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  1. It depends what you want: MCE - Works with most planes and is configurable for you and vast options but always felt the voices were a bit too robotic FS2Crew - a separate product per aircraft but for that you get a very very polished experience of what it's like to fly as a 2 person crew in that particular aircraft (fs2crew voices are recorded for those specific flows)
  2. There should be a built in redundancy that if it were to be unable to connect to their server it was result in an offline mode with functionality but not to save to their servers
  3. Correct, if a company requires a link to their server then they should have redundancy, it isn't the end users problem.
  4. Canada* so will be a few hours until we see any activity I think 😞
  5. It's the only program that needs to ping their servers, even AS16 (Having tested it) can run without pinging HIFI Servers albeit it wont be able to have live or weather downloads for obvious reasons then but you can setup manual weather in it. I get that the camera config files are stored on the cloud but redundancy means they should be stored locally too when you install the prog then if it starts and cant connect to server then it should run in an offline mode with a warning message or something about cant save cameras to cloud and then next time you run it online it uploads them... Steam & Origin both have offline modes.
  6. Agreed, think an offline mode needs added similar to steam & origin, they can do online pings with their servers from time to time but say connection issue you should be able to select continue as offline - went to fly the fslabs this morning got everything all setup then chaseplane wouldn't work as the server is down....... Grounded :/
  7. Maybe it's 13 new features? :O :O
  8. Maybe they want to do them when it isn't paused though Kyle - I for one think it should pause circa 80miles before T/D as then when you come back if you need to step away, you unpause and can continue with your flows and theres no disruption at all. We're not debating about doing cockpit tasks in a paused state or not, we want to do them in a live state and having the sim paused, unpausing then rushing through flows and tasks its less than ideal so certainly a good idea to chuck onto the requested features list Jonathan Ryans
  9. Quick Q for anybody: I fly on vatsim, does this work at same time as I know usually AI progs dont work when on vatsim, just thinking as would make the skies feel busier
  10. It could do with some 'performance options' though to be fair such as switching off FO side or features... that would probably help people and stop the flack a bit.
  11. I use it with FSLabs Airbus, PMDG 737/777/747 and majestic as well as a few a2A planes, I have a profile for each aircraft I fly and use custom controls file so my 2 throttles are actually 2 levers in 737/777 but in 747 the 1 throttle controls 4, it's such a handy utility In addition I have different autopen settings depending on the flying with extremely dense for VFR and only dense for 737 and normal for slabs - likewise scenery library with a2a profile I have full orbx regions but airliners I have it using OpenLC only really. One additional handy feature is it also loads up ActiveSky, TrackIR, vPilot (Vatsim) and Chaseplane then closes them afterwards, it's like a one click solution for all my add ons!
  12. Also a customer and performance is not where it should be really, reformatting tonight to rule out anything on my end but every other Haddon (NGX/777/747) from PMDG, Majestic et al runs perfect, fs labs airbus has stutters at times and high CPU usage comparatively (before anyone tells me about complexities - I don't care, it's a Desktop simulation and up to the developers to do so within its confines, including performance!)
  13. Chill out 'Mate' :wink: Jonathan Ryans
  14. If you're installing NGX Reboot you don't require to install Emergency NGX as it comes with it. If you want the OLDER NGX FS2Crew then UNINSTALL NGX Reboot, restart your PC Install original NGX FS2Crew installer (Not reboot) and then install NGX Emergency. If it's just voices you're looking for, there is a global voices addon for fs2crew reboot which means you get all the more advanced features of this latest version along with emergencies built in.
  15. Hopefully FS2Crew at some point may help with this, e-mailed Bryan and he says he's waiting to see what will happen re: SDK, but considering others have managed to hook into the values of the airbus it's a shame he's not going to do it since he technically did with the 777 for the ECL... Even a quick 'lite' port of the aerosoft fs2crew with that SOP would add so much immersion to this.
  16. Forget Eula this isn't a debate, this is Merely European law and point of sale - if you are not informed at point of sale it doesn't stand for anything as it's based on consumer information provided when entering a payment/ purchasing decision.
  17. Morally and legally no, you would uninstall it; but the proof of burden is on the retailer in this case and the law is very clear if you can show something is not as described.
  18. Regardless, a claim could still legally be made for a refund based on European consumer law for trade description and use technically... This 'niche' market isn't excluded.
  19. Stop jumping to conclusions, who said training that needed to be certified by an authority, training for ones own fulfilment is training too...
  20. Don't remember saying certified... just said 'training' Who said FAA? I'm in Europe and when purchasing P3D it was for home based training use as per its EULA, PMDG planes do state not for such use when licensed in their EULA for P3D and at Point of purchase, fs labs doesn't so its simple to deduce that it is so.
  21. Actually, Prepar3d is a training platform in its essence and with no liability or limitation statement on FSLabs point of purchase, I'd say yes it is for training otherwise that would be misleading of them
  22. This is becoming a joke. Would have bought it but not at that price.
  23. No, buying it at alpha right now gets you all the way through incl final release version That's how early access works
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