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  1. I run 417.35 with P3d4.4 without issues.
  2. There are GTX 1080Ti starting at around 500 pounds.
  3. mulgrave

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    Hi, I only tested flights over Spain and Germany. Get same blue and brown textures on the grounds as in pics submitted by Erich. Software: Orbx FTX Global, FTX Germany, OPEN LC EU and Vector, FS Global Ultimate,., PTA for P3dV4.4, active sky P3dV4.4 beta, Envtex, ASCA, PMDG planes Spec:Win10 pro, I7 8700K CPU, GTX 1080TI, 4K Monitor ( running at 30 Hz resolution), 32Gb ram
  4. mulgrave

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    I had same problem over Spain and over Germany. Don't know the solution to that
  5. mulgrave

    TropicalSim's MMMX,etc Airports

    May be the RegisteredOwner registry value (which is the default user name) is blank or missing.Windows setup demands that a user name be entered so someone has edited the registry value after installing the OS on this machine or it has been deleted by Microsoft during an upgrade to Windows 10 from an older Windows version.To add the RegisteredOwner do the following procedure:1) Click Start, Run (Windows key + R) and type regedit, and then click OK.2) Navigate to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion3) Backup the key by exporting it to a file from the top menu bar. If the menu bar isn't visible press the Alt key.4) To change the name of the registered owner, double-click RegisteredOwner. Under Value data, type the name that you want, and then click OK. If there is no RegisteredOwner click on - edit - new- String Value - RegisteredOwner- OK. Double-click to fill in a name.5) Click Exit on the File menu to quit regedit.6) Restart your PC. hope it will help
  6. mulgrave


    Hi, I don't have the link now but once you access the Forum, you can do a search for error code 15
  7. mulgrave


    Hi had same problem after update. redownloaded files and reinstalled gain.However when running installer in admin mode , I get again error code 15. Running installer in normal mode ( no admin) installation was Ok. FYI, Forum is working. You can also see others with error 15
  8. mulgrave

    XML document

    Thanks, I will try.
  9. mulgrave

    XML document

    Hi I checked 1/C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\dll.xml : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>FSUIPC 5</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\FSUIPC5.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Carenavigraph</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\Carenavigraph.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>XMLTools64</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>XMLTools64.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>CMeteoXml</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled> <Path>.\CMeteoXml.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Captain Sim Sound</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Captain_Sim\bin\cs.sound.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_connect</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>as_srv\as_connect_64.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> 2/ I check the other one : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="3,0" id="dll"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> <Launch.Addon> <Name>PMDG Interface</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_Interface.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>PMDG_HUD_interface</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_interface.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>CMeteoXml</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled> <Path>.\CMeteoXml.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Carenavigraph</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\Carenavigraph.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>FeelThere EJet P3Dv4 Helper</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>FeelThere\E170\EJetH.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>RAASPRO</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>.\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> I Can't see any errors. Any ideas?
  10. mulgrave

    XML document

    Thanks Oliver. I will check the two files.
  11. mulgrave

    XML document

    I installed new update and when restarting Addon organizer I get the following error, : " error detected in config files(s) dll.xml. There is an error in XML document ( 17,4). Contents wiil not be visible. How do I find XML document (17,4) ? Thanks for your help
  12. mulgrave

    Made the Switch from FSX, now What?

    Hi the following links will show P3D v4 compatibility products: ( not sure if it is up to date)