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  1. Thankyou for all that information much appreciated it’s the A42 500 i own. Regards.
  2. I just wanted a answer any kind of answer would have been sufficient and if Carenado is not shipping with documentation Alright then just say that then as I’m new to this company so I don’t know this is why I come here to ask a question as it is a support forum for the plane is it or not.I don’t have to go directly to Carenado and ask them as THIS is the community support forum for this plane.If you don’t want to answer the question fine no one is asking you to.
  3. Can someone at least tell me if the gtn xp750 is compatible with the Carenado that i mentioned above and will it fit in the cockpit please? Regards.
  4. Just purchased, and hopefully i will have better luck in getting some support than when i post my previous one three days ago. Regards.
  5. Hello just purchased the Carenado A42-500 for p3d v4;so if i purchase the Reality xp how to install in the cockpit please. Regards.
  6. Hello everyone I would like to purchase this wonderful aircraft,however I need a proper pdf tutorial that I can follow as I know nothing about the aircraft.Anyone could give me a heads up on this as the documentation is just not for a newbie please. Regards.
  7. P3D 4.5 hotfix out guys. https://www.prepar3d.com/latest-news/
  8. How did you updated the P3D to v4.5 did you use client and content?Check you have the correct versions in uninstall programs in windows.Also temporarily disable your AV and see if ok. Regards.
  9. I just also wanted to add that I’m no spring chicken any more so this is why I’m so quick off the mark.😀 Regards.
  10. Thankyou Gerald that very informative and i will start with that and no I didn’t think that there was scripted timer to dictate what to say or do.and sit there like a duck.😁 Thankyou for the heads up Gerald,I know that this is a fun and quality program and can’t wait to get started.😊
  11. So I just stating out and installed MCE for P3D v4.What is the first thing to do start p3d or MCE also I want to run it with pmdg 747 v3 so I load up my 747 in p3d then MCE in cold and dark state and now I need to know what I’m suppose to do?Do I start talking into the mike and say start checklist or something else.Can someone get me started please would be much appreciated. Thankyou in advance as I will be asking more questions so I will keep this tread going until I understand what to do. Regards.
  12. Thankyou for the reply Gerald,no don’t be sorry Gerald I’m the impatient one i just couldn’t wait to receive it so I can start going.Yes thanks i confirm received the licence and put it in the MCE folder like the email told me to do.One thing I have noticed that the MCE shortcut created when you install it can’t be run as a admin because if you right click on it it the admin doesn’t show up however the MCE application icon located in Program files (x86) MCE can be run as admin.So i was just going to ask you which one should I use and should I create a short cut on the desktop for the one located in program files? Thankyou in advance.
  13. Gerald i have managed to sent my information registration.txt thru my gmail and I’m awaiting reply for the license please. Regards.
  14. Hello Gerald I have installed the MCE and I have filled in the license.exe but then it tell me to send it by webmail and I only use Gmail So how do I sent it to get my license please? Thankyou.
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