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  1. Looks like, at least to some degree, I Solved one of the mysteries. Looks like my FPS problem is fixed. After alot of testing I was able to determine it was indeed CombatPilot causing it. When I ran the exact same flight, same plane, same weather, same everything through regular FSX my FPS was reasonable and what I'd expect it to be. Through Combat Pilot I was getting those strange FPS drop offs. Some sort of memory leak I guess. PCAviator & Jim, Thanks for the tips and settings. I'm actually already using most of those MSE tweaks (Except for the zoom...nothing but zoom of 1.0x works for me. The cockpit, instruments, and proportions of the cockpit look just too far away for me). I'm going to go back over my Nvidia Inspector settings tonight and compare them to the ones Jim posted (Thanks Jim!). I tried the advice of dropping my lod_radius all the way down to 4.5 but, believe it or not, it actually made things alot worse...not better. Go figure. Things that weren't sharp weren't sharpening any faster at low lod_radius. I think the reason it seemed worse was that the textures were "sharpening" at the same speed regardless of the lod_radius setting...however...with a high lod_radius setting its letting my system work "ahead" a little bit and thus many times the textures have already sharpened by the time I get to them. Whereas, at lower lod_radius setings often times they don't sharpen until I'm already flying past them, or sometimes they simply don't sharpen at all. Regardless of lod_radius setting, sometimes they just don't sharpen up all the way. And sometimes they do. Whatever the case, after many many hours of testing now I'm fairly convinced that lowering lod_radius doesn't seem to help them sharpen, and raising lod_radius doesn't help them sharpen faster but does allow me to have "more" sharp at a time and thus give the appearance that they are sharpening better. with regards to OOM errors....I still haven't had one (Except for a brief time when I was testing ENB Series stuff which had me crashing left & right). The other interesting thing is that, with regards to the 'speed' that textures sharpen...if I completely deactivated the MSE textures and relied only on my UTX/GEX combination, flying at 3000 feet or below many times even THOSE non-photoreal textures wouldn't sharpen all the way. I could see that same effect with them sometimes beneath the autogen. You'd be flying along and a cornfield or what not would look a bit blocky and blurry...but then as you are flying past it would suddenly 'sharpen up' and look much better. Other times they were sharp by the time I got to them, other times they didn't sharpen at all. Fiber_Time does seem to make a huge difference though. Drop it to .20 and the textures never sharpen at all...ever. Raise it to .99 and they "Seem" to sharpen up better, and more frequently, but the FPS takes a huge hit...especially on the ground. I've got it set at .49 right now. Maybe thats just how it is and I can't make it any better. I still haven't overclocked my system, so there is a good chance I think that would help. I overclocked one system once before...my last system, and it was very time consuming and alot of work. There was alot to learn. However, I only built this current one in September and just haven't had the time to re-learn to do it on an Ivy Bridge and with this motherboard, or had the time to leave my PC running for the stress testing. Maybe its time that I finally bite the bullet and do it...and perhaps the AVSIM hardware guide would be a good place to start learning again. I noticed there were some 'overclocking' links in the document. Another thing I'll say regarding my testing is that I also did some testing at 18,000 feet. I've got a theory that alot of users are NOT getting "sharpened" textures and just don't know it. At FL018 the textures look very nice and if I wasn't paying attention, I probably wouldn't notice when they didn't sharpen all the way. They might just have a very slightly blurry or hazy look....but then if I really watch...sometimes I can catch them in the act of sharpening up and then it went from looking "pretty good" to looking even better. Clutch, This weekend I did exactly as you asked. Started from the military base down there and headed to the tip of key west. I flew at between 5000-10000, and was at around 250 Knots. I'm not a very good reviewer as I've never been to Key West, much less seen it from the air, so take what I say with a grain of salt. The ground color looked good to me. The sharpness I can't say...I had my lod_radius set at 4.5 for my tests and so things were sometimes just not sharpening up as they should. Often times it looked pretty bad and blurry to me. Sometimes it would magically "sharpen" as I flew over it, others it would stay blurry. I haven't tested with lod_radius at 8.5 though or at higher altitudes. When the textures DID sharpen, they looked very good. When they did NOT sharpen...if they were beach or wilderness they looked nice but if they were urban they looked horrible. I'm not 100% sure how to judge "masking problems" or what masking problems look like...but I THINK I saw some. There were islands there that appeared to have bodies of water in the center, or rivers/streams but the lake/river/stream wasn't water textured...it was pure white...as if it were made of snow. It was really bizarre looking. There were a few of the areas I saw this going from the tip of the keys back up to the mainland. Bear in mind that I'm still checking and will run another flight, but so far, I haven't noticed any large swaths of land missing from coast to coast mid-state.
