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  1. Oopps guess I won't be posting anymore screenshots here lol sorry guys a well guess ill have to reduce them
  2. Im 100% Sure you can t assign A specific plane to a specific runway B)
  3. Yep just drop the weather folder in your main fs9 folder and overwrite whats there just backup your original FS9 Weather folder inside the main FS9 Folder before doing so if you have other themes from other sceneries in your FS9 Folder like me i have CKAP And other themes just make a complete copy of your FS9 Weather folder and paste it in a backup folder somewhere then overwrite the original your other fs9 themes will still remain As you can see i now have ORBX Theme in FS9 And its great B) ORBX
  4. Yes i find it much more Pleasant, For example when i use one of my See fog Themes The fog Mist is much more visible to me,also Performance is also great ive experienced no FPS loss
  5. Corect Depends on the system, I know i get FPS loss using GE PR0 wich is why i switched
  6. A good way to keep track of all your scenery is use FS Scenery Manager.exe Available in AVSIM Library Example Screen Below Makes finding and disabling groups of sceneries easy as cake I have over 800 Entries and have then divided into portions
  7. Heres what i would do just to start troubleshooting Refer to 3rd ScreenShot As you can see there are other features included in this great utility as seen on the First Screen Shot like Fix Duplicate area Numbers but if you perform Step 2 this will pretty much take care of that Hopefully im not overdoing it on Images and if i am i apologize im always going by this
  8. LOL If it were happening to all his airports then maybe The Complexity Slider is causing the issue but if its happening on specific aIrports then there could be other issues thats causing the problem Perhaps certain Buildings have different complexity Settings not sure Try sliding the slider to the max position and see if this cures the issue Also it could be a priority Issue Also Make sure their are no duplicate Layer's,or Area entries within the Scenery.cfg file this may or may not cause an issue but worth a try Best thing to do to make sure their are no errors within your scenery.CFG is use SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 Has alot of good features to make sure the Scenery.cfg entries are as they should be
  9. Remember that all addon sceneries that are added into your simulator are going to be listed in the Scenery.cfg located in the FS9 main Directory If you wish to delete scenery manually for example if u Install a specific Scenery and then dont like the scenery you've installed just 1. Remove the Scenery using The FS9 Interface through the Scenery Library section then go into the Directory where the Scenery folder has been stored and delete that as well Example lets say you've installed KPHL Just search inside the Addon Scenery folder and look for the Folder that pertains to this scenery OR 2. U can also use SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 To remove an area OR 3. If you know the Entry of the area of the last installed scenery (Usually the last Entry made within the Scenery.Cfg) you can delete it this way. Example . open your main Scenery.cfg using a text editing program and remove [AREA] Entry for that specific scenery Easiest way to do this is using the option Above If you have Missing Or Gaps within the Scenery CFG For example lets say you have 200 entries within the Scenery.cfg file and between 1-200 theres a gap Example AREA197, GAP, AREA199.AREA 200 You can use SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 to fix this for you also have SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 delete the Scenery.dat after perfoming the fix and allow FS9 to re-generate new Scenery.dat files Good thing about SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 is that it not only Fixes Gaps but also fixes Duplicate Entries that may cause issues and also Duplicate or missing layers also fixes Invalid entries ect ect for example If theres a path Thats been entered within the Scenery.cfg file wich no longer exist cause the Scenery Folder has been removed SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 will detect that and allow you to delete that entrie with a click of a mouse real simple to use easy as cake and pudding lol NOTE By Scenery Folder i mean the Scenery thats been installed lol not the Main Scenery folder that are found within FS9 Main,FS9 Addon Scenery ect just the scenery thats been installed for example KALB Folder within the addon Scenery folder or any other sceneries you've may have installed
  10. Its great to know youve resolved your issue, Just another tip in Adding scenery U can use SceneryConfigEditor v1.0.7 to add them manually as suppose to FS9 This is how i do it
  11. Many may already know this but I just learned you can actually use FSX Weather themes in FS9 This is great as i noticed a great improvement i just backed-up my Weather Folder within FS9 and placed the FSX weather folder in its place works great Ive been using the FSX ORBX Weather theme in fs9 and runs great no crashes everything is running as it should
