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  1. you mean that I have to read 14 pages for know why there is no images ?? no thanks.
  2. I have 8GB ram 1600mhz and gpu ram 2Gb. FSX uses 850MB gpu ram when running. Rocklife, my lod is already 4.5 and anisotropic setting are like you said, same as Word Not Allowed's settings.
  3. Checked many times and it's exactly the same as Word Not Allowed.
  4. Hi, Before, i did not have spikes with poolsize=0 + nvidia driver 306.97 + windows 7 home edition. After, i upgraded my gpu drive to 310.7 and spikes appeared .. and i also upgraded my W7 home edition to W7 ultimate (i reinstalled C with switching custom installation), i reinstalled all drivers and gpu drive 310.7, and spikes were still there. And finally i go back to 306.97 and they are still there ! I have water at HIGH 2x and my FSX.cfg is optimized with Word Not Allowed's guide also nvidiainspector. (pre rendered frames = 1 ) Spikes appear ONLY with the NGX and rarely (very rarely) with default planes. Spikes EVEN sometimes appears without poolsize=0 with the NGX plane. According to GPU-Z logs, FSX uses 850mb of gpu memory (i have 2Go (msi gtx 660 twin frozr))
  5. Hi, Just want to know, who discovered FSX tweaks ? and how ? How can we guess that there is a config named "bufferpools" and "highmemfix" for example ? Was it released by ACES team ?
  6. FSX tweaks are very unstable. For example, my FSX was running good with poolsize=0 , water high, and pre rendered frames set to 1, without any spikes with the nvidia last recommended driver (306,97) then i went to 310.7 driver and my game was full of spikes with the same settings, i get back to 306.97, i reset all settings/tweaks like it was before ... spikes were still there... So i am probably going to abandon Poolsize=0 for another tweak ...
  7. like more than 4 hour ? do you boost the speed ? 4x ? 8x? 16x ? knowing that we can't go internet, when i go to desktop game is set automatically to PAUSE ...
  8. i want processors at default core clock minimum 4.5ghz and overclockable to 6ghz and over 20MB cache. that would be good
  9. A PMDG Antonov-225 would be the best cargo plane in FSX ... the an-225 is soo sexy and has enormous capacities, 10000x better than boeing cargo planes. Why are they always making american planes ? Why not making the AN-225 ? Are PMDG group pro-americans/illuminati ???
  10. if you guys say that we can easily land a cessna, so i can land a 737 even in full visual approach. because (in my FS) i always land a 737 easier than a Cessna (in visual approach), i don't know why, i find that bigger planes are easier to land, the speed stays stable, winds don't effect to much .. etc ..
  11. pilot the NGX 737 cold and dark to cold and dark perfectly ? if no tell me why
  12. So, i reinstalled a new os with all drivers, reinstalled FSX ... Adaptive Vsync still doesn't work. This what i get: Adaptive Vsync - Force ON : Doesn't work at all, full of tearing. Adaptive Vsync - 1/2 Refresh Rate : It reduces tearing but it's still there, no stuttering Standart Vsync - Force ON : Works but stuttering. Standart Vsync - 1/2 Refresh Rate : Works well, no stuttering, it's smooth. But i tested this in a default plane, default scenery, maybe some FPS drop with NGX ? Well, game is playable but normally i can get a smoother game with the new adaptive vsync tweak, but it doesn't work :( Can this be a Graphic Card fabrication problem ?
  13. I am quiet in the same situation as you BA757, me to i bought a new pc few weeks ago, I5 3570K oc 4.2, gtx 660, ram 8GO 1600mhz and i have exactly same FPS as you in these airports with ngx ... plus, i can't get adaptive vsync work ... (maybe a driver problem i am trying to fix it..) Do you have adaptive vsync 1/2 ? Do you have fps locked at 30 ?
  14. Standart Vsync works but it is not really smooth for me. I am going to reinstall all gpu drivers on my pc and reinstall them.
  15. Reinstalled all profiles and the driver of the gpu, i fixed the AA issue everything works but adaptive vsync STILL DOESN'T WORK :(
  16. They maybe going to make a Flight sim and train sim, but knowing that they are developping scuba diving simulator since 3 years and it isn't even finished, we will not have a CGF Flight Sim before 2017-2020.
  17. Nvidia inspector antialiasing no more working with the new driver .. nice...
  18. Yeah i used Word Not Allowed's guide for tuning. As i said before something is weird with my pc, in particular the GPU ... It makes me sick ... i have to find the problem, fix it or, proove it and try to change my gpu ...
  19. Hi, I really need help, i bought new pc a few weeks ago and i noticed that something is weird ... my specs: SSD 128 gb : FSX and OS on it. + 1 TO hard disk I5 3570k msi gtx 660 twin frozr asrock z77 pro3 Hyper 212 evo 2*4 gb ram 1600 mhz. First, people say that a freshly installed FSX is the most smooth, for me, on the contrary it was full of stuttering and blurred. I had to config my FSX.cfg, NE , all the stuff for get a decent FPS. But i still didn't fix some problems: I still have some stuttering. I have shimmering (not important) and tearing : even Adaptive Vsync 1/2 refresh doesn't fix tearing ! And for shimmering my gtx 660 can not handle 2x SGSS in FSX, is it normal ? So adaptive vsync just not working at all with my gtx 660 in FSX, i don't know for other games, i am going to test. I am actually downloading nvidia 310.70 driver for see changes ...
  20. Why the hell Cascade Game Foundry makes a scuba diving simulator ? Nobody is interested about scuba diving, and nobody will buy this ... They are talented in simulation, these guys made FSX and FS2004, why are they making a scuba diving simulator instead of a Train simulator or Flight Simulator knowing that these ones are more interesting ??? This is so sad ..
  21. I tested all tweaks, all FFTF possibilities, different nvidia inspector possibilities ... !!!! I'am not feeling comfortable with my new specs, something (very little thing) goes wrong and it is impossible to find WHAT !! For example i have 50-55 FPS on BF3 on high, and i drop to 40 when there is smokes etc... But according to benchmarks i should have average of 60 fps on this game at high with gtx 660.
  22. Just tested SGSS at 2x and i had so much stuttering and it added more tearing, my gpu seems to not handle this
  23. Thanks, i could'nt make search about it because i did not know how it was called. (tearing) But I have already vsync 1/2 with adaptative in nvidia inspector, i play in full screen
  24. Hi I don't know how to explain that .. i have a GTX 660 msi twinfrozr, my textures in FSX are "waving" "undulating" when i turn camera, i have the same issue in Cities XL, My lod negative thing is switched "clamp".
  25. No Word Not Allowed, i didn't go up 11 to 15. Before and after overlock i had 11 FPS in ngx cockpit and 15 to 25 (depends of the view) outside, my OC changed nothing. I am going to change some tweaks for testing, and try to overlock 4,5 ghz if it doesn't need to much vcore. Pe11e > i erased the two lines, it looks like i have 1-2 FPS more or nothing, i am not sure Chris198 > He uses PMDG and aerosoft planes, for example : He says that that he have 40-50 FPS on this scenery (fly tampa dubai) I only have 25 FPS outside in flytampa dubai, and 14-15 FPS in cockpit with ngx. But constant 20-25 FPS if i don't look the parkings.
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