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  1. 58 minutes ago, Christopher Low said:

    You need to make sure that Aerosoft Heathrow is above ORBx TrueEarth GB South in the Scenery Library. As for poor performance....welcome to the club :smile: My (hopefully temporary) solution is to remove all of the "3DM" files in the FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY/Scenery folder (move them to a separate backup folder). This will remove all of the custom 3D apartment/warehouse/office buildings, but leave you with all the autogen buildings and trees, the bespoke POI 3D landmark models, and the beatifully colour corrected photoscenery. Frankly, it still looks fantastic in this mode, and light years ahead of any other scenery solution. With a bit of luck, the upcoming service pack (and control panel) will enable the vast majority of users to achieve a good compromise without having to remove most of those "3DM" files.

    EDIT: For the record, I only have a 2GB graphics card (GeForce GTX 770), so I will never be able to run it at maximum detail levels, even with optimisations. Nevertheless, I am hoping that I will be able to use at least some of those "3DM" buildings.

    Do you have FTX England - If so with the 3DM buildings disabled do you get around the same perf?

  2. So here's what I'm doing, I finish the parking checklist and then it has the Leaving aircraft, what I do is then go to the CFG panel and press ON the 'Start' button again and it begins counting down, it still stays at leaving aircraft though so I press the arrow to skip it to pre-flight, the FO then goes through his checks again...

    Just realized to change the Flap setting I need to dial it in on the actual aircraft as fs2c panel isn't clickable for flaps, eeek 

    One other little bug bear is see the cabin sounds, even with it turned to lowest before you turn them off with the PA knob they're still a little bit loud with the flight deck and its hard to hear the FO over them, any chance you could increase the audio difference level wise from Low to high? or even a muffled version as if heard from cabin maybe

  3. In the manual it states to skip past the Pre-Start and then continue as normal? So can we press the Start button again?


    Just tried it as just completed a flight so after shutdown check I skipped the leaving AC and pressed start again, he's now doing all the stall checks and things that are really first flight of day procedure? Is there no through-flight procedure like with every other fs2crew addon?

    Also the flaps show as 0 on fs2crew panel when doing second sector

  4. Hi, so I've had all FS2Crew products of recent since NGX including reboot iterations and so on, I've just picked up the Maddog today and ofcourse FS2Crew to go with it and to be honest it's not on the same level as the others, here's a few things I'm missing personally:

    1. No P.A. audio or briefing audio? I've seen you said it's because it's voice only but so was the Q400 ver when released yet these were included.

    2. Turnaround - there doesn't seem to be a clean way for turnarounds the way there is in every other one? (As in being able to Run PF events again for the countdown, cabin boarding etc etc)

  5. 37 minutes ago, hamoody said:

    How long is the pause? For me, as much as 5 seconds would be tolerable, but anything more would get annoying very fast. 

    Quite a bit longer than that I'm afraid at least when selecting them manually - going to try the auto function but having the whole of Europe 'white' because they define now as Winter isn't too realistic; really needs a Spring and Winter-non-snow texture set.

  6. Flown first 2 flights with it and here are my observations:


    -The long pause is an absolute killer; tbh I've had to set it manual and then not change it again during the flight as it takes so long (I've got a decent i7, SSD and 1080TI and still takes a while/ freezes the sim if I click or do anything)

    -Missing Spring - I read what you wrote above but I feel if its an addon advertising 'seasons' then it should be in there; also not all winter is snow so should also have a winter with darker textures, barren trees and so on.  Just look at what ORBX have done for P3D/FSX series; I was expecting something along the lines of proper season representation; especially for $40....


    Overall it's okay but I don't really feel it's worth the price tag; the textures are ok but not stand out and only massive difference is if you're using hard winter/ snow - Maybe with some updates/ patches to improve loading speed and add more season variety then it'll become worth it but at the moment I feel personally that it falls short a bit.

  7. 4 minutes ago, softreset said:

    Isn't a name considered a trademark and not a copyright?

    Secondly the only trademark in the USPTO database is this one -


    Which does not appear to be registered to this website. Can you clarify the remark: "violate our name copyrights." With whom is this name copyrighted?

    Also as you point out it's only 'trademarked' in that territory...

  8. 1 hour ago, nazethc said:

    Careful of what exactly?  Never had a problem with any download ever from them.

    Also confused of this one, the sites are perfectly legitimate and other communities. This post should really be 'to avoid confusion the following sites are not affiliated with AVSIM blah blah, links.

    In addition bit concerned by the 'violates our ''name'' copyright'... copyright creeping/ over-stating reach much.

