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  1. Yea, you are right and it gets on my nerves ! For example there is one guy on youtube with gtx 560ti and i7 2600k who has constant 60 fps everywhere in his game with everything maxed, i asked him his tweaks and he does'nt even know what nvidia inspector is ! he only use poolsize=0 and unlimited fps.
  2. Hi, Few weeks ago i bought a new PC : I5 3570K, gtx 660, 128go ssd, 1600 mhz ram (2x4 go) ... So i took my time to configure FSX, i made so many tests with fsx cfg and nvidia inspector, and finally chosen my preferred settings. Briefly: poolsize=0, 8xs antialias and 2x transparency supersampling, adaptativ vsync + 1/2 refresh rate. FPS limited to 30 with nvidia and unlimited IG. and some other tweaks of Word Not Allowed's guide and nvidia inspector on pmdg forum. So everything is ok i have constant 30 FPS and very very few stuttering/micro freeze, but in aerosoft paris CDG i drop to 10-12 FPS in the ngx cockpit and 15 to 25 outside. I have 100% traffic with My Traffic X but this addon has very simple traffic and doesn't affect my FPS ( i've tested) Then i overlocked to 4,4 ghz (+30%), i hoped to go up to 15 FPS in cockpit but nothing changed... Am i Gpu limited or i didn't OC well ? (sorry for my english!)
  3. Thanks, its ok with the fps locked + water at high2x I locked my FPS at 60 and it seems ok. But i will still use unlimited FPS in big sceneries because i have really more fps with it. What i don't understand is that my GPU has 2go memory and BP=0 uses only 350mb with unlimited FPS ... So i should'nt get artefacts even with unlimited FPS, no ? edit: i had to lock at 30-40 fps with NGX
  4. Hi, Poolsize=0 is just awesome, i have like minimum 25-30 FPS and up to 40+ in aerosoft paris CDG with 70% traffic, it was just like a dream.... And more than 60+ fps in default sceneries. (i have unlimited fps) I really want to use this, but it gives me flashing/flickering textures :( Do you know how to fix that ? I have a i5 3570k 3,6 ghz and gtx 660 (...) + ssd for fsx. thanks
  5. Sorry i just realized that i've forgot prime 95 test running who uses 100% of my cpu, it was because of this ...
  6. Hello I am a beginner in OC and all i have done is just changing the core value of my i5 3570K, 34 to 38, is that right ?. (it was for testing, i will up to 42 after) But when i've overclocked to 3,8 my FSX who is in SSD took more than 10 minutes to load a default scenery :blink: Normally it loads in 20 to 30 seconds max ... So what is the problem ? I have to change voltage (voltage was in auto) or other stuff ? do you have any tutorial for OC on asrock Z77 ? thanks ( sorry for my english )
  7. Can the GTX 660 be a problem ? I know it is a good card, I just want to be assured, GTX 660 or 660 ti, the frames will be sames ? Because i just bought these specs and i see everybody has the 660 ti and me the 660, it makes me feel bad...
  8. My screen can support max 1920xsomething. But i can run at 1280*1024 or like that if it helps having more FPS
  9. hello, are my specs good to run FSX well ? i5 3570k 3.4-3.8 ghz msi nvidia gtx 660 twin frozr asrock z77 pro3 kingston hyperx blu 4Go DDR3 1600 mhz cl9 (x2) cooler master hyper 212 evo Seagate barracuda 7200.14 SATA 6gb/s 1To fractal design define 4 SSD M4 Crucial 128 Go
  10. Maybe LM guys were a big fan of FSX and when they heard that the game will stop they decided to buy it despite the restrictions and conditions (no use for "entertainement") and continue to develop the simulator, they maybe thought that by this way they will avoid casual gamers and give the simulator a big life time. So perhaps they bought the simulator especially for us and not for "education and training".
  11. Hello, I am quiet sure that everybody here play this game, oh sorry, not the "game", the "visual simulation platform" for entertainement and because we all love simulation here. (we also learn) Why are these guys (Lockheed Martins company) avoiding the word "entertainement", and presenting this thing very weirdly ?
  12. According to these tests: http://www.hwcompare...on-hd-7950-3gb/ The only advantage of gtx 660 ti is texture filtering and power consumption. (and DX9 ) But the memory bandwith of the 7950 is really high compared to FSX. Also the pixel rate. I don't know if these 2 (last) things are important for FSX, and which of these 3 things is the most important...
  13. hello I know that at gtx2XX times a guide ( i forgot which guide it was ) explained the difference between AMD gpu and nvidia gpu. It said that nvidia was better for FSX. Is this still current ? A gtx660 ti will be much better than a 7950 for FSX, no ? (sorry for my english ... )
  14. Hmm gtx 670 needs more than my extra 100 euros, the max gpu for me can be gtx 660 ti. I think i am going to upgrade my GPU, because i'll probably be able to update my specs next year or in 6-7 months, so i will buy an SSD and/or new memory in the futur. (i hope SSD's are going to be cheaper )
  15. And if i had the extra 100 euros, what should i upgrade in these specs in your opinion ? thanks
  16. yes I am building a new system. and i do not really have extra 100 euros. (my budget is 800 euros) but maybe i can force extra 100 euros (not sure) the system: i5 3570k 3.4-3.8 ghz msi nvidia gtx 660 twin frozr asrock z77 pro3 kingston hyperx blu 4Go DDR3 1600 mhz cl9 (x2) cooler master hyper 212 evo Seagate barracuda 7200.14 SATA 6gb/s 1To fractal design define r4
  17. Hello (sorry for my english if i write weirdly) I have some questions; does the i7 3770K makes really big difference in FSX compared to I5 3570K ? (like + 10 fps or more) Or the difference is not to much (+2 or 3 FPS) Should i force my budget and pay +100 euros for i7 3770K instead of i5 3570k ? Knowing that i will be able to easily OC the 3570K, but the 3770K is hard to OC (de-lidding, water cooling system ... ) So, should i pay +100 euros for +2 mb of cache ? what do you think ? thanks
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