  12. One more thing I usually Use IOBIT Uninstaller to uninstall Applications It deletes any Registries that are left behind after uninstalling the program, just select powerful scan when done and it will search for any registry files left behind,(Not saying its the cause of the problem)But it is a cool feature B) Does just what it specifies Perform Uninstall Select Powerful Scan when Uninstall completes If anything is found left behind after performing a powerful scan within FS9 Or FSX uninstall you will see something like this Dont worry i dint really uninstall FSX LOL Just in case you guys where wondering
  13. You can also perform what WingZ suggested Search the entire drive for Scenery.cfg Where ever your FS9 is installed in my case it would be F:/ Drive as i have mines installed in a separate Partition
  14. This is weird, Did you perform a complete Uninstall of the simulator and if you did, did you make sure all files were deleted. I know my FS9 as wingz already mentioned keeps a copy of the Scenery.cfg in this location [C:\Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9] and it may stay there after uninstalling the sim be sure to delete that just in case yours keeps a copy their as well........ [C:\Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9] Not sure if this is the cause of your problem as i believe the only Scenery.cfg FS9 Will read is the one in your main FS9 folder witch should disappear once you uninstall the game but make sure its actually gone after uninstalling the game and check to see if there is another Scenery.cfg in the location i specified above as wingz mentioned also just in case use picture below as reference
  15. Hey everyone, I love the CAPTAIN Sim 757 Love the Cockpit and the Cabin is there anything else out there similar to this aircraft out there Freeware or Payware?
  16. This is a very good possibility, i don't OWN UTX USA for FSX i only own UTX Alaska for FSX witch explains why it works fine in my system.
  17. @phillipine 116 he shouln't have to edit the AFX File that was include with his KALB Scenery B)
  18. Im going to have to agree with joe on this one, My FSX has no default Terminals in the way after installing this scenery and all my jetways are showing up just fine My guess is theirs another Scenery for that airport creating a conflict on hiis sim hopefully Feisty will come back and provide us with a screenshot with the offending building I posted a screenshot with the airport in question above and as you see everything is fine after installing the KALB scenery. If his sim was indeed using default airport and he still sees a terminal conflicting after installing the KALB scenery in question then i doubt the terminal he speaks off is from the default airport. One more thing i Belive ADE works just the same for FSX as it does for FS9 where you shoulnt have to create an exclusion rectangle for default generic buildings. All you have to do is select the default generic buildings rigth click and within the sub menu select delete. After the BGL Has been compiled ADE Will make a copy of the airport BGL Wich u can save in ADDON Scenery/Scenery and the default generic building tha was deleted will not show upl after reloading the sim as the newly created ADE.BGL takes priory over the default Airport BGL (keep in mind this only works on default generic buildings,Default parking spots,windsock heck you can even delete the runway,but don't or your sim may crash after trying to reload it so leave the runway alone lol) I like to keep all my Edited ADE Airports in one folder [ADE Edited Airports /Scenery] I Also keep all my AFX edited Airports in one folder feisty's issue has to be coming from anorher addon scenery on that airport but we dont know for sure
  19. I've also tested the files And no Default Buildings here in MY Fsx also all my jet ways are showing up fine. Perhaps Joe's right you may have another scenery for this area Look carefully within your Addon Scenery folder for KALB Or Albany Airport
  20. Thanks for the tip i dint know that, I replaced it with the Update once again and im able to switch now thanks again lol wish i knew that yesterday
  21. After updating to Virtual Cockpit Panel SP2A I Realized that the MFD Was was taking place of the ECIAS1,and 2 and it looked kinda stupid but i did like that fact they Added a few more displays like the FMC (Although not Functional) and the GPS Display to accommodate for the Black displays on the Previous panel So to keep those displays and get rid of the Multiple MFD i decided to edit the Panel.CFG a bit looks like the main cause was do to Multiple MFD entries Just under the VC1 section (Picture below) Also had to change a couple of entries under the Windows Section of the Panel.CFG But all is well now, also got the glass guage covers in B)
  22. Put them in the Guage folder as instructed on the Read Me txt B) everything works great now thanks
  23. Your advice was greatly apreciated thanks..... I will take note of that next time when downloading Posky Planes for sure ;-)
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