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  1. I'd try a re-install and see if that fixes it and then maybe a fresh driver install with threaded optimisations turned to off in Nvidia CP. Remember when changing settings within the graphics tab of the UI within XP11 it can sometimes take a restart of the sim to get a true reflection of the performance difference ~ I've noticed this myself when playing around with reflections slider where change in performance is after I start a new 'flight' after restarting the sim.
  2. FlyTampa EHAM does use the autogen file for Amsterdam scenery for the city, I'd recommend re-running the installer to re-add these entries after running FTX Central to allow ORBX to re-add theirs. You'll then have the city back!
  3. Well I did EGLL to EHAM UK2000 Heathrow FlyTampa Amsterdam PMDG NGX Texture size: 4096 AS16/ASCA/ENVTEX 1024 clouds Vatsim so no AI but quite a bit of traffic at EHAM... ORBX Global, OpenLC EU, Vector (as per robs settings), Trees HD and ORBX England, scenery density, autogen and trees all set to dense with LOD 4.5, mesh 5m and texture res 15cm, water medium. On runway at EGLL: 3.2GB used When on approach it spiked to 3.75GB used, when parked on the gate sat at 3.56GB used Not bad for a very short sector using pretty high end scenery I reckon - to put it into perspective, I previously had 3.3 and did same flight yesterday and it OOM'd on approach into EHAM? so HF2 is good for me so far!
  4. What is your texture & mesh resolution set to out of interest?
  5. I have the Thrustmaster MFD's and although I now have chase plane after using EZDok for years - as they are a pair of MFD's I use one solely for cameras and it works brilliantly.
  6. FSLabs Spotlights new download up now and fully compatible with HF2 - not installed the latest hot fix yet, how is it compared to VAS in 3.3 and performance overall? Any improvements?
  7. agreed - I actually purchased the rift & Flyinside few weeks back and as my primary flying is that of airliners (777, NGX etc) yes it was immersive and possibly the most immersed I've ever been on a home sim, BUT the minute you want to fly a proper sector it's difficult to read displays and it just feels a bit out of focus due to the lower resolution... I wore it for an entire 1hour sector from gate to gate and had panels and windows up with flyinside including using the zoom function but unfortunately the resolution isn't there *yet* - maybe next generation of VR may take us to that level? However, use oculus in DCS and you've got a killer combo, the HUD's are quite readable and it's pretty immense. I've returned my rift though as my primary flying is airliner so don't see the full value in it... again as aforementioned, as soon as they up the resolution I'll be jumping on it!
  8. REX Airports HD Salt Lake City and ORBX Global, OpenLC NA, Vector, Trees HD. Using weather combination of AS16/ASCA/ENVTEX with PTA and Aerosoft Airbus. unedited
  9. Agreed, probably same decision planning as the 'limited download policy' that lasted what a day? Does nobody in this hobby have any form of project management/ customer skills anymore... This just doesn't happen elsewhere. lol
  10. I use all the combination you do... I feel the sky textures that work with ASCA are far more realistic than ASCA's default offering, in addition the sun & water is much better too and ofcourse we then have northern lights and effects like that - I still also use FSFX packages ranges for my precipit etc. REX4 is now officially on the shelf for me. My combination now really is: ASCA - Clouds ENVTEX - Sky (Integrates with ASCA), effects such as northern lights, water, waves, sun, moon & some shader changes which make the cloud colour more realistic within ASCA... FSFX - PrecipitFX for rain & Snow effects and everything it offers and then immersion packages for each plane REX Airports HD for all default airport scenery then payware airports. It's a lot of addons, but I feel each adds a layer of immersion.
  11. Nope... Customer Yes - using it right now with it
  12. Yeah, it's all tick boxes - think the way REX does with textures, you can select what you want and don't want to be inserted into P3D...
  13. Yes - although I've been using REX4 for water/waves in past year - it's quite nice to be honest and can't quite put my finger on it, but I do a mixed bag of flying whether NGX and so on or in a Bae Hawk doing low level around the welsh valleys...
  14. Hi Guys; Sky textures - you can select ASCA mode within ENVTEX and it'll install sky textures into ASCA's folder and so if you have ASCA on global dynamic then it'll automatically use ENVTEX textures for so much variety - works brilliantly behind the scenes. The plan for the future is to do the same with clouds! Watch this space In addition theres an array of textures including water, wave animation, sun, moon and clouds incase you don't want to use ASCA cloud textures just now... The sun also comes with a glare effect which adds a natural glow when flying towards the sun... Overall a good addon, it's subtle but adds overall to the immersion.
  15. I think that the suggestions have ended up off topic... What REX are doing is doing bespoke textures for the original default-enhanced airports that FSX & now P3D ship with which aren't otherwise changed by default by REX HD Airport textures.
  16. I think mine was either Dreamfleet 737 or World Airports scenery boxed file - Only really started buying addons FS2002 onwards although started my MSFS journey with FS2000 and that Concorde .... start of a very unhealthy habbit!
  17. I'd raise this with Flight Sim Store as the original transaction for the sale was with them, just keep calm and you'll be sorted out - they're ok, you just need to deep breathe!
  18. I'd just go for cheapest deal you can get on any Xbox Controller, they're all fundamentally the same with USB
  19. I bit the bullet yesterday and both airports are amazing! I previously owned JFK, ORD, LAX, GEN & LAS. With the sale and all I went ahead and got Dallas Fort Worth & Fort Lauderdale to finish my US collection with FSDT combined with my 4 flight beam airports. Flying in the states is pretty awesome now with OpenLC NA too - thats coming from a Brit! FSDT and FlightBeam quality are just fantastic and yes some FSDT stuff is older, it still holds its weight tbh compared to some new aerosoft stuff and UK stuff we have so I'd go for it! Blue skies!
  20. I just did the same thing and bit the bullet and hit purchase on these 2
  21. Dept: Brussels EBBR, Dest: Milan LIMC. All taken within P3D with no editing etc Refueling on stand 140 at Brussels and preparing for our 188 passengers... Little over 1h20 later and we're descending into Italy after a scenic sector from Brussels Had to hold due to traffic congestion... Quick shot from over the captains shoulder of the countryside below Finally parked up and then in 25mins we're off somewhere else... as is the life of low fares
  22. Just did a flight to Hamburg with a new AFCAD and Orbx Germany North and the REX textures have certainly improved it all.. just fix the control tower please Also I wonder if we use new custom AFCADs that'll get rid of the ACES 'customised default hubs'... will try later today
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