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  1. It's nice to have, the light beams are really brilliant from the Virtual Cockpit to be honest. Jonathon.
  2. Hi Greg, I ordered their 737 handles for the saitek throttle a couple of years back - delivery was actually really fast and I had them within a week, they're absolutely fantastic quality plastic moulds and considering they've been used and abused for 2 years now they're still in perfect condition. Cheers, Jonathon
  3. This is exactly my point, it's been widespread reported and I am not 'pointing' fingers at PMDG, I am actually discussing the fact that this is something that was already done for previous P3D v3 et al and LM have still included light splashes with their a/c even so with dynamic lighting off then you still have landing lights. Unfortunately the way PMDG have approached this has resulted in the loss of key functionality within their aircraft when you turn off dynamic lighting which was a 'nice to have' feature but not a be all and end all... Jonathon Ryans
  4. You really are something else, move along now... You're jumping to conclusions and showing yourself up with inability to discuss anything. Agreed - there is an issue here with GPU usage % when using dynamic lights within the sim, I'm only trying to continue awareness and discussion of this. Jonathon Ryans
  5. Excuse me? Firstly drop the attitude problem you seem to have, it's coming across quite grinding - you're so devoted... sigh. I think you'll find the performance drop has been noted by numerous users and is really because of the additional GPU load caused by dynamic lights - this is a fact. The work required to code legacy lights isn't time consuming as it's already been done? Or did/do the 747/777/737 not work in p3d v3? In fact (EULA ASIDE) I have spent the last hour and got the older model files working in v4 with the original lighting effects? By using the 64bit modules along with the v3 model/ effects... So it is possible and actually really simple once you note whats what. I won't be writing step by step as no doubt I'll be accused of some EULA breach by a fan, however I'm sure anyone reading between the lines will know exactly what they can do (Remember it's not supported and will probably break anytime you run Operations Centre so KEEP BACKUPS if you want to play around with files). So it's a quick proof that it is actually very simple to do and all it would need is an installation option or PMDG operations centre option. Have a nice weekend. Jonathon Ryans
  6. Fought Bravely? For what? For a developer to not solely support one feature ? As per usual though if you even say anything other than the status quo that you all seem happy to swallow you then end up with absolute nonsense from the 'fans'... there is defending a developer and then having those tinted glasses on... I am not 'attacking' PMDG, I am instead proposing they do the same as LM have done. Agreed fully and I think *both* parties would benefit from improvements on this (i.e. LM will no doubt look to enhance this feature, PMDG potentially add a legacy effect) Jonathon Ryans
  7. Firstly who said it was 'as simple as you think' - You are correct and having played around with the SDK for scenery development for V4, I understand precisely how the dynamic lights work. Secondly, the older lighting effects are still supported in V4 and PMDG have already coded them into the current P3D model for V3, it wouldn't be difficult to actually have it as an installer option; the only potential issue would be 2 build types and how that would work with their 'ops centre'.
  8. Not particularly, I run quite good settings and GPU usage is sat at around 60%, Dynamic Lighting when switched on at the 4K resolution results in it then peaking at 100% (thats a 40% use for one setting?), Yes all being well it'll be optimised in the future but right now the legacy ability with aircraft provided by LM should also really be taken up by third party developers who already have the legacy texture/ effect that could easily be applied to the models for V4. You knocked it on the grade, it is a 'feature' and so the option to turn off the feature is provided by LM, the issue then is that because as aforementioned there is no legacy backup textures for PMDG landing lights etc then you're left with actually losing functionality. Jonathon Ryans
  9. Regardless whether you have 1080's and SLI, the issue with Dynamic Lights and performance impact has been noted quite widespread across multiple forums (including LM's) and also regardless whether the issue is of LM's creation (it does as it lies within the core sim), PMDG offered the legacy type lighting for Prepar3d v3, It would be a good measure to offer this legacy option for p3dv4 as it is possible as the other aircraft within the sim have both legacy and dynamic light compatibility. Jonathon Ryans.