  2. Do you happen to be running multiple monitors? I know on mine, I use a secondary monitor for surfing, maps, etc. If I run FRAPS, it seems to like to record my secondary instead of the primary.
  3. Thats what I was starting to think as well. Its really strange. I do have one uncommon FSX add-on running and thats Combat Pilot. I previously wouldn't have thought that Combat Pilot could affect FSX as its more of a "wrapper" or "launcher". But Combat Pilot does modify FSX slightly so its probably possible. So maybe I'll try the same flight outside of Combat Pilot, just in regular FSX and see if I get the same result. The odd thing is it seems to have "something" to do with me setting the LOD_Radius from 8.5 down to 6.5. The problem didn't occur at 8.5...it only happened at 6.5. You're correct about the military aircraft...its a T-45C Goshawk jet trainer. Sure thing. I should have some time this weekend to check it out. You happen to have any specific areas or routes you want me to check or at any specific altitudes? Actually, my flight is much simpler than that. Its a military jet flying VFR along the Southern coast of the Florida panhandle making the exact same flight I'd made dozens of times, at the same altitudes, at the same speeds. I'm not descending to landing or anything like that...for that entire half of the flight I'm at 3000 feet. This started occurring long before I got anywhere near the destination. I'm not really any closer to the ground or any nearer to the destination when it occurs. On the 2nd leg of the flight....at roughly the same altitude...suddenly the FPS slowly starts falling off. On the final leg of the flight...it continues to slowly fall off getting worse and worse. At that point...I'm still a ways from the destination. The real kicker though is I've flown that SAME flight, at the same altitudes, at the same speeds, in the same aircraft...dozens of times. At an LOD_Radius of 8.5 my FPS was pretty constantly near 30. But I didn't run into the situation described above until I dropped that LOD_Radius to 6.5. Just plain bizarre. This weekend I'll have to try the same flight again, under the same conditions and see if I get the same FPS fall off. If I do...then I'll try it again outside of Combat Pilot, and also try it again with the LOD_Radius set back up to 8.5.
  4. Riddle me this batman.... This is just plain weird. So last night I decide to experiment with some of the tips I received here in this thread and from MSE support. So I drop my LOD_Radius down from 8.5 to 6.5 and I fly the exact same flight that I've been testing this with. Its several legs over Florida...about 200 miles total. Some legs going 250 KIAS, others going 360 KIAS, some legs at 3000 feet, some at 5000 feet, some at 10,000 feet. And its the exact same flight every time, with the exact same weather (Using a built-in FSX "Fair Weather" theme and not any sort of live weather). When I was testing with an LOD_Radius of 8.5, my FPS usually hovered right around 30 and my textures sharpened or blurred as I described elsewhere in this thread. But when I dropped that LOD_Radius to 6.5...after takeoff and through about the first 2/3 of the flight my FPS was about the same. The textures DID seem to be sharpening up a little bit better. It still wasn't quite right as I'd guess that 50% of the time the textures were sharp by the time I flew over them. 25% of the time they were blurry until I was over them or just past them and then they sharpened up. And 25% of the time they never sharpened up as I flew past them. However, in the last 1/3 of the flight something strange happened...my FPS just started plummeting. It first stuck down in the mid twenties, then the high teens, then by the time I finally landed it was averaging in the low teens. What the heck happened? I've flown that same flight dozens of times with everything exactly the same but a higher LOD_Radius of 8.5. So what in the world would cause my FPS to drop with a LOWER LOD_Radius? And even stranger...what would cause the FPS to be fine through the majority of the flight...and then suddenly just start dropping off like that for the final half hour of the flight? Its not like I was flying over different terrain or textures, or using different clouds or water or weather. Everything was the same. I didn't have time to try that flight more than one time to see if the weird FPS plummet was repeatable. Do you think maybe it was some strange memory-leak-like freak thing? Or can you think of a reason that behavior would be linked to reducing my LOD_Radius to 6.5. Weird.
