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  1. YES. Scroll down. see prices here: http://www.hifisimtech.com/#latestnews
  2. Is there the 'wing fade' effect or whatever it was called from ASN working in AS16 with P3D now? As it was amazing in FSX then P3D wasn't a smooth possible fade as much I think according to the developer - if this is working and combined with other features I may get AS16 just now to go with REX soft clouds then maybe upgrade to ASCA later on when there are more reviews/ videos etc.
  3. Pros - immersive environment & Brilliant wide visuals seeing the entire cockpit... is perfect when taxiing and when landing because of the peripheral view it's perfect - works great with TrackIR Cons - reduced performance (It can eat the GPU, especially with clouds! - although my 980TI manages it fine) and some stretching at the sides but this can be reduced slightly with a higher zoom point (I use 1.0)
  4. I bought the 737 ones back in January, delivery was within a week to the UK and quality is superb, Propper plastic moulds so no wooden DIY job like I've seen elsewhere online or overly plastic that looks fake. Only issue was they were very stiff to get the throttle levers on but that's because saitek throttles seem to have production lines which the width varies ever so slightly between newer and older lines... But after some pressure and using a file I got them on nice and snug and can't imagine flying without them, the immersion of actual handles is amazing!
  5. I don't get why the price is 75USD, people are saying its cheap for what it is but think about the systems depth of the NGX... The IXEG 737 - at this time - advised by the developers doesnt model the PROG page of the FMC nor does it model HOLDs entered manually by the pilot... And it doesn't have TCAS either? Ofcourse some will buy it regardless of price; but to an outsider like myself it feels as if Xplane developers have always added a 'premium' without true substance and that's the ONE thing that has always stopped me from using Xplane as much...
  6. Very true - well I've bit the bullet and ordered a gtx980ti hopefully this will do the job with Nvidia surround and the 737ngx
  7. Yeah I'm swaying towards a GTX980TI now considering your advice and what I've been reading/ looking at today. I posted a few screenshots above of flying into overcast, I don't use much shadow options and no terrain shadows; mainly flying the PMDG stuff and the main thing I want is to be able to have overcast properly with internal P3D settings
  8. Well following advice, here's a couple of screenshots when flying through cloud with Nvidia surround from GpuZ, my gfx card has 4gb vram but as we all know there an issue with the 970 when in reality it's 3.5GB Vram...
  9. Thanks guys, going to see what my VRAM usage is when in but I don't think it's that high, will look at that as only ever looked at gpu usage % on gpu Z. I only use internal p3d settings with 4x msaa. Will keep an eye on the next range of Nvidia cards then before splashing any cash shall drop my vram stats this evening when in from work. Appreciate all your input this is what makes this community and simulator so good.
  10. Hi Folks, I'll sumarise my situation and my planned solution - any advice whether I am on the right tracks would be awesome. Currently have a GTX970 which is powering 3x 1920x1080 monitors with Nvidia surround (resolution of 5960x1080 - bezel corr) My only issue with this is when flying through cloud where GPU load constantly peaks at 99% which makes overcast impossible to fly near... (99% Gpu usage then brings p3d lagging to near impossible in the ngx - rest of the time it's fine and frames locked all nicely) My motherboard doesn't support SLI, only crossfire and I am planning for a new Mobo and CPU upgrade to skylake later this year so want to hold off... My question is if I were to purchase another GTX970 just now, my mobo supports multiple graphics cards - would running another 970 with a monitor running from that solve the problem in terms of gpu performance and therefore p3d performance in cloud? Some figures: Stretched P3D over 3 monitors - gpu usage is around 85 - 90% over 2 monitors is hovering around 65, peaks about 70ish When on 1 monitor it sits around 50, peaking 60s I understand you can't run surround from multiple graphics cards without SLI in which case I fly the NGX and would it be possible to pull & expand P3D and 'alt-enter' the same way as I do now without any issues and above all would it solve my cloud performance issues Thanks in advance all! Full setup: i5 4690K overclocked to 4.5 stable, 16GB Ram, GTX970, few SSD's Jonathon.
