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  1. Hello Mark, My apology for the late reply but i was doing lot of testing and it’s perfect now Mark thankyou so much. Regards Danny.
  2. Zdenek

    Cant download with Operations Center

    My OC shortcut sits on my desktop and i just downloaded and installed Qantas liverie flawlessly.
  3. Zdenek

    Cant download with Operations Center

    Have you also excluded it from windows firewall?
  4. Hello Mark, just wondeing if you did some changes on that brightness button?
  5. Zdenek

    Cant download with Operations Center

    Have you tried running the OC as a administrator?
  6. Zdenek

    Beta Preview - 747-8i Over New Zealand

    Absolutely fantastic great work best i have seen since my 35 years in flight simulation.🤩👏.WOW.😍
  7. Zdenek

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    It’s just a thought that’s all.🤔
  8. Zdenek

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    I didn’t say there was a problem with QOTS it’s just a piece of mind to reinstall from scratch because of the P3DV4.3 update that’s all.
  9. Zdenek

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    I would say one of your add ons are not compatible so uninstall all and install one by one and test see which is the culprit and if that doesn’t work reinstall QOTS fresh. Cheers.
  10. Hello Mark just wondering if you have received my email that I sent via PM? Regards Danny.
  11. Thankyou Mark just sent you a PM. Thankyou Danny.
  12. Hello Mark, Just try it now overwriting everything in the same folder and did at least half hour testing but I’m afraid the same thing as soon as I touched that brightness button on the cdu app everything stops and no buttons when pressed work on the sim cdu at all so again I refresh the app close I’d down and restart it in my iPad and all is well again. Thankyou Danny.
  13. Thankyou Mark for your help i will do that then when i get to my computer again and let you know. Thankyou for your help. Danny.
  14. Thankyou very much Mark Iam not at my computer now but yes i will give it a try. Probably tomorrow Mark and would i have to generate a new license after this install as I’m new to this and i am not a very computer tech person so i have to uninstall the previous version and install this one is that right please Mark? Thankyou so much. Danny.