  5. Thanks for the LOD info meshman & gizmo, and thanks for shining a little light on the way it works meshman. That helps. I'm actually using just the one monitor. Sometimes I might pull up Skyvector on the second monitor, or maybe just drag the electronic kneeboard in FSX over there...thats about it though. I don't have the sim stretched across the two monitors or anything. That particular monitor is old, kinda dark, and kind of beat up...but it works good for just text stuff. I also sent a message to MSE support and got a really nice and really helpful message back with some suggestions to try...most of which involve doing just the sort of things you guys mentioned. So I'll try dropping that LOD_Radius down to 6.5 or even lower if I have to. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Jim & Clutch Cargo. Yes, I should have mentioned, all of my scenery is on an SSD. With regards to the LOD at 8.5. I was referring to LOD_Radius. Thats directly from the MSE "Help" section: As far as stability of my machine goes, I've never had a problem with OOM or CTD at LOD_Radius 8.5. I don't fly any of those big, complicated airliners like PMDG stuff yet though...just small GA & Military aircraft. I do use REXE+OD for textures and either OpusFSX or ActiveSky 2012 for weather though (Which one I use depends on what I'm doing...if I'm using historical weather I use AS2012....if I'm using live weather I use Opus). Load times are about a minute or two...so those are certainly a bit longer. My texture_max_load, like yours, is also set to 4096. Maybe I should try backing that off to 2048 and see if that makes a difference. My FSX Frames Limiter is set to 30. I read your post last night and had an opportunity to try setting it to 40. Unfortunately that didn't help though. I'll try 25 and 20 tonight if I can. I'm testing this much lower that you are though.....5000 feet instead of FL024. I realize that, overall, they won't look as good at that altitude but at this point I'm just trying to get them to all be "sharp" when they load instead of "gradually sharpen" as I fly past. Yup...thats exactly what is happening...except I'm taking off instead of landing, and its Pensacola, FL instead of KORD (I live near KORD so I'll wave when you virtually fly by ). Just after takeoff, at 5000 feet....the textures look like they are "trying" to sharpen and if, instead of flying out of the area, if I fly around the city for a while they will eventually sharpen. Sometimes you can actually watch a "chunk" sharpen. Looking out the window at the city texture....you might see half of it blurry and the other half one "stage" sharper. Every time the textures advance to the next stage of sharpness...I'll get one brief "stutter" on the screen while the textures sharpen to the next level.
  7. I've recently installed a whole bunch of the MSEv2 Photoscenery (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Lousiana). I'm new to using photoscenery and I'm trying to get it tweaked to display best on my system. It seems I might be having a problem with blurry textures, however at this point, I'm still trying to determine what is "normal" and what isn't. If I'm flying around the Western Panhandle of Florida at 10,000 feet and 350 knots everything seems pretty good. On the other hand, if I start a flight at Pensacola Florida, load into my flight on the runway, and takeoff....as I climb through 3000 feet at around 250 knots and look out the canopy...all of the Pensacola City photoscenery is really blurry. All of the scenery in every direction is blurry. As I level off at 5000 feet and 350 knots....its all still blurry. If I turn, and fly over the same area circling the city area and looking down...I can see the scenery "sharpen up" as I watch. The screen will "jerk" slightly and I will see chunks of the city "pop" into a better level of sharpness. Its hard to describe but its almost like there are multiple levels of sharpness. From "completely blurry" it'll "pop" into "sharper" as I watch...and then if I keep circling...it might pop into "sharpest". Maybe its my imagination but thats how it seems to me. If I continue flying out of the city in a straight line, the scenery seems to do a little better. Some of it sharpens, but other times.....it doesn't sharpen until I'm already flying past it which defeats the purpose of the photoscenery. At higher altitude, 10,000 feet, it seems to do a little better. Although I'm not sure if its actually sharpening better or its just that it looks better from a higher altitude and the sharpness is really the same. I've read the FAQ's and guides available on the MSE site. My LOD_Detail setting is 8.5. That setting has been working pretty good for me before the photoscenery for a while...and I've never received an out of memory error. My Fiber_Time is set to the default .33. I've tried messing with the Fiber_Time and bumped it to .99 to see what would happen. My results were inconclusive because my FPS had dropped so much. Even sitting still on the runway the FPS was in the teens. Flying it was in the teens or low twenties. So I dropped the Fiber_Time to .46....and that seemed to help a little. It might be my imagination but it seemed that textures sharpened a little bit better, a little bit faster...but it still wasn't ideal. I tried dropping the LOD_Detail down to 8 from 8.5...and I couldn't tell much difference. It might have actually made it worse. So, from those of you out there using photoscenery, what do you do? I'm trying to learn what settings I need to try or tweak to improve the textures? Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and its simply not possible to get the textures to sharpen up at 3000-5000 feet. Once again, please understand that I'm new to photoscenery and I'm trying to learn.
