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  1. 10 hours ago, BiologicalNanobot said:

    really hurts to use middle mouse button

    To each its own. I use the middle mouse button to pan around and zoom in/out .All with just one button / one finger - great !

  2. The labels for airplanes (online) show as black boxes. I tried all possible options on the information screen, display options, change Nvidia driver, clear shaders  ..…  no luck

    All other info on the screen is perfectly readable

    Using Prepar3d v 5.1




  3. 16 hours ago, F737NG said:

    much prefer MSFS' one or two folder(s) method over P3D's several 'wherever the hell a developer feels like putting it' way of installing.

    Really ? Did you install MSFS ? It is far more complex than P3D. Just for fun, try locating the actual exe file to start MSFS - good luck !


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  4. 18 hours ago, Afterburner said:

    By "save the settings", do you mean saving the settings in Envdir or installing them to the simulator?  In Envdir, you need to click on "Install to Sim" button to inject the shaders into the simulator.

    I click the 'install to sim' button in Envshade, not Envdir.  Also, I installed Enshade first, then Envdir. (both as admin) Tonight I will re-install again in different order and see if that  makes a difference. Keep you posted 🙂 

  5. As a side note, for SODE airports, you can also turn on the rwy lights during daylight if you like this.

    Look at  C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml   and find the the XML file for the airport. Look for a line  "<Condition ID="B" Variable="TimeOfDay" Value="DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"/>"  and add DAY to it  =>  Value="DAY;DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"

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