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  1. " Anti-Social Media! " Sorry, that made me laugh This^
  2. It's definitely not accurate. The default FS Flight Planner is not recommendable, and in any case if you had checked your values by hand using the correct fuel burn values you wouldn't have run into that problem. I think the best thing you can do right now is to do some research on flight planning and real world procedures, you will never run into these problems again, whether you're using software or not. Check the fuel burn values in the aircraft.cfg, then use that for your planning (or edit them if they are wrong), and calculate it manually - see if the same thing happens. You don't need to adjust fuel burn for climb or descent, as when you climb you gain potential energy which is regained during descent, effectively cancelling each other out. However you will need to add taxi and contingency fuel, and I like to calculate a base reserve of 5% of my route fuel burn on top of that too. Good luck, hope you guys get it resolved.
  3. Very well said! Definitely agree with these. I thought upvotes/votes on posts would be a good thing though? Why is it bad? (I don't use reddit so I wouldn't know) And especially the unrestricted bandwidth = awesome x1000000000 I've tried downloading stuff from other libraries before - usually the download just drops out because of the low speed. Avsim is the only flight sim forum that I've participated in a more than negligible amount, and definitely the forum I've participated in the most even outside of simming forums. I think a big part of that is because they encourage people to sign up and actually use the forum instead of just read it and also that members are very helpful and and friendly overall (there's going to be exceptions no matter where you go, might as well keep the expectations realistic). It's an absolutely huge forum and it's taken a long time for me to realise it's true value (I probably still don't fully comprehend it), it was only when I really started to contribute to and follow some topics that I realised and built up a respect for the full scope of it and massive amount of effort and time people have put into this place and making it what it is. I think maybe that's where some others may have gone astray, but we won't go into that, I'll just finish by extending a huge thank you to all those involved in that process.
  4. I'd completely forgotten... FS98 was the bomb! Time to reinstall that badboy and see how many fps I get lol Thankyou so much for posting! And yeah, that screenshot compared to back in the day... wow... we're living in the future
  5. How did you calculate expected fuel burn? When asking a question, make sure you provide enough information so that people can actually help troubleshoot your issue. I've never heard of fuel for larger planes being measured in litres before, I was under the impression they used kg's or lbs.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gq68u-f6X0
  7. I personally am waiting for Skylake as I heard they are going to be a big step up from Broadwell. I could be wrong however, my research was pretty slap-dash. Woops I didn't realise broadwell had been delayed. I'm thinking now to wait for Broadwell/Skylake and maybe get Skylake but if Broadwells are really cheap (they probably will be), that could be a good chance to get an "extreme" CPU for cheap.
  8. Haha nice! Reminds me of my new motto: "if it's not broken... don't fix it!" I've learnt that one the hard way.... lol Happy flying!
  9. Hahaha I know the feeling toooo well. Did that fix it for you?
  10. Oh wow I'd never heard of these guys, and they even have an A380 that doesn't look terrible! And just a few days after I spent hours merging a VC into the Project Airbus A380 lol. Thanks!
  11. I recently had this problem! Was trying out DX10 and it was great first time - clearer picture and 20-22 fps in the same situation. then the next time I booted up the sim it dropped to 9 fps lol. so I reverted back to DX9, making explicitly sure that every single setting was exactly the same before I switched to DX10 (I'd backed up my cgfs etc), and then I was still getting 9 fps. Then I accidentally hit the window title bar which very quikcly resized the screen and I saw the FPS jump up to a more normal level. It has happened again since then and same thing, resizing the window a few times seems to make it go away, and this time i hasnt come back. I think I read somewhere it refreshes your shader cache or something. Anyway, might not have an effect, but worth a shot. No worries at all btw, after having gained so much knowledge and expertise from this forum and other places on the web, it's my absolute pleasure to be able to help someone else with their FSX troubles. I just hope I'm not actually just a noob and sending you on a wild goose chase haha.
  12. Very true, I also forget that it's probably a case of if they made the textures more detailed it would probably just insta-kill the VAS. Nice, that's a good length flight, I meant the designer/creator of the model not the flight departure though haha, sorry I should've been more specific.
  13. Hahaha those last few pages where a joy to read, loved the does FSX exist or not bit, cheers people, and Rob, your comment about add-on complexity for large airports - spot on! And I have a medium to low end system so I know all about the sacrifices lol.
  14. Wow that is nuts, I was wondering if it was really just hail and apparently it was http://avherald.com/h?article=48188170. Crazy what weather plus a bit of velocity can do.
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