4gb 1600mhz ram, 128GB samsung ssd for OS and 1to hdd for fsx and all other stuff. FSX slider settings, my autogen are set at NORMAL, water HIGH 2X, the other sliders doesn't change my fps even if i set them high or mid, i use default slides ... tried, doesn't work. I tried many nvidia inspector settings, they sometimes reduces spikes a little but they are still there so i switched back Word Not Allowed's settings. well i tested Usepools=1 Rejectthreshold=98304 I have very nice smoothness and FPS (30) in the NGX cockpit, but sometimes massive stuttering outside when i turn camera (no spikes) tried, doesn't work. ---- and thanks for your help
  5. Well i tested in two airports LFBO and Schipol lfbo: memory usage around 420, 450 when turning camera fastly gpu temp 46 gpu load 50% to 70% and 99% when i turn camera fastly. (spikes appear at 98% - 99%) Schipol gate b12: memory usage 520-550mb gpu temp 48 gpu load 90-99%; my game is full of spikes !! gpu core clock : 1033 memory clock 1502 at both airports
  6. Well i tried everything, i even reinsstalled my OS, reinstalled drivers and nvidia 306.97 driver, and spikes still there, it happens only with the ngx the only way to get rid of it it's to lock fps at 20 in airports, and i did'nt buy new specs for play fsx at 20 fps !! fps is unstable with the ngx, it's moving aroung 22-30 and sometimes go 15fps for 1 second (when fps are locked to 30) and my FPS goes around 15 in the ngx cockpit when i'am parked at big airports like schipol, with the DEFAULT GAME, default scenery, default textures ... !!!
  7. yeah 300 000 is too much i know. ok let's say 100 000 (they are 100 000 active users in this forums, am i right ?) even with 100 000 sold per plane they'll win more money than a real life pilot. (130 000 dollar/month) i never said that pmdg is bad !! pmdg is the best, i am just saying that they can make more planes, they can get more money and we can get more pleasure so everybody will be 100000x times happy than ever !!!
  8. i'm sure that if they abandon their main real life job and only develop planes they'll make more money If we suppose that they will make planes 8 times faster by working 5 days/week and 10 hours/day They'll make 1 plane every 6 months. So if i also suppose that they sold 300,000 per plane, it makes 300,000*70(the price)=21 000 000 21 million dollars every 6 months for nine guys !!! - i calculated, it makes 400 000 dollars per month for each person a real life pilot has only 5 000 dollars per month
  9. FSLabs made the Concorde X less than 2 years, a less banal plane and at PMDG quality. so why PMDG took 4 years to make simple planes compared to concorde x ?? aren't they working 5 days per week ? if not, they should (and at least 6 hours per day)
  10. Why hand flying the 737 ? just prepare the FMC and admire the sky there is nothing to do !!! you only rotate the plane when taking off and brakes when landing.
  11. Don't worry, there is already some WOAI packages of 2009-2010 on torrent websites. I think somebody will make new packages. WOAI is the most up to date traffic for FS9, and 90% of FS9 players use it. it will not disappear like this.
  12. I think a long haul Airbus will be easy to made because A330 and A340 are quiet the same as A320 i hope FSLabs will fastly made a long haul airbus after releasing the A320 we really need a long haul airbus !!!
  13. Well this is not too much compared to density of A32X
  14. My Traffic X ! Even with 100% traffic at PARIS CDG i don't loose any frame rates ! best fps friendly and massive traffic !
  15. Nobody knows how to defragment ?? I thought that everybody do that and it is indispensable ?
  16. omg, they can't do that. The packages are not WOAI's work but tons of people who helped creating they are going to erase other peoples work because they're not playing FS anymore ?? this is ridiculous
  17. The biggest companies in Europe (Air france, British Airways, Lufthansa) don't have ANY 737-800 WHY ?? They have thousands of planes and no 737-800 I want to make european flights with my NGX and i can't find any nice looking livery and who goes everywhere in europe.
  18. Hi, I don't understand anything about defragmanting, i have OO defrag 16 trial version and i don't know what to do. Is there any tutorial who can help me ? I read Nickn's tutorial but it's not the same version of OO defrag, things are very different ... thanks
  19. Why the hell they are no more selling 737 for FS2004 ? OMG It's a virtual product, there is no manufacturing price lol. What is the problem ? Why they stopped selling 737 for FS2004 ?
  20. well i could'nt get my game worked well even with returning back to 306.97 with overclocked.net's removing tutorial. But i am going to get rid of these spikes, that's sure, i have 2 weeks of holiday now and i am going to spend all my time on this !!!
  21. You're right, this is not only a driver problem, or graphic card problem, something is weird on some computers ... Why this driver doesn't work on 1/2 of computers and in the other half it works well ? We all have quiet same specs in FS community, a GTX and i5 or i7 2 or 3rd generation. Software issue ? OS ? Or motherboard ? Can this be caused while mounting a rig, i mean, if we touch the graphic card protected area ... i remember having touched it accidentally about 10 seconds ... can this kind of little things can cause mysterious and little instabilities ? or am i paranoid ? lol
  22. So P3D = ESP ? I mean, it is a professional platform ... just like ESP was before at Microsoft. FS was made of ESP. So somebody can make FS11 starting from P3D if LM accepts ? just like ACES made all Flight simulators starting from Microsoft's ESP ?
  23. DylanM > thanks, i will try it tomorrow or this week-end If Nvidia abandons fsx it will be the end of FSX because gtx7XX, gtx 8XX will not work ... But i don't think that they going to do that, because Nvidia supports even 2000's old games, so don't worry. First this not a WHQL driver, i think this depends on peoples rigs, motherboards, softwares, OS ... It seems that some people get 310.7 driver work finely, others not, like me.
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