  11. Download dropbox link and follow instructions but back up your files from the ShaderHSL folder in P3D. The mod is good but you also need to make an edit to General.fx (see page 2 or 3 of this thread, and then apply shadow rec for buildings & veg (i have all shadows rec on) and that way it'll appear properly at dusk/ dawn and night.
  12. Agreed with above - we really need to find the shader to tweak simobjects, trees and buildings same way as terrain*
  13. Hi - yes the shadows don't affect buildings etc and I noticed my pay ware airports namely uk2000 also don't have any shadows so are standing out like a sore thumb (must note that I do have sim objects receive so Uk2000 scenery does accept cloud shadows just this tweak isn't affecting it at all... Thanks ^ following on from above - I have all shadows enabled in p3d options
  14. Are these real? I take it yes as they were screenshots but more info please? Do tell.
  15. When you have both off... do you not get a weird visibility issue at FL300 + in ASN? I've just followed your videos and tried both off and above FL300 theres really high visibility and also a kind of light white haze layer over the ground?
  16. I also agree, absolutely love Concorde but the fact the virtual cockpit isn't up to today's graphics standards is a let down, fair enough systems wise and look wise but when you compare to even captain sim graphics of the steam gauge fleet it's quite poor and really lets down what seems to be a great product... This would of been an instant purchase had they spent some time actually bringing the virtual cockpit graphics up to today's standards (would have then been worth the price), but re-packaging an old model with some changes to the textures and what are essentially 'fixed' is a sad state of affairs and I'm concerned about their upcoming Airbus if they think this is acceptable...
  17. Notice the Denali Dropbox links are dead, any chance I can get the latest version to give it a go? Thanks in advance Jonathon
  18. Again it depends we should all chirp in if we have without regions and what airports and any issues... Personally I've got Southampton in the Uk without England and not a single issue then I also got sumburgh in Scotland but had elevation issues
  19. Considering buying but having tried the demo I have a few questions... UK Version: I really only fly IFR in Europe and a pet hate so far is area control being called center - does the UK enhancement fix this as its Control in the UK & Europe? SID Climb Any way I can get ATC to climb me faster on a SID, it's usual in the UK to be climbed much faster than sat level'd out at 5000 for most of the SID... Cheers in advance guys.
  20. Yeah just original gold Fsx version and yep emergencies is working for me tried an engine out after v1 to try and all seems to be working fine big relief !
  21. I got it working James, all I did was uninstall old NGX then install new NGX Installer Then just run the FS2Crew Installer (in my case emergency ngx). Once complete ran the FS2Crew icon which came up a warning about requiring 1C SP, I clicked ok then the enable voice button, closed it and then launched FSX and all is working fine
  22. Yeah I will be getting Reboot but FS2Crew for NGX how long for an update to work with the NG? I've purchased both FS2Crew & Emergency and looking forward to having these working again... Jonathon Ryans
  23. Yeah I'd also like to have a shot at them, re-upload anyone x2 ? Ryan Taylor
  24. Brilliant! Bought this today after convincing the other half it'd keep me 'quiet' haha! Has truelly brought that thing that was missing! I only ever fly the ngx because of you!!! You've ruined every other addon that doesn't have fs2crew for me!! Luckily now I have the ngx and airbus to fly between... Here's hoping pmdg release the sdk quicker with the 777 then they did with the ngx so you can get started on that ;-) Back on topic though: flew one sector earlier and this is a must have!!!
  25. Awesome shall purchase when I get in from night shift - quick question: From the video I notice you can ask for ground crew to connect the GPU on arrival at the stand - is this something you would be able to implement into NGX or NGX Emergency as that would add an extra smidge of realism... Anyhow looks good so will try the Airbus experience out later today (Digs out the joystick)
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