  8. Whoah....alot of all that stuff was way over my head :blink: So, with regards to FSX scenery in my situation described above...what is my best solution? Since the time I posted that, I've discovered that I seem to have some "blurry" issues (Which I'll post about in the FSX Forum instead of here in the hardware forum) but I need to at least touch on it here as it does have some bearing on the hardware question I asked. I've noticed that even on my SATA III SSD's running 6 Gb/s that I "seem" to have some photoscenery issues. Now please, bear in mind, I'm new to photoscenery so maybe what I'm seeing is totally normal. Right now, my Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction is set to the default .33 and my LOD_Detail is set to 8.5. At 10,000 feet in a Jet going 360 Knots I didn't notice any problems much. Those problems became much more noticeable at 5000 feet in a jet going 360 Knots. I notice that the city surrounding the airfield I take off from is pretty blurry...and sort of gradually "crisps up". Things gradually sharpen but it takes a while. If I fly over the same area for a while...it sharpens. But if I keep moving in a straight line its entirely possible that it will never sharpen before I've past it which defeats the purpose. So next I tried setting my Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction to .99 like Rob described. My results of that were inconclusive becuase it really dropped my frame rate alot. While sitting on the ground at the end of the runway awaiting takeoff my frame rate had dropped to the high teens to the low twenties. Flying around it was generally in the teens or low twenties. Things were pretty choppy. So next I tried setting my Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction to .46...a value somewhere between the default of .33 and Rob's .99. It did seem like the terrain sharpened better and faster, and it was "better" but still not quite right I don't think. The way this relates to my hardware question is.... It looks like the bottleneck is my FPS....the rendering of those textures. That sounds like a CPU/Video Card thing. If thats the case....then maybe its not going to make a difference whether I'm running at SATA III or SATA II speeds off the SSD because the FPS indicates that the video card/CPU is already handling all it can? Thus...maybe using those 3 Gb/s SATA II ports is the ticket for any further scenery SSD's? again...if thats a stupid question...please forgive me. Learning here.
  9. Thanks for posting that Rob. I was actually just searching the AVSIM forums for an answer to that very question....6 Gb/s SATA port versus 3 Gb/s SATA port. Its actually partly your fault, yours and Firehawk44's. You guys kept posting those really nice screenshots of your photoscenery flights in a few different threads in the FSX forum....now I'm hooked I tried MSEv2 for Florida and really liked it. At low altitude I preferred my UTX/GEX combination...but for 5000-10000 feet and above, I really liked that photoscenery. So I went on to pick up Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Lousiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. I'm not out of space yet...but its forcing me to start thinking about space now and I'm starting to think maybe I should pick up another SSD. My system runs an ASUS Z77 Deluse Mobo which has 2 6 Gb/s SATA ports, 2 more Marvel 6 Gb/s SATA ports, and 4 3 Gb/s SATA ports. I've got my Main OS & Programs 512 GB SSD plugged into one of the 6 Gb/s SATA ports, and my FSX "stuff" (FSX, Addons, Scenery, etc) 512 GB SSD plugged into the other 6 Gb/s port. The two Marvel 6 Gb/s ports are taken up by a 3 TB HDD cached to a small 64 GB SSD using the built in ASUS caching which only runs through those 2 Marvel ports. I've got a Blu Ray Writer plugged into one of the remaining 3 Gb/s Ports, and a hot-swappable drive bay plugged into another (There is no actual drive in that bay, its empty, but I have the hot swap bay plugged in and configured in case I ever need it). So that leaves 2 3 Gb/s ports. I don't know very much about SATA speeds, what is a noticeable difference and what isn't, and how they work...so I was concerned that 1) Hooking a new SSD up to a 3 Gb/s port would be too slow and 2) Because I don't know much about the way the ports work, I was worried it was a lowest common denominator thing and that by hooking an SSD up to one of those 3 Gb/s ports I'd somehow be limiting the speed of my 6 Gb/s port SSD's as well. So I'm not sure where the heck I'm going to put more photoscenery as I get it. My FSX SSD still has alot of space but eventually thats going to start to run down. I'm guessing its probably a bad idea to put it on my 3 TB HDD because I'm guessing it would be alot slower and maybe dog my FSX performance.
