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  1. Forgive me for my potential lack of understanding, but it looks like the pilots failed in at least two important points, inputting the wrong temp in the fmc and not monitoring their N1 gauge during the take off roll. Stating that it only gave them 60% of the require takeoff power is quite a big discrepancy to not notice at some level, regardless of whether they did the calculations or not. Sure a 5-10% off is understandable but 40%, especially for pilots who have many hours in that flight deck?

  2. I feel like i'm missing something. It is true that the default 34L in P3D is now 34C on current airacs as seatac added an additional runway to the west and named it 34L. It is a bit strange that he said it took him to intercept TIFYS, with an ILS Freq of 111.7.  That is correct 34C (34L in default scenery), so it shouldn't have been a problem(?). 

    Kevin Woo

  3. I had an issue somewhat like yours where after 4-5 hours my p3d would start stuttering and freezing up for a second or two every 5-10 sec. It didn't matter if I restart P3D, it would just stutter from the start. I had to actually restart my computer in order for the freezing/stutters to go away. Also, if I turned on my computer and left it on for 5 hours or so and I launched P3D, it stuttered from the start. Wound up that it was my asus AI suite program that was causing my sim to lag. None of my other games lagged like that, it was just P3D, so I have no idea what it was doing.

  4. Hi there,

    Not sure if this will help.

    The beep at 10k sounds like what happens when the seatbelt switch is on auto. If you have it set to on or off, it will not beep when you pass 10k.

    As for the FPS, is it basically stuttering for you  (it looks fine for a second or two, then it freezes briefly)? Another question I have is if you don't even sign into P3D, but have your computer on for 5 hours, and you launch P3D does it actually stutter right away? I've heard of Navigraph Simlink.exe causing those issues for a few simmers as well.

  5. 5 hours ago, _Gladius_ said:

    I’m surprised that no one is interested in an updated KLAX from FSDT.  Theirs dates back to 2012, so could really use some sprucing up.

    I remember Umberto stating that they are planning on updating KLAX to native P3Dv4, but they want to get KORD and KJFK out of the way first since they are in more need of an update.

  6. I have FSDT KLAX and I really haven't noticed much performance issues with the airport. I know they were renovating a 1 or 2 terminals last year so I wouldn't mind seeing a v2 integrate those changes, but I am quite happy with the one I have now.

  7. Yea I noticed the site has been a bit slow today. I'll tinker with it a bit more when I get home tonight. Thanks again Richie. Yea if you can provide me with the EPR value when at Edwards AFB with only  clear weather that should be good. I know I tried hitting F1 to bring the throttles all the way back to idle, but it might still conflict with the calibration. We'll see.

  8. Thanks RichieFly! Yea I figured that it depends on MTOW. I actually have never started cold and dark, and just had it load up in the ready to fly scenario, so I just assumed it would be close to MTOW. I could be wrong though. But it inching forward even on parking brake is a bit odd to me.

  9. Haven't really had much of a chance to test out the plane or admittedly read up through the tutorials. Just hand flew it a couple of circuits to get a feel, but with the parking brake and (and to a much less extent with the parking brake on) does the plane start moving forward? I haven't seen this happen in a long time with the default aircraft. I was just wondering if that's normal. The throttle and joystick is calibrated.

  10. 16 hours ago, Captain Kevin said:

    With airports that have parallel runways in such a layout, it's usually the inboard runways that are used for take-off and the outboard runways for landing. The idea is that once the departing aircraft rolls on by, the arriving aircraft can cross the runway.

    Sure that makes sense as well. I also assumed that runway length had a bit of say in it as well. I generally see longer runways being used for departures over shorter.

  11. Not sure if someone mentioned this or not. If I am missing a sid or star, one thing I do is change the runway then change it back. Everytime I change the runway, simbrief queries me if I want simbrief to automatically change the sid/star. That may get it to add it in for you. I generally stick to routes on flightaware though so I don't do that often.

  12. I'm sure it's taken into consideration. KLAX has 4 parallel rwys and, by and large, the intended terminal dictates which runway they take (usually either 24R/6L or 25L/7R). They usually use the longer runways on each side for departing traffic. Of course that is not always the case.

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  13. 21.1 sounds about right. At that N1 the plane should be gradually slowing down not speeding up. It definitely doesn't require much thrust to get going compared to the default planes. I usually never have to go past 30% to get it up to the speed I want at a good rate.

  14. You can skip over this, as I don't have an answer to your question. I do find it a bit odd that the N1 rating for taxiing from one throttle to another would be vastly different, assuming aircraft weight and environmental factors are the same. It wouldn't be a calibration issue to me. Assuming default loadout for cargo/pax, I would say that for my Thrustmaster HOTAS X, it only requires about 23-25% to maintain speed while taxiing. At 29-30% N1, it would definitely be accelerating.


    - Kevin Woo

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  15. If it's predetermined, it could be that it is done as a result of a limitation in the sim as well. I don't believe the sim accurately depicts changes in wind/pressure/ground surface at such a micro level, so maybe they specify periodic bumps to make it a bit more realistic. Again, I can't say for sure. It's a good question, though.


    -Kevin Woo

  16. Are you talking about the wing bobbing up and down and not fluidly flexing? If so, the bobbing effect to me is more realistic due to inconsistencies in air pressure and speed when taking off. Inconsistencies on the ground surface also causes this. I'm by no means an expert though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but most planes I've been on acted this way.

    -Kevin Woo