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  1. Very nice of you Chris and thankyou for the conformation and the speedy reply.
  2. This is only to the PMDG staff as I like to get this right the first time.Can you confirm that no any leftover files from the previous version of QOTS should be deleted when uninstalling the old version.So just control panel uninstall QOTS and install new version?Im currently running P3D versions 4.3 Thankyou in advance.
  3. Well Aerosoft has done the same thing with there new airbuses as well.All the Devs would be doing the same thing it just makes sence you can’t stay on p3d 4.2 when 4.3 has been out a while now and before you know it there will be 4.4.So to make adjustments for it just makes absolutely sence.Congratulation PMDG for another fantastic plane.
  4. Zdenek


    And a bit more information would be good too like what happened before everything was working and after what changes have you made.I can see on the vid that the plane has no undercarriage which usually happens when all files haven’t loaded.It could be your AV blocking some files or also load under administration,what have you changed before all was working.
  5. Zdenek

    Patiently Waiting...

    I still have the older Alienware 18” laptop with 2 gtx 770 running in sli mode.And it’s still running like a dream with anything you throw at it and it never gets hot.
  6. Zdenek

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    You sure can.
  7. Zdenek

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    No but seriously PMDG staff i want my 747-8 Christmas present please.
  8. Zdenek

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    Calendar says September 31 2019. cheers Mate.
  9. Zdenek

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    It could be September 31 2019.😉
  10. Zdenek

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    September 31st. Is this on the ball or are you just pulling our leg here?
  11. Zdenek

    B-747 Crash on Loading

    It happened to me one time just once but i installed QOTS as a administrator and it never happened again after that,also make sure that you add a exception in your AV for p3d and QOTS.
  12. Zdenek

    PMDG Radar Pixelated

    Yes i agree.
  13. Zdenek

    PMDG Radar Pixelated

    I think he is talking about the graphics on the radar not what it’s doing.
  14. Zdenek

    Testing Approximately All of the Things

    I will take it now as it is 😀looking really great.😊 regards.
  15. Zdenek

    Best course of action?

    Thankyou very much for your time and the information Chris much appreciated.🙂 regards.