  10. If you use Historical Weather often, what is your favorite weather engine to use for Historical Weather? Just like alot of people here, I like OpusFSX alot. Unfortunately, OpusFSX only offers the last 24 hours for historical weather (Unless of course they've changed that with a recent update...they come up with updates so frequently that sometimes its hard to keep up! And thats a good thing ).
  11. Thanks PCAviator! Funny thing is that I was actually using the exact same REX texture as you were I think. I was thinking the same thing. Only problem is that apparently I wasn't actually "Seeing" it. It looks like it had something to do with UTX. I made sure that MSE Florida was above everything else in my library...at the very top but even using the REX tropical coral textures I wasn't getting what you showed. Mine was still that deep blue ocean water. It looked nice...but not how I wanted. I wasn't seeing the beaches or sand bars or any of that. So I went in and turned off ALL UTX Water features completely, and then just went ahead and disabled UTX all together....that worked. It was UTX causing the problem. Mine looks exactly like yours now. The funny thing is that I've been using REX for a little while now and never realized that I wasn't even seeing the water textures. UTX must have been covering them up this whole time. Now I need to figure out what parts of UTX I can re-activate and leave on...and what parts I need to turn off. It would be nice to be able to leave it on so that if a flight takes me out of MSE territory I can still have all the UTX stuff in place. Also, on a sidenote, I noticed a few places in Florida...I can see spots of the MSE that are like "missing" for small patches here and there and instead I see the default FSX terrain. Its not much, and it would be easy to not even notice. When taking off from Pensacola I notice it on one of those sand-bar like strips just on the coast there. Most of it is covered with MSE photoscenery and then in the middle, just a little stretch of default FSX texture.
  12. Thanks Bruce, I use FTX PNW sometimes as well and, like you, also had the black PAPI/VASI problem there as well. I'll give your setting a shot as well and see how it works out for me. Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys! That helps alot. I actually had another thread on here asking questions about the Scenery Library that went unanswered so I'm really glad you guys hopped in here and helped me out. I've got my scenery library configured now the way you specified so I'll try that out this weekend and see how it works for me. A further question directly related to MSEv2... I watched the MSEv2 Florida video from the MSE website and in my first tests of MSEv2 Florida, along the coast down by Pensacola, I noticed my water doesn't look ANYTHING like the video. The water in the video has turquoise spots along the shore, you can see sand and sand bars, seagrass, coral, etc. It has a much more "tropical" look that I'd expect of Florida. On the other hand, my own is just solid dark blue ocean water right up to the shore. Its very "nice" dark blue water with a nice REX wave animation....but its just that....deep dark blue water all the way right up to the shore. There are no turquoise spots, no sand bars, no coral...it doesn't look "real" and it sort of does a bit of an injustice to the rest of the photoscenery. Should mine look like the video on the MSE website? Any idea what I might have done wrong to rob me of the nice coastlines and shallower turquoise water there? Could it be REX causing me the issues? Should I disable UTX? I also get the "Banding" on the coastlines, and in my own searching here on AVSIM I've found another thread about that....so I'm wondering if UTX might be causing my loss or tropical water too? But I'd think if that was from UTX...other people would say the same. Also... Do you guys turn OFF Autogen or anything when using MSEv2 or do you leave it on so that you have "populated" terrain for when your aircraft pops out of an MSE area into a non-MSE area? Any other tips you might have to make it look nice? I've followed the tips on the MSE site and have them set EXCEPT for the zoom factor. I prefer to use 1.00 Zoom...I don't like even .70 as even with Widescreen set it just doesn't look right to me. Feels like I'm flying from the backseat With regards to FS Global Ultimate I think I'll probably need to e-mail the creator to find out where the best place to put it in my scenery library is unless I can find an answer here. So far I haven't had any luck finding the answer so maybe I'll give PILOT's support a shot.
