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  1. Kyprianos hi there, I was all ready thinking about getting myself a USB headset, that would be easiest solution. I just wanted to ask , if maybe there s something out there, that I couldn t find. But imagine how cool would it be, if you had knob for VHF 1 , that turns, not only on off. I remember game Falcon 4.0, with some add ons, I could turn VHF know, and actually adjust the volume. In that game voice comms, were for attacks, wingman comms, some small ATC,...
  2. no no not for fuel temp gauge. Does iFly feature unique hidden features, such as the low fuel temp, which cuts off engines in PMDG MD 11, I have also find somewhere here that PMDG has random failures, and that one pilot couldn't engage AP1 since it had malfunction. he had to use AP2, this is really amazing! I am asking for curious nature, just for info
  3. Does iFLy ifeature fuel temp low, like In the PMDG MD-11 md 11 by pmdg, is an amazing product!
  4. Hi , there I was wondering if there's any add-on or a simple Volume knob gauge, where I could tune up volume on VHF 1, like in real plane. It' would be really cool, if I could lover atc voice sometimes, or high it up. Tnk's
  5. Hej please, I don't want to argue or something. I was just curious , as I have written twice, I am airbus fan. So I wouldn't buy PMDG, or the iFLy, just wanted to know what do boeing 737 pilots like. And I really like iFly it looks super real! Since I see you recommend it, I 'll proboably afford myself one for birthday. Sorry I meant for both fs9 & fsx
  6. Thanks for all replys! Well like a said, I am more like a Airbus guy. I really like boeing 767 , by it's beatiful nose curve. For now I 'll stick with freewares, and wait for FS labs. I really like ifly 747 with SP3 is great, but I see that there's no much interest for it. But checking youtube videos, I am getting more and more "warmed up" for Ifly 737. Jure lep pozdrav, cheers
  7. hi, well it's not about fs9 or fsx, I was just curious. I see that "PMDG" has it's "hall of fame" since it's really really good. I more like a aribus guy, so waiting FS labs to release their airbus out. bye
  8. Hello, I see that PMDG 737 is listed as the "best of the best", I personally didn't try it, but I was watching a lot of youtube videos.... But on the other side, I have found Ifly 737, it looks that VC is on level of PMDG, also TERR (EGPWS), is really good on iFLY: Cheers
  9. Hi, for sim play it's hovercontrol.com, what do you need about agusta. 109 - is the most preety chopper out there
  10. and don't expect too much from basic version, FMGC has very limited functions! Like said above VC is excellent, allmost all overhead systems work. There's just one strange stuff. When I was trying emergency generator (powered via BLUE HYD, or RAT), all lights on overhead were off, ECAM was changing all the time to CRUISE; I wanted ELEC page.... I don't know aerosoft airbus, but airsimmer is much advanced than wilco. Anyone knows if FS labs will release airbus this year ? Cheers
  11. Hello, I am fresh Airsimmer for 3 weeks now, go ahead you won't regreat it!!!
  12. Well I bought basic airsimmer, just to try it, i'm going to return it, since I really want advanced one. Well i would recommend basic , I really had no problems with it!!!!! maybe 1 Crash to desktop. Otherwise the product is really great, definitely worth bucks. cheers Oh and FSlabs A320, I hope this product will be released it surely looks too amazing!
  13. Mister ronzie, I really appreciate taking so much time for long reply. It's kind of frustrating, everytime I play on vatsim, I use map and find my arrival aerodrome write down it's ILS freq, and here we are. Or I use the text file from rwyinfo. Microsoft could do something in way so default FS could get updated, some flyers also use FS GPS for navigation! Some NDB stations are missing, bad for old military flight (MIG 21, MIG 23) http://www.airportdesigneditor.co.uk/ , excellent!!!! great! Thank you sir, I wish you a nice day I
  14. What are your opinions about. PMDG stuff is "breath taking" - unfortunatly, I don't own MD 11- but when I first saw it I couldn't get off my friend's PC. Well, MD 11 WX, has INOP writte Wilco s built in radar really gives you excellent feeling, it's little different than stand alone gauge, of reality XP weather radar. The Maddog MD80, or I even saw the LAGO md 80 v 1.0, can't remember, I know that I was really impressed by EGPWS; around LDSP where I was flying it was really working very well. Have you seen EGPWS , somewhere else also? Cheers
  15. hi, with OP DES , engines goes to IDLE; so at high altitude this means up to 5000 ft /min of descend. Use managed descend, (push the button in, DES, is on Navigation display), if you push out it's OPEN DES. I prefer manually going down to FL100, (2000-3000 ft/min). and after that OPEN DES. Check airsimmer, you re going to love it even more than wilco,... alldough wilco 2 with a330,a340 is really ok cheers
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