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  1. You may have done so but I didn't see this on ANY of the store front selling the product where a purchase decision was made... The actual text of which a customer would make a purchasing decision does state ALL airports... I'd advise that this is added to the website as it's come as a bit of a surprise as I went by your own micro-site and a major Flight Simulator website of which had nothing advising this...
  2. Really disappointed if this is the case, 'highly detailed default' being just that... default... Would have thought these would have their textures updated too? Regret purchasing this and it hasn't even downloaded yet... Note from the stores description: Give ALL default airports in FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D the payware-style treatment!So by this then these airports should also be included as they are default with the various programs above? Can someone at REX chime in on this?
  3. Are we talking this weekend then?
  4. Just noticed here http://www.rexsimulations.com/wwahd.html that release is imminent? Oooo
  5. Don't know if this has been reported yet guys etc. When using GSX with the menu pop-up, once you select boarding for instance and it disappears then you cant use Chaseplane as it seems GSX still has global influence if I can call it that? Once you bring up the menu then any camera changes you tried with chaseplane then happen with the window open. I've found a way to solve this in the interim and that is when selecting anything in GSX menu to then re-call the menu after it disappears itself then right click and 'close' the GSX window and that way Chaseplane again has global influence. Thanks, Ryan
  6. FSCaptain does this based on weather situations... Landed in Tallin in Estonia last night and almost slid off, braking action was reduced and took so much longer to land... Oh and best bit is the ACARS style panel with FSCaptain where ground ops advised runway conditions were poor prior to landing
  7. Full integration is certainly planned and this is only intended as an interim solution - remember Chaseplane is early access and alpha and therefore not for everyone - similar to if you purchased early access on Steam... Glad to hear that it is helping just now until the full integration of which I am certain Keven has given some priority to. Anyway now to go get some fuel and fly again! So addictive panning around every fine detail of our aircraft now!
  8. You can use Track IR alongside Chaseplane, I've put together a quick couple of lines how to have both working together smoothly: http://www.avsim.com/topic/497315-workaround-track-ir-chaseplane/#entry3504200 Hopefully this will suffice until full functionality is brought in by Keven.
  9. Good Stuff - it's certainly not the perfect solution but works cleanly and at least gives somewhat ability to use TrackIR along with the great new views and functionality of CP. Using it just now on my first proper flight and used Track IR whilst taxi'ing and switched back and forth without issue
  10. Hi Everyone, Here's a workaround to be able to use Track IR AND Chaseplane. This is not a fix or feature update to chaseplane and will result in not having chaseplane camera effects whilst using Track IR but it will enable you to use both side-by-side smoothly. 1. Firstly run TrackIR prior to launching P3D. 2. Once in the sim it'll be jittery as TrackIR & Chaseplane will be fighting for control so with Chaseplane main UI then go to Preferences > Control Bindings and under 'Global Enable' key use the same joystick button you use for 'pause' in Track IR. That's it - now you just have to press that joystick button to switch between Chaseplane camera views and Track IR on the fly... Next time you start your sim then start Track IR first and ensure it is 'paused' with the button prior to opening P3D and Chaseplane and that way it'll be a smooth experience from the start. Best, Ryan
  11. I reckon this would maybe be under Static Cameras which are certainly coming
  12. Good to hear Keven - In the interim is there a way I wonder of using TrackIR with ChasePlane with a combination of the global enable shortcut... Any ideas? That way currently users could use Track IR (Albeit without the great turbulence effects) and then disable/re-enable chaseplane for view changes and for normal stages of flight... Just thinking out loud
  13. I'm going to pick this up even though I always fly between payware because... DIVERSIONS? Will be good if you need to divert for medical emergency and so on...
  14. rdtv91


    This has been solved by LM in P3D V3 so I suspect its an underlying issue... go bug Dovetail for FS:SE to be fixed for it
  15. Is it true that the cameras on the -300ER don't have the same old performance penalty now with p3d 3.4? Just as I seen a post on facebook claiming this? Thanks, Ryan Taylor
  16. Just for reference I've had Spotlights for almost a year? and use reshade in P3D and no problems here - so we'll see when the FSL320 is across.
  17. Would be handy Ben if it was able to pull Navigraph data or something?
  18. Couldn't see how to edit this - resolved by reinstalling simconnect from p3d redist folder.
  19. Hi, Recently had to reformat and new Win10 installation with P3D 3.3, I had a few P3D issues with compatiability with ezdok etc so was paying attention to event viewer, I've noticed my RAAS is flagging up this error: Activation context generation failed for "F:\Prepar3D v3\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect ,processorArchitecture="x86",publicKeyToken="67c7c14424d61b5b",type="win32",version="10.0.60905.0" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis. Any ideas? Cheers, Ryan
  20. If only UK enroute controllers had a 'weather radar'... at least from my time it was quite archaic, it's very much initiated by the air crew - although when working a sector you can get a 'idea' of where the weather is.
  21. Ed on orbx forums has said earlier today that they were 'wrapping up' and 'Hopefully today' for the new lib which will fix this *fingers crossed* "We're pretty much there, new Orbxlibs will be released soon (hopefully today) with instructions."
  22. No FPS hit for me compared to ASN, I'm using AS16+ASCA. I bit the bullet lol.
  23. It keeps coming and going, see: http://secure.simmarket.com/hifi-tech-active-sky-2016-p3d.phtml I have it in my cart but now its disappeared and then it re-appeared and then gone... haha *shambles*
  24. Go read the website or read this thread. They are made for each other, one is weather and other is textures that have extra features when used with AS16. If you want full AS16 experience you get both, if you want amazing wx engine and use rex textures just get as16. I'm getting AS16 and then awaiting till a later date to get the ASCA when more reviews come in.
  25. yes - 2 products but work together. You can just get AS16 and use it same way as you do other WX engines or get ASCA and have dynamic texture loading etc.
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