  14. Just last night I installed MSEv2 Florida and, after watching the video footage of MSEv2 and reading your post, I think mine isn't right at all. If I look at Drew's pictures posted above, that's exactly how my MSEv2 Florida coastline looks as well. How do I get the effect of the clear shallow water with the sand, seagrass, and coral reefs you mentioned and that I see in the MSEv2 Florida video? Did I install something wrong or have some sort of scenery layer conflict? I also use UTX/GEX/REX. I've got MSEv2 Florida at the very top of my scenery library (first item) and all of the entries for UTX below that, then FS Global Ultimate after that (Which I currently have disabled), then the default FSX stuff.
  15. Gotcha. Thanks. I'm so used to seeing folks use UTX along side of GEX my eyeballs just assumed they had seen "UTX" in your post beside GEX I'm a bit confused by the above statement though as I was under the impression that FS Global and GEX do two different things. Isn't GEX replacement autogen and such...but no terrain mesh....while FS Global is just terrain mesh data? (More detailed elevation data). If I'm wrong...I may need to uninstall FS Global as well because I already have GEX installed and I like it. My understanding of alot of this is at a novice level....but I was under the impression that UTX made sure things like rivers, streams, and roads were in the right place and adjusted positioning of things...as well as some texture stuff like for water, and roads. GEX was replacement textures for fields, and buildings, and autogen stuff. FS Global was terrain mesh that added more accurate elevation data so that mountains, hills, and canyons looked more detailed. I'm still working on learning this stuff and getting my FSX the way I like it...so I might be way off. With regards to my scenery library...I didn't mess with it at all. Its in the order the installers put them in. I've got all the UTX stuff at the top, followed by the FS Global stuff, followed by the default stuff. I just need to figure where the MSE should fit into that so that. With regards to those Combat Pilot airports...those all installed into my "Add On Scenery" folder which is in the "Middle" of my scenery library. Should I move "Add On Scenery" to the top? Any idea where folks usually have "Add On Scenery" positioned?
  16. Thanks guys and thanks Jim for the great info on that variable. I think I'll just avoid messing with it. I wasn't actually trying to solve a problem with blurries or stutters, so far, those seem fine. I was just having this odd "Black squares" problem with VASI lights at the end of runways.....but I think I figured out how to solve it. If I was flying and looked over at a runway in the distance and could see the VASI lights, you wouldn't see "lights" but instead you'd just see these black squares just for a half second or so. In just a short bit the squares would vanish and be replaced by the proper lights. Sometimes that would be the end of it, but others....you might look away for a few moments, then look back and once again the VASI lights would be black squares and have to 'refresh' into their proper form again. I discovered that having my FFTF set at .20 made this worse. In addition, a FFTF of .20 was causing me alot of autogen "popping". The autogen looked a bit like popcorn as I was flying about. You'd look ahead and you'd see all the autogen...and then pop, pop, pop....it would still be filling out. At the default .33 both the popping autogen and the black squares was better. I'd still get the black squares occassionally but it was definitely better. Then, in reading the FSX Guide here on AVSIM, I found that my TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT should really be set much higher for my system and I just had it at the default 40. Originally, in Word Not Allowed's guide he just left it at 40 and said he didn't see a difference. But when I set that higher...it completely fixed the black squares problem on my system. I haven't had the black squares since, although I will say that it seemed to drop my FPS a smidge...although I didn't test that scientifically and it might just be my imagination or the locations I'm flying at. I try not to waste my time staring at the FPS counter all the time....if its smooth 90% of the time and gets a bit choppy on the ground or something once in a while...I'm fine with that.