  10. Would you mind listing your spec & settings as you're using dynamic lights and would be good for a comparison.
  11. So I've just got myself a new 4K monitor and runs so smooth at 30Hz UNTIL you turn on Dynamic Lights... GPU performance is around 50/60% with my GTX980TI with some pretty nice settings, the minute dynamic lights is selected on within the UI and add lights on 777/747 then bang 100% GPU usage and frames drop like a brick... For the record: I am not using any AA within P3D as I don't need to with 4K, my settings are below and based on whats GPU intensive even turning them off doesn't really give much headroom with dynamic lights (Just wait for winter and Active Sky storms) and we'll be peaking 100% again even with everything else off. The stock object aircraft that come shipped with P3D have dynamic lights but also legacy light textures for when you turn dynamic lights off... I honestly think that PMDG should be following suit; people keep saying this is a simulator and it's exactly that - the lights selection is part of any SOP and procedure so turning certain ones off defeats the purpose - this isn't going backwards, it's offering ability for everyone to enjoy the simulation, if this is considering going backwards in pursuit of performance then maybe the FO displays being switched off should be removed too or the radar options within the FMC? I am now flying with dynamic lights off and who knows in the future potentially LM will be able to optimise it to a level where it can be used properly... Just a bit of a killer when landing and no lights infont of the aircraft - Since you still support p3dv3 can this option not be added please within v4 ;) My settings for reason of doubt: 4K Monitor resolution with No FXAA or AA, frame rate unlimited with triple buffering and Vsync on (30hz from monitor so limits to that) Scenery LOD: High Tessellation: High (Tried Low and didn't really do any difference with GPU/CPU Perf) Mesh: 5M (Needed for certain sceneries) Scenery Texture: 15CM (Needed for certain sceneries - changing didn't make any noticeable performance difference) Scener Complexity: Dense, Autogen Buidling: Dense, Autogen Tree: Dense, Distance: High - have been playing around with this and it doesn't seem to have much more than maybe 1-2fps difference for me on these compared to low/ normal. No Speed Trees. Water: Medium with no bathymetry and reflections of simobject only. Special effects both high but again tried medium and no real difference. Lighting: HDR On, Landing lights illuminate on (legacy option?), Dynamic Lights (Now off unfortunately) and reflections: Low (Tried turning these off and had not a squat of difference with GPU load), shadows quality High, draw distance medium, simobjects receive/ and cast on - I can add most these on with very little difference in performance bar vegetation cast - Again I switched all these off to try with dynamic lighting on and it barely gave me headroom. Weather: Draw distance within ActiveSky visibility max 90 with cloud distance of max 80 and volfog (Tried turning vol fog off and managed to keep GPU performance at 90/95% usage with dynamic lights, but this peaked at 100% when on the runway again) As you can see, conservative settings and with dynamic lights off I hold 30 fps rock steady in all situations and GPU usage peaks at most around 75/80% in dense cloud. Jonathon Ryans.
  12. Hi Guys, hopefully someone can shed some light if this upgrades worth it. I presently have an i5 4690K overclocked at 4.5 with 16GB DDR3 Ram, GTX980Ti and SSDs Looking at upgrading to the i7 7700K (heard it can overclock to circa 5Ghz quite easily going by youtube videos) with DDR4 Ram at 3200Mhz clockspeed and a new mobo to go along with ofcourse. Is it worth it? Will I see anything result wise from this upgrade? Thanks in advance.
  13. Whens it going to be available on Simmarket? Like to have my purchases sort of centralised haha!
  14. Now this would be good! Jonathon Ryans
  15. Using MSAA I'm pleased to say my GPU load now with dynamic lights, vol fog & reflections set to low is now never more than 80% (GTX980TI) compared to always capped at 100% with the SSAA within P3D v4, just had a flight last night and the dynamic lights add such an immersion I've never experienced before in previous iterations of P3D. Jonathon Ryans
  16. +1 Also experiencing this during daytime with the grey splash on the engines from the Lower beacon light. No issue at night. Maybe time to try one of those push updates in the ops centre Rob & co ? ;) Jonathon Ryans.
  17. That bat is fine, except you're then installing them within the p3d directory and any future p3d updates you'll need to re-install everything again, by my DIY way you've essentially got a backed up directory of addon scenery that you can re-link in the cfg file at any time after updates. Thanks for the options though, it's amazing how this community comes together and the more ways of doing things the better!?!
  18. Hi Curt, I was going to do the .xml files but would of ended up taking so much longer so in the interim, i made a backup of my scenery.cfg file so I can always revert back (i.e. before p3d updates so it's all fresh), I then added them to the scenery config the same way as the past as in add area like you typed. The good thing is by having all my add ons laid out in my own manual way, it means I can essentially 'back up' my 'installed sceneries' and put the folder back and then its simply re-linking in the scenery config whenever a p3d update or a reformat is needed, the inner-OCD is satisfied.
  19. Certainly what I've seen today when playing around with it, I've even managed MSAA upto 8x without issue, will probably leave it on MSAA 4x for the time being, bit of a pain after using SGSS with p3d v3, so the image isn't just as nice - think I'm going to invest in a 4K monitor as people are saying the AA would be ok then due to the resolution? Otherwise going to try DSR to test it from within Nvidia... Using a GTX980Ti.
  20. I've made a folder called Addons just outside of my P3D main folder and then made sub-folders such as 'taxi2gate' and put the airports there and then linked to them accordingly. So far taxi2gate, justsim, digital design, simbreeze, tropicalsim are all working perfectly this way for me - UK2000 are also working except need to delete files within the scenery folder of each airport containing the word animate, trigger or fs9 - then they're fully compatiable Infact out of my collection of almost 100 airports, only Aerosofts Dublin, Frankfurt don't work due to ground BGL and then LHSim Budapest due to the way they load buildings.
  21. Thanks to clearing that up, I've since been playing around with the AA settings and it does seem setting to MSAA rather than SSAA is the way to go after playing around with GPU-Z running, managed to get rid of the GPU bottleneck with dynamic lights, phew. Can I be cheeky and ask how the 777/737 are coming along ;) Need my old 737 workhorse haha! The feeling of P3D v4 is like when I first switched to FSX properly when you brought out the NGX back in 2011! Feels an age away! Thanks, Jonathon Ryans
  22. Agreed, hopefully this can be addressed by PMDG through the means of an option within the FMC to add 'legacy' light splashes? That way you can disable dynamic lights within V4 and instead select legacy light splashes within the FMC, I turned off dynamic lights last night and ended up without landing lights on the 747 which was a bit hopeless... Jonathon Ryans
  23. @Warrior Pilot - they did that with the 747... Jonathon Ryans
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