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  1. The last time I uninstalled KLAX and reinstalled it, the activation code was already entered. Another thing that I ran into, last time it wanted me to remove the FSDTLive Update Application. I clicked "no" because it would impact all the other FSDT products not to work well. Any advice?

  2. On 9/29/2019 at 5:22 PM, airernie said:

    Okay, so no issues.  The first entry is a singular, so no dupe.  The second are elements of the same runway.  So, no dupes of either.



    Do you think uninstalling the airport and reinstalling it could help?

  3. Thank you for the response AirErnie, I can reach out to FSDT again. I apologize for the late response. I've been sick with a cold over the past couple of days, and I haven't had time to check the forums.

    When I first reached out to FSDT, the only answer that VirtualAli could give me was; "I'm sorry, but I cannot reproduce the problem. Everytime I load up KLAX, I get this message that says; "KLAX trial period has begun." I went into my addon manager and found that KLAX was already activated. So, I'm confused to why each time I load my plane at KLAX, that message still appears. VirtualAli then went on and said; "Do you have an addon scenery for KLAX from Ray Smith maybe? This can only be caused by another scenery for KLAX installed, the one from Ray Smith had this problem." All I want is to find a solution to why this is happening. 

    I know that FSDT recently updated their products. After I updated them via the FSDT Live Update application, AES was still able to work. I understand that GSX is available for all their FSDT products. However, I'm not a big fan of GSX. That's why I've been using AES all of these years. 

    What else can I do to resolve the issue? Do you think I should uninstall ALL of my FSDT products and reinstall them again? I do appreciate all the help that is given towards me. I hope we can get the problem fixed ASAP. 

  4. 43 minutes ago, airernie said:

    Have you tired the FSDreamTeam forum.  AES isn't their product, but they might have some experience with it working or not.

    Well, hopefully more than buy GSX and you won't have those problems anymore. 🙂


    I have reached out to FSDT about their products. VirtualAli told me "This could only be because of the Ray Smith KLAX." I have never heard of that version before, and I have only installed FSDT KLAX. So, I don't know what else I can do to resolve the issue? 

  5. 20 hours ago, charliearon said:

    Welcome to the AVSIM forums! :happy:  I have embedded the images for you.  There is a post on the main FSX/FSX-SE page that will explain how to do this procedure with any screenshot.  Is the FSDreamteam Los Angeles Intl added to your Scenery Library?

    Do you think you might be able to help me resolve my problem?

  6. Thank you for embedding the images, because that's what I was trying to do myself. 😕 I uninstalled the scenery, then I installed it again, only to get the same message. Every time I load my PMDG plane at LAX, I get a message saying "trial period has begin." I went into my add-on manager. I saw that KLAX was already installed and activated. I tried reaching out to FSDreamTeam and they believe that I have the Ray Smith KLAX. (Which I have never heard of before).



  7. *Note; I did post this forum question on Aerosoft's page. I have noticed that the reply time has been very slow.*

    For the past week, I've had some issues with AES. I was trying to do a flight out of FSDT KLAX the other day. I noticed that AES wasn't working. So I exited FSX. I opened up the AESHelp for FSX. Then I got this message; "Add-on Scenery "FSDreamTeam Los Angeles Int'l" not found or are not active. Please install or activate in the Scenery Library first." I then went into my downloads to see that it was installed. I'm not sure what's going on. May someone please help me figure this out. Thank you in advance.

    Attracted is the screenshots. 








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