  17. Thanks Robains. I just picked up MSEv2 Florida so I'll give that a shot. Thank you for the tips and advice. Do you happen to use UTX as well? How about FS Global Ultimate? If so, do you place MSE above or below UTX and/or FS Global Ultimate in the Scenery Library? Also, with regards to the Add On Third Party airports you mentioned.... I've never purchased a third party airport, however, I do have "Combat Pilot Series" from Saitek which I believe does indeed come with third party airports. However, I don't see them specifically listed as scenery in my scenery library. Could those be collectively contained in the "Add On Scenery" entry of the Scenery Library? Should I make sure the "Add On Scenery" is about MSE in the Scenery Library? Thanks!
  18. I'm a bit confused about how the Scenery Library works in FSX. I understand the concept, the stuff at the "top" of the library gets precedence over the things at the bottom. However, I was hoping to be able to learn a bit more and gain a bit more understanding. I've got several products that add entries to my scenery library and, after installing several add on products, I'd like to be able to make sure its in the correct order. I started with the regular FSX & Acceleration. Installed UTX & GEX. Installed REX Installed ORBX FTX PNW (Although I'm not currently flying there so I have FTX Central set to Default) Later down the road, I installed "Combat Pilot Series" which added a few detailed airports: Naval bases down in Florida. I noticed at one of these bases, KNPA, there are hardened semi-circular hangars that "float" six to eight feet above the concrete...I'm hoping to figure out a way to fix that...but I suppose thats a separate post or maybe better asked of the Combat Pilot guys. Just today I installed FSGlobal Ultimate. I've recently purchased (But not yet installed) MSEv2 for Florida. So how does a person know what order their scenery library should be in? Maybe is there a newbie's guide or some such to it hiding here on AVSIM somewhere? Right now...here is what mine looks like (After my recent install of FS Global Ultimate but BEFORE the install of MSEv2 Florida): 1) At the top, all of the UTX stuff. 2) Next, what appears to be a few individual airport, city, or terrain names: Edwards_AFB, Berlin, Longleat, Istanbul, Reno. 3) AddOn Scenery 4) Propeller Objects 5) Global, Generic, & Vehicle Libraries 6) Then more individual airport, city, or terrain names: Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, St. Maarten, Oshkosh Aerial Photo, South America, Oceania, Western North America, Eastern North America, Central North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa. 7) FS Global Ultimate Americas - LM, FS Global Ultimate Americas - CSA, FS Global Ultimate Americas - NAM, FS Global Ultimate Americas - ANT 8) A bunch of "Base" entries, such as "1107 Base" or "0400 Base". 9) Default Scenery 10) Default Terrain Any help or advice on what should go where, or rules of thumb on how to keep it properly organized so it works correctly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. I was reading through the AVSIM FSX Guide and just had a question... I see that Texture_Max_Load can be set to values such as 2048 or 4096. That part makes sense. However, I also see mention in the guide of "texturemaxload" (No underscores separating the words). If you look at the current guide and do a search for "texturemaxload" you'll see what I'm referring to. Is this the same variable as Texture_Max_Load or is this a different variable? If its a different variable...what does it do? Doing some googling, I found some references both here on AVSIM and elsewhere that its a different variable to be placed in the "Display" section and that sometimes can fix "Black Squares" that can appear on the ground or over runway VASI lights sometimes by starting the value at "6" and bumping it by 3 for each test until you find the sweet spot where the black squares go away. The variable name is so similar to "Texture_Max_Load" though and I don't find much mention of comparing the two...so that leads me to wonder if there isn't some placebo effect here and "texturemaxload" doesn't really exist or maybe its a typo and the two variable names are used interchangeably. Anyone know?