    It seems now every week there's some sort of melo-drama from AVSIM :ohmy:

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  9. Not got this program but you are correct UK airspace we use stacks during peak times or issues at the airport requiring us to hold arrivals.

    Scottish airspace I'm more familiar with does this with Edinburgh as you're aware with the Tweed arrivals, the Scottish Talla controller who controls FL250 and below would coordinate with EDI radar and you'd be cleared direct tweed and then thrown off on a radar vector and passed to Edinburgh radar for approach vectoring.

    Same happens with arrivals into Glasgow abeam Lanak - similar across rest of the UK too.

    Looking forward to hear how developers tackle this. :) 

  10. 9 minutes ago, Boomer said:

    I run P3Dv4 right outo f the box without tweaks and all is well, in fact I hear tweaking is not necessary now nor advantageous...just a placebo.

    PTA isn't tweaking as in terms of performance, it's a visual tweak/ enhancement of the shaders - incredibly useful and improves p3d's look so much!

    I too have no P3D tweaks in the CFG file at all etc. This is something totally different to tweaking in the normal sense that we used to do with FSX etc.

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  11. 5 hours ago, Ioan92 said:

    Sigh, nothing you're doing there is necessary. All you need to do to have acceptable performance is to turn down AA to MSAA or lower. I've tested with EVERY SETTING TURNED DOWN. IT DOES NOT MATTER.


    That doesn't even matter as in 4K native resolution and no AA what so ever I am still sat at 60% GPU usage during daytime and night time until I click on landing and turnoff lights (as per SOP) and bang GPU fires unto 100% and lags until I turn off a few lights... It's hopeless, legacy lights are really needed and should be included to be fair as dynamic lights is sold as an 'option' by P3D, not a necessity.


    Since PMDG are using the P3D SDK then they should be really providing legacy fallback options, it's best practice really for any software to have a spectrum of compatibility based on user options.


    Jonathon Ryans

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  12. 1 hour ago, akabam said:

    Unfortunately I think we will have to wait for next update since PMDG said they wont put back in legacy lighting.

    FSLABS for their A320 are doing the same thing so it will have to be optimized on P3D Side

    Shame as thats really quite counterproductive of them, I'm going to open communication with lefteris at FSL about this as hes been really open before to any issues like this.

    PMDG should really have it on their product page that it is a requirement to use dynamic lights within P3D V4 otherwise you can't fly at night... poor show considering we've paid fsx licenses then p3d licenses and because a choice PMDG have made I'm unable to fly at night (Yes PMDG as it's their 'choice' not to include legacy lighting which is more than reasonable considering the license costs...)

    Jonathon Ryans

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  13. In all honesty we shouldn't need to have 2 profiles - and what happens at sunrise and sunset - as the issue can be easily remedied by PMDG by adding back legacy lights so when you untick Dynamic Lights you still have landing lights! Grr...

    What is really winding me up is the fact that all default aircraft come like this so you can use Dynamic Lighting 'if you want' as it's a feature, not a necessity. Unfortunately PMDG is forcing it upon us as customers as a necessity or you can't fly at night which is really limiting.

    I fly with autopen on 'Dense' with autopen draw distance medium and texture res at 30cm (tried 1m and not much difference GPU wise)... My 980TI during daytime situations is sat around 60% even with full overcast it'll maybe peak at 65/70 at the worst. At night it's sat at 100% the minute you turn on the landing lights in the NGX... It's not workable.


    Jonathon Ryans

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  14. This isn’t to do with slider position... GPU usage during daytime in my scenario is 60% then at night it’s 100% because of dynamic lights, turn off dynamic lights and gpu usage returns to 60% but you have no landing lights because of a decision by third parties not to include them... LM included legacy lights for their own aircraft.

    this isn’t an FPS and slider decision matrix, it’s an overwhelming additional variation of GPU usage when using 4K along with pmdg and dynamic lights.

    it can be solved by either LM or PMDG who could solve this as a third party by providing the legacy lighting they have in v3 with same way LM do with their own internal aircraft.


    Jonathon Ryan’s

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  15. I also second dynamic lighting, if you have a 4K monitor and PMDG it’s horrendous at night... my gpu usage during day is around 60% then dynamic lights at night and it’s pegged at 100% lag fest... I’m almost at the stage of p3d for daytime and X-Plane for night because the dynamic lighting hit and pmdg deciding not to give the option of legacy lights (which is possible as just look at default p3d aircraft which work with legacy lights when DL is off).


    so now that LM haven’t fixed it... pmdg how about letting your customers who paid for your products fly at night in 4K in p3dv4... give the legacy landing lights that you already have made for v3....

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