  20. I was thinking about purchasing one of the MSEv2 states to try it out. I'm normally not a big fan of photoscenery because I do alot of low and slow GA flying. However, I've been following a couple of the threads here on it and marvelling at some of the screenshots Firehawk44 posted. They looked perfect for jet flights. I plan on doing some flights over the coming weeks that are much higher altitude and much faster (military jets) than I normally fly so I thought it might be a good opportunity to try out some of the MSE scenery. Most of the opinions and such that I might want to read can be found in the other threads, however I do have a question that I haven't read elsewhere. Its probably elementary for others that are more experienced with different scenery and how they work in FSX than me. I'm currently using UTX/GEX/REX Textures for runways, taxiways, etc. Is it possible to install MSE and activate/deactivate it at will? What I'm hoping for is the ability on a Tuesday to choose to use it, on a wednesday decide I want to go back to using my GEX/UTX/REX for some low and slow flying, then on Thursday do another high alt flight in a jet and use MSE again. You know how ORBX has the "switch" you can flip in FTX Central...does MSE have anything like that? I'm just afraid I'd have to copy a ton of gigs of photoscenery into FSX every time I use it, and then pull it back out every time I want to go back the way it was. I'm also concerned that the install of MSE might leave some sort of 'footprint' behind after installed so that even when I'm not using it, its affecting my FPS and such. What would be ideal for me would be if I could activate/deactivate it at will..and when its inactive...its like it was never there at all. Will there be any sort of conflicts/problems with my UTX/GEX/REX? Or will I need to deactivate that stuff to use the MSE? The only time I'd be using the MSE would be for military aircraft flights here and there. But the majority of the time I'd be flying low & slow GA and I'd like to stick to UTX/GEX/REX for that...as I enjoy the winter textures. Thanks!
  21. Well....at least I know its not just me. Thanks guys. Sooner or later hopefully someone will stumble upon some setting or some tweak to fix it. I noticed it does seem 'worse' if I lower my FTFF down to .20. At the default .33 there does seem like it happens less often, and is less intrusive when it does.
  22. You are quite welcome sir Looking at those screenshots from the REX forum I might have to try and figure out this "Shade" thing and ENB thing and get it to work for myself. I really don't know much about it except that CPS installed the *.dll and *.ini in my FSX folder and started causing all kinds of crashes...just like Jim described. They just use it for night vision though so I was just able to remove it from my folder unless I would be requiring the night vision. Those Shade/ENB effects sure look nice though!
  23. Every once in a while I get this odd thing where when I look at a runway off in the distance, where the VASI lights are I get black squares for the VASI lights instead of the actual lights. This doesn't happen all the time and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it happens in congested areas and sometimes it happens out in the middle of nowhere. When it happens, its only for a second. I use TrackIR and if I happen to look out in the distance I "may" see those black squares in place of a runway's VASI lights. In just a second, the squares will go away and the correct VASI lights will be shown. If I look away, and then look back, they'll be fine. However, if I've been looking away for a while (a few minutes maybe) and then look back again...they might briefly (for a second or less) turn into black squares again. I've done a bunch of searches and the common consensus seems to be the ever-popular "Turn your sliders down". But I think there is more to it then that. Obviously, almost anything can be fixed by turning your sliders down. Thats kind of like the old joke of someone going to the doctor and saying "Doc...it hurts when I move my arm this way" and the doctor responding "Then don't move your arm that way" My system is pretty high end, although its not overclocked at this point. I haven't had a need to so far. Back before I added any FSX AddOns when my FSX install was completely default with modest slider settings..and flying out in the middle of Illinois farmland with very little around...I would still get this thing. Sometimes I'd get it ALOT....sometimes I wouldn't. Currently, my system is setup per Word Not Allowed's guide, sliders are set higher (Pretty close to Word Not Allowed's settings), and I'm running UTX/GEX/REX Textures....I still get the problem. I don't seem to get it any more or any less than I did with a complete default install. It also doesn't seem to be related to congestion...whether I'm flying over Seattle with ORBX PNW or Illinois farmland...sometimes it happens...sometimes it doesn't. I run locked at 30 FPS and usually my FPS hovers right around there. It dips into the mid-to-low-twenties occassionally in urban areas. It happens with the same, random frequency Also, I'm not sure if its related or not...but every once in a while I'll get a square of regular scenery that will appear black for just a quarter second or so...then quickly repaint with the correct texture as I look at it. This happens pretty rarely, and pretty randomly. I'm guessing that there is some setting in fsx.cfg that tweaks this and thats what I'm missing. Its really not THAT big a deal as they only stay black for less than a second....but I'm just curious to fix it. If its just adding a setting to my fsx.cfg or some such....then I figured I'd give it a shot Thanks!
  24. Thank you sir Much appreciated.
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